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50% Facebook | 30% Twitter | 20% Pinterest

All our social signals packages are a healthy mix of Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest signals. Our processing times vary depending on what’s ordered.

Signals are dripped over a natural period of time, and each order is delivered with a report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my signals order delivered across multiple URLs?

You may make multiple purchases of 200+ signals, but we do not allow for multiple URLs to be submitted in the same package.

What is a social signal?

A social signal is created when a user shares your given URL on their social media profile. This then creates a social backlink aka a social signal.

What is a drip feed?

Drip feeding is when you add social signals naturally by only creating a certain amount each day over a period of time. All our packages are dripfed over a minimum of 10 calendar days.

Where are the signals from?

The majority of the signals come from the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Which niches/types of URLs are not accepted?

Social Media URLs, Redirected URLs, Adult Content, Pharmaceutical Sites [supplements, pills, etc.], Gambling-Related Sites, Weaponry/Firearms, Hate and Violence Related Content

Can I use social media URLs?

No. We don’t allow social media URLs (eg: Facebook, Twitter).

What pages should I send signals to?

We recommend sending signals to both your homepage URL and any inner pages you're trying to rank or are building links to.

Is this a monthly service?

Right now, social signals are not a subscription, but you are able to order these on a monthly basis. Stay tuned on subscriptions, as we're working on this.

It’s been 24-hours, why haven’t I received any signals yet?

There is a set-up time between when you receive your processing confirmation email and when the signals will start. This set-up time usually takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

I checked a social signals checker, why aren't my signals showing up?

Typically this is because the checker hasn't fully cached or registered your signal totals yet. There are also a couple of other reasons this may be occurring:
Your URL was HTTP, but you changed it to HTTPS mid campaign. You decided to 301 (redirect) the URL to another one part way.
Further, Twitter changed the way their button works in November of 2015 Those numbers are no longer publicly viewable, but you can read an article on this below:

Why am I unable to see people sharing my URL?

Facebook’s privacy policy restricts users from seeing shared posts unless they are friends with the user who shared the content.

Will I receive a final report?

Upon completion of your order you will receive an email to let you know that your order has been finalized, at which point you’ll be able to review the initial and final signal counts for your order in your ‘My Account’ section.

How can I check to see if the signals have been delivered?

If you would like to manually verify your signal count then we would highly recommend using a third-party public social signals checker which can be found in abundance online - e.g.

Can you provide social signals for websites in non-English speaking countries?

Absolutely. The country that your website is based in has no impact on our ability to deliver social signals.

Can I order less than 200 social signals?

Unfortunately we are only able to provide a minimum of 200 social signals per URL.

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I've been using SEOButler social signals services for a while now on a number of websites and never had any issues. Always quick delivery & frequent discounts allow me to plan everything precisely and save some money at the same time. Their social signals are a great addition to my linking strategy.

- Piotr Szula,

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