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SEOButler 4.1.0 Release Notes

#Patch Notes

12 Nov 2020


In another huge push to improve your SEOButler experience, we are proud to announce our 4.1.0 patch notes. 

The 4.1.0 patch includes several awesome new features and squashes a few user-reported bugs.

New Features

An intuitive redesign for My Account

After receiving mixed feedback from customers regarding the My Account UI after the 4.0.0 patch, we’ve deployed a thorough redesign implementing the best suggestions for improvement.

My Account is now more intuitive, easier on the eyes, and offers better functionality.

Notifications for New Deliveries and Customer Service Messages

A core feature of the My Account upgrade is notifications.

Completed orders or orders requiring your further attention now display a notification badge — making it much easier for users to spot updates.

Tag Orders by Project

Based on your requests, we tweaked this My Account feature behind the scenes for some time, and now it’s ready to roll out.

You can now add all your projects — whether affiliate websites or clients — to your My Account

Once you’ve done that, you have the option to tag orders by the corresponding project. 

Store Credit Feature

One feature many customers have requested is the ability to pre-purchase store credit. 

Up until now, a PayPal or credit card account has been required for users to place new orders.

For customers who work with VAs or junior staff, this often creates a bottleneck. They’re understandably reluctant to allow freelancers or other team members access to sensitive payment details. 

Now, you can pre-purchase store credit in the amount of your choice, and store it in your My Account. 

Team members that you share your SEOButler account logins with can place new orders until the balance of your credit runs out.

Top up your My Account at your convenience and let your team get on with their work. 

Backend System Upgrades

Bulk order integration

Many of our customers order large volumes of content and don’t always have the time to place an order via the SEOButler frontend. 

Prior to the 4.1.0 patch, we had to manually process bulk orders and keep track of them via email. 

Thanks to our new Bulk Order Integration, we’re now able to receive order requests via email then upload them to your My Account.

You can then review your order and make payment. 

Once payment is processed, you can track the order just like one placed via the frontend. 

Additional improvements to our Writer Management System

We needed to iron out several small issues to ensure that our formatting is perfect. 

For example, we received feedback from a few clients that links had strange colors.

That bug — as well as any others you made us aware of — have been squashed.

Payment Gateway Upgrade

In late 2019, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements went into effect in Europe. 

The new requirements are part of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) regulations mandating that merchants perform additional authentication measures on certain electronic transactions. 

As part of compliance, new more robust authentication methods must be implemented by merchants before the end of 2020. 

SEOButler has now completed the rollout of these stronger security measures, and is compliant with the PSD2 regulations coming into effect as of Jan 2021. 

Bug Fixes

Some users experienced issues when trying to download their completed content orders. 

This bug has now been fixed.


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