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What are Business Citations ?

SEO citations are online mentions of a business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) on other websites. These mentions can be in the form of directory listings, reviews, articles, or any other type of online content. SEO citations are important for local search engine optimization (SEO) as they signal to search engines that the business is legitimate and located in a specific geographic area. The more consistent and accurate the citations are across different websites, the better it is for the business’s local SEO rankings.

Benefits of our Local Business Citation Services

FREE Submission to Drip Indexer

Every citation is submitted to multiple drip-indexing services.

Comprehensive Report

We send you a detailed report after your citations have been submitted for indexing.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time is a maximum of 10-14 business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my citations be indexed?
Before we deliver any citations order, we submit it to multiple indexation processors. Although we do this, we cannot guarantee a 100% indexation rate. To check if a citation is indexed you can use the Google search operator ‘’.
Some of my citations aren’t live - what now?
If you have some pending listings, this is due to the fact that directories are cracking down on fake businesses being submitted. Your listing should go live, so just check back in a few weeks by either logging into the provided email account or searching the directory itself. If you don’t have the time, feel free to email us the report after 4-8 weeks, and we will gladly update it for you free of charge.
What is the turnaround time for citations?
The average turnaround time is 10-14 business days. If you have ordered for many locations at the same time, it can take us a little bit more time. Should you need a particular part of your order back urgently, please get in touch!
Do you offer citation clean-ups?
No. Unfortunately we don’t currently offer citation clean-ups.
While we do our best to ensure that as many of the listings as possible contain a link to your website, we are unable to guarantee that every listing will. It’s entirely at the discretion of the individual directories and their policies.
Can I submit my own list of directories to you?
We’re more than happy for you to submit a list of directories for us to work through (assuming that the directories offer free submission). We would recommend either including your list of directories in the notes section of your order or dropping us an email at [email protected] after placing your order.
Do you help index my citations?
Every listing that we create is submitted to multiple drip-indexing services upon delivery of your final report.
Do I need a real/physical address?
The address you use should be real, but your business does not have to be registered there. If you are using a real address that you aren’t registered at, we would recommend adding a unit number to make the address unique and avoid NAP inconsistencies.
Will I get a report?
Yes. A detailed report with login details for every listing will be sent to you upon completion.
Do you provide citations in [country]?
We can provide listings in every country except North Korea. Please note that many countries have a limited amount of listing opportunities. We will refund you the difference for listings we can’t create in your target country, should you over-order.
Do you check for duplicates before starting an order?
At the beginning of every order, the team thoroughly checks each of the directories they’ve selected to make sure your business doesn’t have an existing listing on there.
I can’t seem to log in to a directory using the details provided?
While you should be able to log in and edit the vast majority of your listings using the credentials provided in the report, some listings are submitted without registration, meaning that the only way to edit or remove the listing is to email the directory admins directly. Please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of this for you.
There’s missing details on my citations?
While we strive to include as many listings on directories that allow us to publish all of the information provided, each directory operates according to their own policies which may lead to certain business details not being included within certain listings.


Types Of SEO Citations

When curating local business information, the team at SEOButler understands that different types of citations can help our clients find the best online directories to show your potential customers that your business exists.

A sound local SEO strategy includes industry-specific directories to showcase your business’s online reputation – so that’s what you’ll get when you work with us.

Making sure this information is accurate will ensure that local searches yield better results. Building citations manifests in many forms, such as structured and unstructured.

What Are Google Business Citations?

To attract potential customers, your Google business profile should include citations. The data for these entries includes the business name, address, and phone number, as well as any other information the business owner provides. Submitting citations helps clients find local businesses that suit their needs and budgets.

Having a fully fleshed-out and endorsed Google business profile allows customers to use Google Maps to find your location, and it can increase your online visibility in local rankings.

What Are Local Citations?

Local citations are a key factor in SEO, and impact your rankings across search engines. Local citation building includes business information like name, address, and phone number, though it doesn’t have to go through Google. Instead, it goes through business directories that help show customers reliable companies that can meet their needs.

What Are Structured Citations?

Structured citations are the most common form of local citations. Listed on massive websites, these listings are prominent on relevant business directories and third-party websites. These databases hold business information that has already been vetted and is trusted by Google to be reliable.

What Are Unstructured Citations?

Unstructured citations are any third-party posts, including reviews, that come up in the search results for your business. When online platforms release details like business location, name, and phone number, they act like the yellow pages of the internet. These citation sites are usually accompanied by links back to the company website, but not always.

Positive reviews that provide location data for Google Maps or Apple Maps can also be considered unstructured citations. While these have the potential to benefit your company, they can also do harm to your reputation when falsified.

How SEO Citations Help Local Businesses

There are a few ways that local listings for business data can help your company grow online. Many businesses utilize these practices and local sites to build their presence online and increase local search rankings. You could be one of them!

