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What are Social Signals

Social signals are engagements on your social media posts.

This service creates these engagements for you to help improve your SEO and marketing efforts. Social signals are a sign by search engines that your content is being seeing and performing well.

It’s also a sign for consumers to show them that your content is actively being engaged with.


Social signals will be dripfed over 7 days to appear natural and organic.


100% Safe & Permanent Signals

No Bots

Real shares, all done manually

Processing Times

In order to provide you with the best possible social signals and service, we need a little time to process your order. 

200 social signals – 10 days
300 social signals – 15 days
400 social signals – 15 days
500 social signals – 20 days
600 social signals – 20 days
700 social signals – 20 days

800 social signals – 25 days
900 social signals – 30 days
1000 social signals – 30 days
1500 social signals – 30 days
2000 social signals – 30 days
More than 2000 – contact us

Benefits of Social Signals

SEO Benefits

Social signals are believed to be a contributing ranking signal for SEO. It helps signal to Google that your business is legitimate and users find your content valuable. There is a correlation between high quality content and social signals

Brand Impression

Social signals also signal to customers that your content is relevant and important. It helps add trust to your brand.

Natural Growth Projection

Adding social media signals is a natural progression of a website that is growing. Our service helps mimics this behavior. As a brand grows, so should the social media signals that it receives.

The SEO Butler Advantage

Specialized Knowledge

Our team of dedicated and seasoned SEO professionals are here to help you navigate the complex world of SEO. They are not only proficient in SEO tactics but also understand various industry landscapes and its dynamics.

Excellent Client Relationships

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients. We’re not just your SEO service provider; we’re your partners in growth. Your success is our success.

Long-Term Success

We aim to set your business up for long-term success by implementing SEO strategies that continue to pay dividends long after their inception.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my signals order delivered across multiple URLs?
You may make multiple purchases of 200+ signals, but we do not allow for multiple URLs to be submitted in the same package.
What is a drip feed?
Drip feeding is when you add social signals naturally by only creating a certain amount each day over a period of time. All our packages are dripfed over a minimum of 10 calendar days.
Which niches/types of URLs are not accepted?
Social Media URLs, Redirected URLs, Adult Content, Pharmaceutical Sites [supplements, pills, etc.], Gambling-Related Sites, Weaponry/Firearms, Hate and Violence Related Content
What pages should I send signals to?
We recommend sending signals to both your homepage URL and any inner pages you’re trying to rank or are building links to.
It’s been 24-hours, why haven’t I received any signals yet?
There is a set-up time between when you receive your processing confirmation email and when the signals will start. This set-up time usually takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.
What is a social signal?
A social signal is created when a user shares your given URL on their social media profile. This then creates a social backlink aka a social signal.
Where are the signals from?
The majority of the signals come from the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia.
Can I use social media URLs?
No. We don’t allow social media URLs (eg: Facebook, Twitter)
I checked a social signals checker, why aren't my signals showing up?

Typically this is because the checker hasn’t fully cached or registered your signal totals yet. There are also a couple of other reasons this may be occurring:
Your URL was HTTP, but you changed it to HTTPS mid campaign. You decided to 301 (redirect) the URL to another one part way.
Further, Twitter changed the way their button works in November of 2015 Those numbers are no longer publicly viewable, but you can read an article on this below:

Will I receive a final report?
Upon completion of your order you will receive an email to let you know that your order has been finalized, at which point you’ll be able to review the initial and final signal counts for your order in your ‘My Account’ section.
Can you provide social signals for websites in non-English speaking countries?
Absolutely. The country that your website is based in has no impact on our ability to deliver social signals.

What Are Social Signals in SEO?

When your followers and other users interact with your content, these interactions may boost your rankings. Each share becomes a vote of confidence in your content. Our experts suggest a few elements influencing these social signals and SEO.

  1. Links: Shared content on Facebook often garners more external links.
  2. Other Platform Signals: Facebook shares often coordinated with other posts on X when it was known as Twitter.
  3. Quality: It encourages sharing and positive user behavior.
  4. Brand Association: Well-known brands tend to engage more deeply on Facebook.

Content optimized for sociable engagement might differ from content optimized for search ranking factors. While getting likes and shares is excellent, it may not make necessary content go viral. Instead, we use it to enhance user value through genuine profiles as a form of organic marketing for content.

In 2021, John Mueller stated likes aren’t a ranking factor. Still, paying attention to an online presence can be advantageous. While not everything needs to impact SEO, it’s great when it does, and having diverse traffic sources helps.

So, although some SEO experts may see higher rankings in links they’ve shared and swear it’s a ranking factor, it doesn’t necessarily mean Google ranked the specific link higher due to signals. Under limited conditions, Google may index select social media content like Facebook data. The search ranking algorithms only scratch the surface of this aspect of the web.

