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Providing awesome SEO products for marketers with the service of a butler.

Our 4-Step Guest Post Process

Company founded

Started as articlewriting.ninja, offering SEO content written in the Philippines and proofed in the US.

The launch of PBNButler

PBNButler, an SEO product service offering web 2.0, PBNs, citations, social signals, non-native SEO articles, was created.

Significant growth and start of USA team

A huge growth year! This year saw the launch of native-English content, press releases, and a white-labeled agency partnership

Rebranded to SEOButler

Times were changing, so we rethought our product offering and rebranded to SEOButler. We also put down roots in our first tiny shared office in Brighton.

New UK office and launch of SEOButler 2.0

We moved to a larger office, hired more team members, and spent months designing and building a completely new, better website.

Team growth and CMSEO

The full-time team expanded with more additions in the Brighton office, many of whom joined us on a trip to Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

New challenges

We deployed a major website update that included a new cart feature, better customer accounts, and an FAQ portal, and are proud to say that the business survived the COVID-19 pandemic with no staff layoffs.

We entered the SEO industry in 2014 and haven't looked back

Our aim has always been to offer quality products and unparalleled customer service at every part of the buying journey.

SEOButler strives to be an innovator in an industry saturated with sub-par distributors. We invest in our team members and systems to bring our customers what they deserve — the best.

Our Core Values

Product Quality

We believe in quality products that we’d use to fulfill our own SEO campaigns. Every product is planned and tested, and no product is rushed to launch.

Customer Service

Our entire business is predicated on premiere service, hence our name. Our top priority is a happy client base because we know we’re only as successful as our customers are.

Happy Team

We believe that in order to win as a business, you must first win as a team. We take our team’s quality of life very seriously.

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