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Watching your business grow means having to adapt with it. As your website becomes more popular, it may be time to migrate it to another domain. New features can be a great benefit, or perhaps you’re looking to rebrand.

Order a Press Release


Order a Press Release

Press Release Writing & Distribution

A press release can help boost a business’s credibility and visibility by getting them featured on news sites. Our service includes a professionally written PR article, guaranteed distribution to over 400+ news sites, trust badges for the website, fast turnaround time of under 10 working days, a report with links to every site where the article is featured, and a money-back guarantee if the promise of placement is not delivered.

Benefits of our Press Release Services


Links from hundreds of top tier press release media outlets


Press releases are an organic part of SEO and marketing. It helps legitimize your business with search engines and consumer.


Press releases inform consumers of newsworthy happenings about your business.

What You Get

Our distribution network ensures your placement on more than 100 websites, including affiliates of major news networks like Fox, CBS, NBC, USA Today, and ABC News. Some of the notable sites that are part of our network are:

Press Release

A professionally written press release on your business using industry-proven techniques


Your press release will be distributed to hundreds of media outlets

The SEO Butler Advantage

Specialized Knowledge

Our team of dedicated and seasoned SEO professionals are here to help you navigate the complex world of SEO. They are not only proficient in SEO tactics but also understand various industry landscapes and its dynamics.

Excellent Client Relationships

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients. We’re not just your SEO service provider; we’re your partners in growth. Your success is our success.

Long-Term Success

We aim to set your business up for long-term success by implementing SEO strategies that continue to pay dividends long after their inception.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow all niches?

No. There are some niches that we don’t allow including:

  • Adult
  • Gambling
  • Illegal Content
  • Loans
  • Religious & Political
  • Opinions
  • Supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Firearms
  • Hacking
  • CBD
  • Marijuana
Can I Provide My Own Pre-Written Press Release?
Yes you can but please keep in mind that news websites are very strict with their formatting requirements and your content may get rejected.
Why we are best service provider in this city?

You will need to provide:

  • Business information
  • Contact Name/Phone
  • Address
  • URL
  • Description of your
  • business
How long does it take?
We are usually able to have your press release published within 48-72 hours after content creation.

Who SEOButler Press Releases Are Designed For

How do you know if you need a press release for SEO? These publications are designed for individuals who have news to share. Written to garner attention from the target audience and beyond, an SEO press release can work wonders for businesses and news stories alike.

A compelling press release includes information that will draw attention to it. Whether it’s a single press release you need or several, we tailor our SEO efforts to reflect your best interests. Finding your press release at the top of the search results is our priority.

Business Owners

Whether you run a large corporation or a small business, writing a press release can help establish new information and increase search volume.

Generating website traffic is imperative to boosting conversion rates and spreading the word about your business. Without SEO content marketing, your website can get lost in the sea of search results.

A press release sets itself apart from everyday posts on blogs, especially when written with modern SEO strategies designed to generate more traffic on your website. In addition, spreading the news to media outlets boosts recognition and importance, highlighting that your business is reliable.

Real News Story Releases

Have something important to share, but are not sure how to get the message out? An SEO-friendly press release is just the thing to do.

Having newsworthy events appear on search engine pages is part of what spreads the word. When your targeted audience sees the news, they can share it with others they know.

Without an SEO press release, important information and news can get lost in the mix of articles posted daily. For those with a story to share, a team of dedicated writers and editors can create an eloquent and satisfactory SEO press release to get the word out quickly and efficiently.

What Is A Press Release For SEO?

A press release is a powerful way to share information from a business or company with the media. It shares the most important details in a condensed way to ensure the message is communicated efficiently.

By design, an SEO-friendly press release works in tandem with SEO marketing efforts to boost visibility and generate traffic on your website.

The design of a press release and SEO content go hand in hand. Both are made to share specific information quickly, getting the details of a message to a large group of unrelated people in a timely fashion. They are used regularly by industry professionals to pass around information both in public and in private, depending on the content.

Is Press Release Part Of Digital Marketing?