Rather than signals bringing an SEO boost through direct causation, because of indirect correlation due to high-quality sharing, liking, and general appeal, your social media profiles may see internal organic SEO growth such as increased website traffic within the social media buzz and, like a domino effect, a user lands on your web pages and more.

Therefore, it improves your site’s authority and relevance, leading to better success in the ranking algorithm and a higher position on the search engine results page.

Search Engines Limitations

Although these signals could be more important ranking factors, Google search results are not heavily reliant on them as personal wall data exists where indexed information could get switched to private or cause other errors. However, they do help boost Bing search rankings more significantly.

Google analyzes other considerations in these signals to help your content rank higher, indirectly affecting SEO. There are other search engines, but regarding SEO, these two mainstream platforms are your choice.

The Psychology of Social Signals

Today’s internet users face a barrage of suggestions: algorithms, creators, friends, and even strangers offer advice. These suggestions serve as guiding stages for finding relevant content.

Signals and annotations—fellow social media users’ endorsements and recommendations—add a human touch to ranking algorithm recommendations.

They persuade users to take action based on the principle of social proof, where others’ choices influence decisions, making them valuable tools for content creators and online marketing strategists.

Google has implemented annotations associated with social signals and SEO and may appear in Google Social Search, allowing users to find content shared by their circle when logged in.

Google experts employ the term to refer to any social information affecting the ranking factor, recommendations, or presentations to the user. Major search engines can utilize annotations, initially called social signals, before presenting them as explanations or recommendations.

Users trust real connections and rely on their contributions and reputation. Social platforms like Quora prioritize genuine associations, including expert annotations, recognizing their power in valuable content exchange.

Which Industries Can Benefit From Social Signals?

Influence saturates online social media channels, impacting decisions across various areas:

  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Digital services
  • News
  • Home services
  • Hospitality
  • And more!

Direct impact hinges on perceived benefits—high-value actions carry more weight. Research unveils how the human brain processes social signals in communication, akin to traditional rewards, bridging social interactions and the brain reward system.

In essence, social signals impact SEO and are the currency of the digital age, shaping online interaction, choices, and perceptions.

Making Your Communications Informative

A signal becomes informative under two conditions. First, if it’s not intentionally or subconsciously conveyed by the sender, and second, if it doesn’t stem from someone’s behavior or physical features but instead arises from a unique combination of events.

It becomes genuinely communicative when senders intentionally shape the receivers’ beliefs.

To better understand them in SEO, one must recognize they hold value similar to communication. Specifically, the deliberate generation of these signals can impact search engine rankings, including conscious efforts such as URL sharing and keyword optimization, as well as subconscious elements like content quality and user engagement.

What Are the 3 Most Important SEO Signals?

  1. Google’s mobile-first indexing, implemented in 2021, prioritizes mobile site indexing for ranking. If you have a separate mobile, it takes precedence.
  2. Your pages must offer valuable information to thrive with SEO. Google’s Panda and Fred updates penalize low-value content.
  3. Page Experience updates underscore the user experience (UX) for signals as a ranking factor. A staggering 38% of users will leave an unattractive web page.

Ranking Factor Booster

Supplement these top three proven SEO signals with social signals for enhanced rankings. Remember to update your social icons on your web pages, share engaging content genuinely, foster authentic connections, and avoid services offering signals via bots. Fueled by quality content, organic buzz boosts your site’s reputation with users and better search results.

Enriching your site’s content internally and externally may attract more traffic via search engines. Websites fostering user interaction and sharing align people with relevant content. Together, these signals shape your online presence as a well-rounded package.

Social Media Platforms

Are you ready to maximize your social media pages’ efficiency and boost organic traffic and search rankings? While the urge to sell is natural for business owners, social media platforms take a different approach. Social media profiles are for fostering relationships, where SMEs should avoid sales pitches unless there are particular circumstances like events.

Which Social Media Is Best for SEO?

Start on Facebook for business and diversify. Take advantage of social media signals to boost site visibility. These platforms enable direct URL sharing, content republishing, and effortless navigation for followers.

Social Media Presence

The quest for effective connections and followership challenges both platforms and individuals. What fuels your growth often diverges from the organic dynamics of traditional friendships and relationships. Embrace the shift by making the most of our authentic service.

Do Social Links Help SEO?

Absolutely. Various networks support embedding links. This synergy benefits SEO through organic linking and helps elevate authority.

How Do You Give Social Signals?

Share valuable, engaging content on a particular topic related to your brand to reach and entice a larger audience rather than push sales, hoping to attract more consumers, as it may have the opposite effect.

