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Ranking near the top of relevant search engine results in your area is the number one way for local contractor companies to bring in steady business. But building a custom contractor SEO strategy is a major time commitment and requires specific expertise.

SEO For Contractors

SEOButler can help you grow your business and improve your customer outreach through SEO services and strategies designed just for you .

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Benefits of our Contractor SEO Services

Greater Credibility & Authority

Achieving top search engine rankings boosts your businesses’ credibility, signaling to potential customers that you are a reputable and trusted practitioner in the field.

Increased Traffic & Conversions

An effective white label content campaign draws more organic, relevant traffic to your site and converts visitors into customers by showcasing your authority and expertise in the field.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

A strategic SEO strategy gives your business a competitive edge, reflecting your qualifications and adapting to industry trends and shifts to maintain prominence in the digital landscape.

The SEO Butler Advantage

Specialized Knowledge

Our team of dedicated and seasoned SEO professionals are here to help you navigate the complex world of SEO. They are not only proficient in SEO tactics but also understand various industry landscapes and its dynamics.

Excellent Client Relationships

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients. We’re not just your SEO service provider; we’re your partners in growth. Your success is our success.

Long-Term Success

We aim to set your business up for long-term success by implementing SEO strategies that continue to pay dividends long after their inception.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO for contractors?

General contractor SEO service involves creating high-quality, keyword-optimized web content that improves the business’s search engine performance, increasing the likelihood that new customers will book its services.

Service pages, blogs, meta descriptions, and guest posts are all examples of content contractors can order from their chosen SEO company to boost their growth and online visibility.

How much should I pay someone for SEO?

It’s hard to put a price on the life that targeted SEO for contractors can inject into your marketing strategy. However, it’s crucial to research your options to ensure you’re not overpaying for mediocre on-page SEO or outcomes that don’t last.

At SEOButler, we help our contractor clients grow their reach and visibility gradually to ensure lasting, sustained results. We provide detailed and transparent tracking information to help you evaluate your SEO strategy’s success, allowing you to make changes and adapt to the ever-changing market in real time. And we do it all at an affordable, competitive price.

Check out our pricing packages or fill out our query form for more information!

How do I find SEO for contractors?
Right here! SEOButler offers peerless general contractor SEO services to bolster your local SEO, improve your website’s performance in search engines, and crush your business goals.
How much does it cost to outsource SEO?
Our pricing varies depending on which contractor SEO service or services you choose to purchase. Reach out to a customer service representative for more information!

What Is Search Engine Optimization for Contractors?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing technique that uses keyword research, backlinking, and other SEO tools to improve a website’s performance in search engines.

For construction companies and other contractors, that typically means creating optimized content in the form of service pages, landing pages, and informative blogs that educate their target audience on topics relevant to each company’s specific niche.

The technical aspects of website optimization – such as increasing your page speed and ensuring your site is mobile-friendly – also have a critical impact on how your site ranks in search results. However, local SEO is what gets you discovered by new clients and floods your office with phone calls and completed “Get a Quote” forms.

Why Do Contractors Need Professional Search Engine Optimization Services?

Put simply, a custom-tailored general contractor SEO strategy is the only way to ensure your construction company can compete with other local businesses in your industry.

1. Most Potential Customers Use Search Engines

Gone are the days when contractors could rely on references from loyal customers to bring in new clients to your local business. Word of mouth is still a great way to grow your business, of course, but the reality is that most of our interactions take place online.

Ignoring your website’s performance in search results is a recipe for disappointment. At best, you’ll miss out on opportunities and client outreach. At worst, your contracting business will suffer or even fail due to an inability to attract the notice of potential customers.

Most people looking to renovate their homes use Google and other search engines to find local contractors.

But it’s not enough to take a few steps toward improving your website’s ranking in search results and hope for the best. You need an SEO strategy that goes the extra mile, because…

2. The Top Ten Search Results Get the Contract

Think about the times you’ve used a search engine to research something or look for a service provider. How often have you clicked to the second page of results, much less the fifth?

Most potential customers looking for contractors are searching from their mobile devices while commuting or taking a break from work. They don’t have time to comb through pages and pages of results.

That means your company needs to show up on the first page if you want to be discovered in online searches. Getting there requires the expertise of a top SEO firm.

While you probably won’t become the top search result overnight, partnering with an industry-leading agency like SEOButler is a surefire way to elevate your business to a much more visible position.

3. Improving Search Traffic Requires an Ongoing Marketing Strategy

Orchestrating, executing, and maintaining a general contractor SEO campaign takes time and expertise – both of which are better spent running your business and providing excellent service to your customers.

The work doesn’t stop when your SEO team has finalized your strategy and finished writing your first wave of content. Monthly analytics, thoughtful adjustments, and timely responses to shifts in the algorithm are all essential aspects of a successful SEO plan.

