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Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re preparing a content marketing campaign, you’ll be asking a lot of questions.

How much do professional article writing services cost? How long does it take to write a 1000-word blog post? How many landing pages and blog articles do you need to publish for your content marketing strategy to make an impact on the SERPs?

Most importantly – what can SEO content writers offer my business that other people (and machines) can’t?

Let us show you.

SEOButler is a full-service SEO agency with high-quality content marketing in its DNA. It’s the lifeblood of our operation, and it’s what makes us the #1 choice for anyone serious about their content marketing campaign.

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Why Do You Need a Content Marketing Agency?

Is SEO content marketing still important today?

You know it is. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be here.

Search engines are increasingly prioritizing “human-focused” content. They’re responding to how human readers judge the material on your website and taking those opinions into account when they rank your web pages.

Keyword research, referencing, and answering common queries are all still 100% relevant. But what matters more than ever is that if a human reader wouldn’t find your content useful, then it will be deemed irrelevant in the search engine rankings.

This is why SEO writing services are still highly prized in the age of generative AI. If you want an idea summarized in a paragraph, sure. ChatGPT can do that.

But the greater the depth, the more you need a dedicated SEO content writer as your deep diver. The longer the article, the more you need a web content creator who won’t start repeating themselves and laboring the same points.

That’s our priority at SEOButler. Every word should add value.

Filler is a waste of your money. Repetition drives your target audience away. Shallow information doesn’t answer questions, and your readers won’t trust you as an authority.

And building your online authority should be a central focus of your SEO strategy.

We blend our years of experience at the top of the search engine optimization field with compelling web content creation from our talented writing team. Our SEO article writing service sculpts your website content into the optimal shape to engage your human readers, appeal to search engines, and consistently drive results.

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About SEOButler’s SEO Content Writing Service

All first-class SEO copywriting services have a few hallmarks:

  • Accuracy
  • Relevance
  • Fluency
  • Originality
  • Responsiveness

Here’s how we meet and exceed these goals.

High-Quality, Native English Content from Our Professional Writers

Our SEO content writing services are provided by native English writers based in the US and the UK. We have extremely high editorial standards, and this starts with our writing team – we have no room for poor spelling and grammar or filler content.

Our writers understand how to identify the ideal voice for each client. When you want flair and personality, we’ve got it in spades. If your SEO content needs to be professional and formal, that’s what we’ll deliver.

Sales material will address your customer’s pain points and guide them toward conversion. Informative content and blog posts will discuss every aspect of a topic in-depth.

We’re here to give wings to your content strategy – get in touch today.

Appeal to Human Readers. Reap the Rewards from Search Engines

In SEO writing, it’s vital to remember that your website visitors are your ultimate audience – not the search engine crawlers.

Search rankings are a vehicle for discovery. Our SEO content writing services include SEO best practices such as strategic keyword placement, optimized article structure, authority linking, and more – but we understand that these should all still be features of articles that are written for humans.

From blog posts and landing pages to product descriptions and press releases, high-quality content will keep the reader on your page and lead them naturally onto the next step in their journey. When Google recognizes that your readers are engaging with your web content in this way, it’ll start taking you much more seriously.

Our SEO content writing services marry traditional practices such as SEO target keyword research with natural, informative, compelling content that is laser-focused on engagement and lead generation. Growing your audience and boosting your rankings on the search engine results pages aren’t separate goals – they’re one and the same.

Contact us to learn more.

No AI. No Spinning. Only Results

Article spinning and AI-generated content are sadly prevalent techniques among many content writing companies. At SEOButler, these practices are strictly prohibited. Our writers are better than that.

Make no mistake, generative AI has a place in digital marketing. It can produce generic, accurate information cheaply and quickly, and it’s improving fast.

But it has absolutely no place in our SEO content writing services. Here’s why.

  1. It’s shallow. Tools like ChatGPT have impressive research abilities – up to a few inches deep. Then they plateau. Our writers are skilled researchers who can dig deeper and explain difficult subjects in detailed, concise prose, telling your readers something they didn’t already know.
  2. It’s repetitive. With that plateau comes repetition. Even with skilled prompting, long-form blog posts and in-depth guides become the same thing, over and over.
  3. It doesn’t have style. We encourage our SEO content writers to show off their originality and style, because that’s what engages human readers! A blog post has a much higher chance of hitting the mark with its target audience if it has personality.
  4. It doesn’t know how to sell. AI’s conclusion-writing capabilities are very poor. This is bad enough for blog content, but it’s devastating for sales material – the wrap-up and CTA are make-or-break. Our content marketing services are focused on your priorities, and our professional writers know how to make the pitch.
  5. It gives you no competitive edge. Anyone with a crash course in prompting can produce the same AI-generated article. But not everyone has a high-quality content writing agency delivering stunning, unique SEO articles for them. That’s your competitive edge – you’re working with us.