In short, yes. A press release, when designed to be search engine optimized, can be used in collaboration with SEO efforts to achieve the desired results.

While a press release is meant to stay within the media and company boundaries at first, an optimized press release can make the step of sharing the message with the public that much easier.

You can also use the press release to link to other related articles or newsworthy events that are impacted by the information. Finding the right keywords can set your press release apart from any other news announced on the same day, adding to the reach and originality of your news.

When done correctly, relevant keywords and headlines can establish a presence in search engines, acting as part of your company’s digital marketing efforts.

Do Press Releases Need SEO?

Yes – absolutely. Press releases are short and to the point, yet each word carries immense weight. Without the proper keyword research and diction in a press release, the limited space can be wasted on words that don’t add anything to the message itself.

SEO strategy can improve the odds of your target audience receiving the news you have to share. A well-written press release includes SEO strategy and quality links to share additional information and related articles.

This boosts the results in search engines, bringing your content closer to the top as more people can find and read your news.

Do Press Releases Still Work For SEO?

Yes! Press releases still use SEO to score better rankings with search engine algorithms. Existing SEO strategy adapts to ensure the best results, using resources like the Google AdWords keyword tool to boost recognition and visibility in search engines.

SEO tools are useful for creating quality content marketing materials that boost rankings and engage with readers.

Writing original content that’s optimized for the intended audience helps you build traffic organically and boosts your brand recognition. An optimized press release headline is sure to grab the reader’s attention and draw them in, and that’s best done by a team of writers who know what the algorithms look for in content.

Don’t wait to get your own press releases written – work with our specialist service for first-class results.

Should Press Releases Be Optimized For SEO?

Absolutely! Without SEO press release optimization, the important news your company has to share will get lost among a handful of devoted readers and the vast number of articles posted every day. A good press release distribution service helps reach your intended audience, and you’ll want quality content to match the service.

When you optimize press releases, you add an extra layer of protection against the algorithm discarding them. SEO press releases generate more conversions and online traffic than ones written without existing SEO strategies because the algorithm disregards the information due to the lack of engagement.

What Are The Benefits Of Press Releases In SEO?

The benefit of an SEO press release lies in the search engine results pages. While not always a part of content marketing strategies, a strong press release utilizes all the SEO tools at its disposal. SEO affects a press release directly by impacting the number of users who engage with the content.

The difference between a good press release and a great press release lies with SEO content. SEO value cannot be denied. By applying key phrases and link-building, you’ll find your results improving in no time.

Think about reaching out for your next press release, as other blogger outreach programs can’t match our level of quality and commitment to your success.

What Are Press Release Links?

When a press release distribution service publishes your news, one of the main goals is to generate backlinks to your website, which will ideally convert into sales. The entire press release URL can also be used in other articles written on the website or on third-party websites that link back to you.

Embedded links create interest and entice users to click on them, bringing them back to your main website or your own press release if they viewed it from a media outlet originally. You can leverage press releases to generate more traffic for your company by reaching your target audience.

Are Press Releases Good For Backlinks?

Press release SEO link building is a main benefit to these types of news distribution outlets.

Your web page is where business is conducted, and having your news distributed to several busy sites where news is regularly consumed and discussed will build your own reputation among them. Using key phrases and anchor text to pique a reader’s interest, you’ll see better results than before.

For example, using backlinks in a press release allows a curious user to quickly reach your web page and learn more about your company without having to do the work to find you themselves. The best way to utilize these techniques is to fill your press release with keyword-rich links that grab the reader’s attention and tell them what they’re getting into.

How Do You Get Backlinks For A Press Release?

Any press release distribution company will tell you that this benefit comes with a set of unspoken rules that ensure this boon isn’t exploited.

For one, you won’t want to overstuff your media update with too many links or long-tail keywords. Keyword stuffing can harm SEO rankings and cause the algorithm to overlook or discard your work.

To get backlinks, utilize keyword research to find what the most searched words are and how they relate to each other. Search engine optimization will ignore links that aren’t designed to be functional and efficient, meaning that your primary keyword target is likely to be the best anchor text.