Increases Recognition

When your data is accurate online, people are more likely to recognize and share it. When information is shared, it generates traffic online, hence why local SEO citations are beneficial to reaching wider audiences in a local search.

Both structured and unstructured citations can help with this process, bolstering your company’s reputation and visibility.

Utilizes SEO Optimization

Local SEO citations make the most of search engines’ algorithms to appear in the local search results, bringing more customers to your online store. By using SEO to promote a legitimate business that appears on directories, customers are more likely to trust your company and make a purchase.

Business listings will help your company rank higher with local SEO strategy as well.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

Business directories gather data on your business to supply in local search results when users submit a query about those particular services. Domain authority in search engine rankings will not only show your business listing, but it will provide all your citations as a key ranking factor for your placement.

Do Citations Matter For SEO?

You bet they do! Having high-quality SEO content isn’t enough to support your business online. A local citation finder can be used by potential customers to verify the legitimacy of your company and pursue unstructured citations.

Without citations, a quick Google search may dissuade users from visiting, whether it’s because of inaccurate citations or a lack of entries entirely.

Are Citations The Same As Backlinks?

Linking building and citation listings management are similar, but separate. While both can be beneficial to the growth of your company, they affect search results differently. NAP data is used for citations while backlinks are designed to bring users to your company’s website.

Low domain authority for backlinks in a blog post won’t help you, just like incorrect information in your online reference will hurt your business. Both must be maintained, though your business description and NAP information are vital to citation sites.

Why Local SEO Citations Are Important

Local citations build trust in your business. A local search will reveal your NAP information, and if local directories cannot provide it, customers may not be willing to take a chance on your company. Your legitimate services and products can be mistaken for a scam or be seen as unprofessional, which may affect your local search rankings in search engines.

Building local citations shows that you take your work seriously and can provide the necessary information to prove your business is established. Citation sources claiming listing will need to know that your information, such as physical location, is accurate before other sites try to backlink to you. Making sure that you and the local directories have the same business information on file will help you thrive.

What Are The Benefits OF SEO Citations?

When you build citations with SEO, listing sites will be better equipped to rank in search engine results. Building local citations and claiming listings online can establish your online presence as reliable and trustworthy for customers to process transactions with.

Data aggregators show that citation sources and local citations build the strength and visibility of companies in search results by gathering information from your business name, location, and phone number.

What Are The Best Ways To Improve Local NAP With Citation Building?

Having consistent NAP is vital to rising in the rankings of different search engines, such as Google. Your business listing proves that you are a legitimate business to potential customers, so having accurate information is the key to success.

Doing business on your website can be tricky, but it’s important to follow these guidelines to get the most out of every user’s query. Each search has the potential to bring up structured citations and your business name, and finding the best way to implement NAP data can fill out your information and build trust with customers.

Use Local Directories And Niche Sites

Making your business information easy to find is a vital step in the process. Using local directories that are accessible to build local citations makes it easier to promote your company elsewhere. Your local citation can be used on blogs, niche sites, and directories that will redirect users to your main site.

Having a specialized search in a niche ensures that your business reaches the right audience. Data aggregators can show what accurate citations can do to help your business grow, as well as what your target audience is for your product or service.

Optimize Your Business Profile

Your business profile needs to build citations that are effective and transparent. This means streamlining the information and keeping it free from any errors. Providing as much information as you can will help users find you.

One of the best things to do is make it easy for customers to contact you, and that means regularly updating and maintaining your profile. Use any category-specific features to your benefit to optimize your business profile

Encourage Customers To Leave Reviews

While structured citations are incredibly beneficial, so are unstructured citations. These can be found in reviews left by satisfied customers. In the review, they can include specific information that relates to your business, such as the address and contact information.

Leaving reviews is a great way to generate traffic – you’ll gain visibility and a reputable name for your product or service. To learn more, contact SEOButler to discuss how to encourage customers to leave reviews with a powerful call-to-action on your website.

Monitor And Update Local Citations

Keep an eye on your existing citations and be sure to update them regularly. Local business searches will notice when information is outdated, making it harder for customers to reach you and your company. Local business citations must be kept up-to-date to be the most effective they can be.

When your company’s address or phone number changes, be sure to update it online so that customers can leave accurate reviews and contact you with any concerns. A business open to communication from customers is a business that thrives.

How Inaccurate Business Listings Hurt You

Inaccurate information can lead to more problems than just a missed call. Users may stop conducting business with a company if the information on the site or listing is false, causing them to lose faith in the company. In turn, you lose valuable profits.

It can also affect your ranking status and any tracking data. Rather than rise in the search results, your company can falter and sink through the entries if the local citation contains false or outdated information.

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