On social media, visuals often initiate engagement before deepening brand exploration and exploring your web page further. People love visuals like images and short videos like reels, or you could embed YouTube videos with proper citations into your posts.

So, although it’s only sometimes feasible to have it all, aim to include at least one image in some of your shared social media blog posts.

Ensure top-notch quality when sharing content links. We recommend focused industry niche research or friendly and lighthearted blog posts for online platforms. Also, determining optimal posting times becomes necessary to maximize target audience reach.

For instance, on Facebook, Thursdays and Fridays in the early afternoon often yield the best results as it’s the end of the week and more people are browsing their phones. However, it’s only general advice, and a Google SEO expert knows the value of adapting to your audience’s preferences.

The social channel feed on various platforms can and will push or limit your post down to the bottom after a while, decreasing visibility even when doing well. Google’s Discover feed—a highly personalized mobile news feed—is an untapped buzz-generating distribution platform with millions using it and can prioritize popular content from social media.

Imagine landing one of your humble blog posts there and securing thousands of clicks instead of search engine result pages where people only find you when looking for something. Distributing general quality content across various mediums is your best bet for continuous traction.

However, demand for technical or specific content and good diverse signals to Google can increase Google Discover clicks from interested individuals, though it’s unguaranteed.

Social signals boost your search engine optimization strategy as they can be a noteworthy indirect ranking factor in SEO when you build relationships by providing value.

What Is an Example of a Social Signal?

Imagine a dynamic webpage as a vibrant mural and social signals as colorful brush strokes, increasing social media visibility and making it stand out. When someone shares a link to your website, like a blog post, on Facebook or a pin on Pinterest, it receives social media engagement through likes, comments, and more shares.

It’s a clear signal indicating the content’s popularity and relevance. Other websites and social media profiles work similarly. In a Twitter account, a shared link garners replies, likes, and retweets over shares, though the concept is the same: distribution.

These social signals and SEO intricately connect with content quality. People share what captivates them, fostering positive usage signals such as longer time spent on a page, thus building credibility and loyalty and indirectly affecting organic search rankings.

Consider these signals as a digital endorsement. Content and social posts associated with well-known, reputable brands tend to garner more organic traffic, interactions, and deeper engagement on social media platforms.

They are your online voice, speaking volumes about your content value. The more engaging and share-worthy your content, the louder it resonates in your SEO efforts.

In a social media strategy, a savvy social media manager should understand the impact of these signals and link building, as they can be your key to helping unlock higher organic rankings and increased traffic, putting your brand or organization one step ahead and aligned with ideal SEO industry guidelines.

Do Social Signals Help SEO?

Yes, these digital breadcrumbs can influence online presence, and social signals matter because they correlate with an indirect impact on SEO. Matt Cutts from Google addressed this issue in 2010 and again in 2014, but they like to control and keep the complete indexing criteria secret.

However, the significance of social media platforms generating buzz due to valuable or remarkable content extends beyond casual browsing. Sharing links can help build more backlinks, further boosting ranking factors for search engines.

How Do You Track Social Signals?

With analytics, you can assemble quantifiable (measurable) metrics to optimize your social media marketing. Tracking engagement throughout social platforms, such as shares, is possible. Major platforms offer basic built-in analytics for your post. You’ll discover metrics like impressions and engagement on Facebook, X, and others.

However, refrain from being swayed by impressive and high figures. Poorly optimized or low-value content may need to rank better on Google, even with high numbers. It’s where marketers go the extra mile, as analyzing data for prominent brands can be intricate if done manually.

Enter analytics tools and social plugins. They bring intelligence and organization to the process, capturing metrics otherwise hard to obtain. Google Analytics stands out as a standard option, but various paid tools also excel in tracking and analyzing these signals.

Monitor a source metric to spot traffic trends from different platforms or other websites. Once you identify high-traffic sources, delve deeper to pinpoint your website’s most popular pages appearing in search results. Most tools allow you to set conversion goals and filter reports accordingly. You can even define goal values and monitor specific conversions.

Improve Your SEO With Social Signals

While search engines remain perplexing, the impact of social media conversations on website popularity is undeniable. Elevate your social media engagement to propel your site upwards in rankings.

Based on past affirmations, human behavior, and insights from Google’s data science and engineering experts, the impact of digital dependence and online networks is worth considering.

Why Choose SEOButler to Boost Your Social Signals?

We’re more than a service; we’re your allies in this online journey. We grasp the nuances of social signals, executing them authentically—no bots, only genuine shares by hand. We ensure your content’s lasting security and credibility through our dependable service.

Ready to join? Slide the toolbar above to choose the number of social signals, and let us help you reach new heights and increase brand awareness. Contact us for more information.

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