SEOButler offers unparalleled analytics and feedback on how your campaign is going. We continue contributing valuable insight that allows you to tweak your approach as needed and get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Benefits of General Contractor SEO Services

Here’s how partnering with a top SEO firm specializing in contractor SEO service can help you meet and exceed your digital marketing goals.

Boost Online Visibility

Improving your search engine rankings increases your online reach and makes it more likely that potential clients will find your website.

Improve Local SEO

Professional SEO expertly weaves industry- and locality-relevant keywords into your web content, helping your business rank higher in local searches.

Generate Organic Website Traffic

“Organic traffic” refers to people who find your website naturally – that is, not through a paid source.

While Google ads and other paid services can do a lot to promote your business and expand your reach on digital platforms, the algorithm prioritizes organic traffic over all other forms because it’s the best sign that your content is relevant and of interest to consumers.

Grow Your Business

Better performance in search engines means more customers visiting your website, which leads to more revenue for your company and visible, sustainable growth.

Why You Should Partner With a Top SEO Company

SEOButler has the tools and expertise you need to skyrocket your contractor website in local search results and grow your business in a sustained, organic way.

We’re Experts in Local SEO

It takes insider knowledge and expertise to successfully research keywords and figure out which ones to target. You have to take keyword difficulty, relevance, and monthly search volume into account.

Our writing staff has mastered organically incorporating the most popular local keywords into blogs and web content so that your posts show up first when clients search those terms.

We Provide Custom Solutions for Local Business Owners

No two contracting or construction companies are exactly alike, so a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO serves no one. We combine on-page SEO with white hat off-page tactics to create a unique package tailor-made for your business.

Our Marketing Strategies Net Long-Term Results

Not every SEO agency guarantees lasting results. At SEOButler, we prioritize long-term growth and stable solutions over get-rich-quick approaches that amount to nothing more than a flash in the pan.

Thanks to SEOButler’s monthly analytics, you’ll be able to track how your SEO campaign progresses over time. See for yourself how a top SEO firm delivers lasting growth for your business – get in touch!

Types of SEO Services Available to Contractors

The most beneficial SEO services for your contracting company are optimized landing and service pages and helpful, informative blogs relevant to your industry.

Let’s explore how these two types of website content can boost your organic search performance and help you net more attention from your local market.

Landing and Service Pages

Your website’s landing page is the first thing a customer sees. It’s likely the first page your website visitors will see when they come across your contractor business. The typical contractor landing page provides a succinct, detailed overview of your company, including the services you offer and why customers should choose to hire you.

To improve your local search performance and cement your image as a reputable contractor, your landing page needs to establish you as an expert in your field and show potential customers that you know your industry inside and out.

Service pages go into further detail about each specific service you specialize in. For instance, a roofing contractor might have individual web pages for roof repair, roofing replacement, inspections, preventative maintenance, and storm damage repair, along with any other services they offer.

One tried and true way to galvanize your contractor website’s performance in local searches is to create a separate service and/or landing page for each city or locality within your service area. That way, when people search for related services in their area (e.g. “Plumbing services in Wichita, Kansas”), they’ll be even more likely to come across your website, dramatically increasing your lead generation.

Talk to an SEOButler representative today to learn more about our general contractor SEO services, including how geotargeted service pages can improve your local SEO.


Maintaining a blog is a terrific strategy to improve your website’s visibility and maintain your domain authority over time.

Blogs contractor businesses cover the topics and questions potential customers are most likely to ask. Roofing companies, for example, can offer common queries that customers have in their location.

The blogs we craft for contractors educate potential clients on topics they’re curious about and increase the likelihood that they’ll click on other pages on your website. We also target long-tail keywords to increase your company’s likelihood of showing up in local search results.

Other Services

Many SEO campaigns for contractors incorporate custom-tailored off-page SEO techniques to bolster the company’s visibility online.

  • Guest Posts. A fundamental technique in backlink building, guest posting involves crafting a high-quality piece of content hosted on a reputable blog or news site that links back to your webpage via an optimized phrase called anchor text.
  • Social Signals. Maintaining a robust social media presence can be a great way to stay relevant with existing customers and attract new ones. Social signals create engagement with your profiles to improve search engine performance and increase customer interest.
  • Niche Edits. Niche edits can improve your reach and visibility by inserting links to your website into existing, high-performing content related to your industry.
  • Citations. Citations are online mentions of a business’s name, often in the form of directory listings and services like Google Business Profile. They’re a key component of local SEO since they hone in on your specific geographical area. They also make it easier for local customers to find your business.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings With Our Top-Tier Contractor SEO Service!

SEOButler has the content and link building solutions to maximize your contracting business and guide your digital marketing efforts to achieve your goals and broaden your online reach.

We have extensive experience partnering with local contracting companies across all fields to improve their SEO, drive up their website engagement, and help them reach a broader customer base in their service areas.

Unlock the potential of local SEO for your contracting company. Contact us today!

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