Your anchor text needs to be clean and understood, as it’s the key phrase that readers will see before accessing your webpage. Additionally, search engines only track dofollow links. Any nofollow links will be ignored in the rankings, meaning the number of interactions with any nofollow links will be disregarded.

If you’re looking to build your rankings, ensure that you prioritize the right links for your press release.

How Do You Do A Press Release For SEO?

Writing a press release for SEO can be daunting, to say the least. Search engines are extremely complex and getting to the top spot feels like an overwhelming task if you’re unfamiliar with SEO best practices. That’s why it’s important to have a team of skilled writers who understand what the algorithm is looking for.

SEO press release FAQs often revolve around what the content includes and how it is written. In short, it’s the process of following a few vital steps to create genuine and authentic content that drives rankings upward by engaging with the desired audience.

Press releases for SEO don’t have to be complicated, but they need to be well-written and optimized to achieve their goals.

The Importance Of Keyword Strategy

Without keywords, press releases will be lost among the plethora of other new articles. To ensure that key phrases are used most effectively, it’s important not to overuse them. Keyword stuffing occurs when any piece of writing, including press releases, is oversaturated with keyword content.

Key phrases that are forced together so tightly will actually harm rankings and can be flagged for being inauthentic for trying to exploit the algorithm. Avoid keyword stuffing to see the best results for your webpage. You’ll see an increase in traffic based on the words you use that are integral to your press release.

Utilize Backlinks For Results

One of the best things to include in a news release is the anchor text for link building. You can reference other related articles and newsworthy events to increase your search engine optimization results. Backlinks can take users to your homepage or desired service pages to generate traffic and build conversion.

With backlinks, the more effective anchor text will intrigue users to engage with it, boosting your results in the rankings of different search engines by using key phrases to attract attention. Press release SEO content is vital to gaining the attention your business needs to thrive.

Optimize The First Paragraph

The first paragraph is the most important part of your press release. This is where you’ll either capture their attention or lose it.

This is also where you will want to introduce your key phrases to get better results in the search engines. Every good press release includes its keywords early to establish a main message.

Without optimization, the first paragraphs can falter, causing the entire press release to fall behind in the rankings. While you don’t want to oversaturate the content with key phrases, it’s important to include enough with the title tag to ensure that the main idea comes across clearly.

This content can be included on your order if there’s a specific title tag or key phrase you want to include in your press release.

Prioritize Real News And Events

Nothing suits the algorithm better than real events and newsworthy topics. Whether you’ve discovered something utterly groundbreaking in your industry or you’ve decided to release a new product, the excitement and content must be real, or the press release submission will suffer.

Important news outlets won’t accept fake news or anything that doesn’t portray authenticity. There are also formatting guidelines that must be followed in press releases for them to be accepted by major outlets. Search engine optimization applies to more than just press releases but to the host sites as well. Your content needs to benefit them as well, so the more newsworthy, the better.

Distributing Press Releases To Media Outlets

After the article is written, it’s time to distribute it to the right media outlets. Depending on their formatting guidelines, you might need to change aspects of the release to fit so it can be published correctly. Sometimes, that means changing a keyword to better suit the host’s rankings, or it means reorganizing the news as a whole.

The important thing is that the press releases get into the right hands. It can be difficult to do that on your own, which is why we’re here to help. From a single key phrase to a whole new idea, our writing team can concoct a well-written press release for you to submit for success.

How SEOButler Impacts Search Engines’ Rankings

When you team up with writers from SEOButler, you trust your press releases to be handled by professionals who understand how the algorithm works and what search engines look for. Our writers create unique content tailored to appeal to human readers and search engines alike.

By shaping relevant, information-rich content around the most important key phrase, you’ll see improvements in your search engine rankings, online traffic, and recognition. However, press releases require more than just knowing how to write. They involve a good amount of research and understanding to build a strong and steady outcome – that’s what you’ll get when you choose SEOButler.

Improves Search Engine Rankings

Search engines look for specific keyword phrases that draw people to your website and content. Press releases require specific formatting and backlinks to help them thrive. The content itself must be direct, unique, and engaging for the algorithm to promote it.

