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Our in-house team of talented writers and editors create your posts to the highest standard.

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We have formed close relationships with hundreds of real websites with real traffic who will publish your post.

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Our Guest Posting Process

Step 1

Place Order

Fill out our simple form specifying your desired site niche, the links you want included, and anything else we should know before writing.

Step 2


We reach out to your chosen website and make sure they’re happy to work with you.

Step 3

Content Writing

Our in-house writing team will research and write a unique post to your specification.

Step 4


Once the content is written, edited and proofed by us, we submit it to the website’s admin to be published.

Step 5


Live posts are quality-checked before we compile your report and deliver it straight to your email!

We recently ordered the 3 pack of guest blog posts for home improvement category and when I got the reports and went to view the articles, I was really very impressed with the quality of the articles. They were very well written and had nice relevant photos, and the sites they were on looked like they were legit sites as well.

- Ken Klages, Klages Web Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these real websites?

Yes. We establish real relationships with real websites by speaking with site owners and vetting domains extensively before we offer them to the public.

How do I prevent duplicate links?

We have created a ""blacklist"" feature on our guest posting page (currently only available on desktop). To use it, you simply paste a list of all your backlinks. The tool then excludes any websites in our inventory that are also in your blacklist. And if that wasn't enough, we also manually check our database so you never place the same link twice. Should we discover the link you purchased is indeed duplicate during our manual check, we will offer you a full refund, account credit, or replacement link.

Will I get homepage links?

No - the majority of articles are published directly to the domain’s blog. We don’t have control as to whether or not the article is featured on the homepage!

Are these PBN's?

No. We spend a lot of time and resources making sure that we vet the websites we are working with very carefully. During this process we check the websites backlink profile, traffic stats, content, onpage, OBL, and many other factors to deem that it is indeed a natural website.

What is the average turn around time?

The turn around time of our Guest Posts can vary depending on the speed of the website author and our content queue. Typically your guest post will be written by our team within the first 2-5 days of the order. Once the writing process has been completed, we email the website author and ask them to publish your guest post. At this point we are at the author's mercy. Some authors publish within 24 hours, while others take 2 weeks. All of this being said, our TAT ranges from 5-30 days.

What niches are not permitted?

Weaponry/firearms are the only niches that we categorically do not accept, although there are a number of other niches in which we might have difficulty getting your guest post published. These niches include, but are not limited to:

- Adult Content
- Gambling-related Content
- Pharmaceutical Content

Any guest post that is rejected or deemed irrelevant by the site may be subject to a refund or reassigned to a new site upon approval from you.

Can I see the sites before placing an order?

We've dedicated many man-hours and resources to partner with all our guest posting sites. Therefore, sharing the database or websites prior to purchase would simply negate the purpose of offering this service.Further, it is not in the interest of our customers since the sites would get spammed if they were so openly shared.

Do you write the content?

Yes. The same content team that writes all our content also writes our amazing guest posts. You will receive a guest post of 600 words or longer, that was written in the USA or UK by our team.

Do I get a report?

You sure do! A detailed report will be sent to you as soon as each part of the order has been completed.

Can I order in bulk?

Of course! You can either do that by selecting as many sites as you want on our Guest Posting page, or feel free to email [email protected] about a custom bundle and we’d be happy to put one together for you.

Are the links Do-Follow?

We strive to only provide Do-Follow links for our clients and customers. If you happen to notice a link that isn’t Do-Follow, let us know and we’ll either fix it or replace it for you!

How long will my guest post order take?

We aim to have your guest post written and published within 14 days, although we allow up to 30 days to account for any unforeseen delays that may occur.

See Full FAQs Here
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