Having content that’s formatted to be mobile-friendly is also a big deal. Many users reach online content using mobile devices instead of desktops, and having a website or content that isn’t compatible can easily turn users away.

No one wants to struggle to consume content when there’s so much else available, but our team knows how to implement optimized formatting guidelines to keep your content engaging and relevant.

Increases Traffic

The only way your content is seen online is if users interact with it. To do that, they have to have it appear in their search results.

Having a press release shared with several noteworthy and reliable news sources improves the chances of your information being seen and passed between users. It can also be included as a backlink for other journalists who report on your release.

Having SEO-friendly media release coverage ensures that the information is found and shared rather than lost to the search engine’s pages. The more your release is shared, the more views it will receive, and the more effective it will be. Increasing traffic is our specialty, and we can work with you to design a media release that boosts your business recognition.

Our distribution network ensures that your work is spread out between various reputable news sources and media outlets to ensure it is received and viewed by the masses. With a quick turnaround time, it won’t be long before you start seeing results.

Builds Recognition For Keywords

When you release information, you want to take over the keyword phrase recognition. What this means is that when users search for a key phrase in their preferred browser and engine, your media release appears as one of the top results. While people can search through all the consequent pages, having a presence on the first page will greatly increase the generated business you receive.

Without keyword phrase recognition, your information can get lost and fail to have the impact you desire. Rather than risk that, create engaging content using a vital key phrase that reflects the purpose of your business and your specialty.

Working with a targeted key phrase is the best way to establish what your company does and how to find it online, so it’s imperative to include it regularly in your media release.

How An SEO Press Release Can Help You

Aside from the benefits that SEO brings to the media release itself, there are benefits to implementing SEO content for your business and online presence. In addition to gaining media coverage and generating online traffic for your website, you’ll also see an upward trend in sales conversions and exposure to new audiences.

By creating original and engaging content, you’ll find your company rising through the rankings. The results speak for themselves when you trust us to handle your media release and provide SEO-tailored content.

You can’t beat a team of professional writers who are dedicated to providing a superior level of quality in both customer service and SEO content. Let us help you build your business’s reputation online with a strong media release.

Media Coverage And Traffic

Our vast distribution network of media outlets ensures that your information reaches the right hands. There’s no need to worry when we handle the process of sharing your release with news sources and media outlets, so you can enjoy the results and watch the stream of online traffic come in.

An increase in traffic online shows that your business is booming and becoming more well-known. This creates exposure, generating more media coverage and traffic in a snowball effect. Maintaining this momentum comes from SEO-friendly content and well-written information.

We specialize in this area, and we deliver excellent results. Contact us to learn more about our distribution network!

Boost Sales And Exposure To New Audiences

When more people reach your website after a media release, you’re likely to see an upward trend in sales. This is because your audience has increased, meaning that more people are likely to engage with the content longer and purchase products from your company. They’re also more likely to share what they see with people they know if it appeals to them.

The importance of SEO content centers around reaching new audiences. Through the use of keyword phrases, your targeted audience can be engaged with and expanded. Those who regularly search for news surrounding your company are most likely to find it, but with proper SEO utilization, you can reach people who may not have heard of you yet.

In reaching a new audience, you have one chance to make a positive and lasting first impression, especially when it comes to making sales. You want the experience to be positive and worthwhile, so don’t take a chance when you can act with certainty.

Original And Engaging Content

Original content is the prime source for boosted rankings across search engines. Any material that has been rehashed or posted again and again will not perform as well.

With new and original content in your media release, there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll have content that is perfect for your company, and it can be a great source for backlinks, building more engagement than it would on its own.

By providing more engaging content, customers and clients spend more time on the site and learn more about your company. A well-written press release is the first step to drawing in new clientele and broadening your target audience to include people who will engage with your company and boost the rankings.

Contact SEOButler for a First-Class Press Release Service Today!

A professionally written press release can help businesses gain media coverage, reach target audience members, and improve search rankings across the board.

Contact us today to discuss your next press release and how SEO content marketing can help you reach your goals.

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