Don’t risk your marketing budget on content marketing agencies that allow spinning and AI content.

Don’t settle for second best. Reach out to our content services team today.

First-Class Customer Care from Our Dedicated Editors

We take our clients’ satisfaction very seriously. If you want an article to take a different direction, or if you’re not totally happy with the work you receive, we offer edits free of charge for up to 30 days after your order is delivered.

Our editing team is always on hand to listen to your concerns and make swift adjustments. Our content marketing services are designed to deliver results for your campaign – so you’re our #1 priority when you work with us.

Likewise, if you’d like advice or assistance developing a content creation strategy or if you’re unsure what type of article would best suit your campaign, we’re here to help. Get a free consultation now!

Technical Niche? No Problem

We specialize in producing high-quality SEO content for clients whose businesses operate in technical areas. Our content writing company has a superb track record of delivering expertly written articles that make complex subjects easy for your readers to understand without compromising on accuracy and detail.

If you have concerns about especially technical topics, we’re more than happy to provide a free, full-ranging discussion to work out what we can do. We don’t make promises we can’t keep – if we don’t think we can produce SEO content that hits the mark, we’ll be honest and upfront.

However, our expert SEO writers have proven themselves equal to the task over and over again, delighting clients with concise, accurate breakdowns of sophisticated topics that perfectly meet your brand guidelines.

Ready to find out more? Contact our team today.

How Our SEO Content Services Fit into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

SEOButler offers a wealth of digital marketing products that work hand-in-hand with our content writing service to deliver outstanding results for your business. Why not try:

Backlink Campaigns

Backlinks are a mandatory part of any good content marketing strategy. Knowing where and how to acquire them is a different matter.

That’s where we come in.

Help your engaging content perform by utilizing our backlink services. You can:

  • Have guest posts published on relevant, high-quality host domains
  • Use our niche edits service to acquire backlinks from an established, authoritative web page
  • Benefit from a host of tier 2 links, feeding upward to bolster the strength of your links

Reach out now to learn more.

White Label Services

Does your agency need specialist SEO content writers to boost your appeal to clients? Hiring an in-house team is expensive and time-consuming – and SEOButler’s white label SEO writing services are the answer.

With swift response times and consistently excellent website content, our writing team is at your command. Enhance your offering without hassle or risk – get in touch today.


Our social signals service helps your articles reach their target audience. We can drip-feed social media posts linking to your articles, increasing your volume of backlinks and generating more website visitors.

Our social signal packages are extremely affordable and tie in perfectly with our other SEO strategies. Get ready to start your campaign!

Website Audits

If your current website content isn’t performing as well as you’d expect, the first step is diagnostics. Our new website audit service is an invaluable part of your content strategy. We can:

  • Identify where you’re missing out on opportunities to attract organic traffic
  • Find and remedy SEO “don’ts” like keyword stuffing and poor internal structure
  • Show you which parts of your website are performing well and build on these
  • Help you develop a comprehensive growth strategy to ensure you’re performing better in the search results and attracting traffic!

Website Migration

You may have put years of search engine optimization into your website – but for whatever reason, it’s time to move. How do you handle this?

Our website migration service can identify which material is worth keeping (e.g. articles with numerous backlinks), help you reclaim links as you migrate, and create fresh content to replace outdated material.

We help our clients build on their successes and develop a content strategy with consistently greater yields.

Find out more.

What Sets Us Apart from Other SEO Content Writing Services?

Quickfire round! Here’s what makes our content writing services a must-have for your digital marketing campaign.

Fast TATs

Your finished order will be with you within 6 business days of you placing it, and usually much sooner.

In circumstances when we’re extremely busy, we’ll do everything to stick to this TAT, but we’ll also let you know immediately if there’s any possibility of a delay. Clear communication is at the heart of all our services.

Need your order in a rush? Get in touch – we’re happy to help!

Gifted Technical Writers, Professional Editors

We have a dedicated team of experienced technical writers at your service. Our writers have successfully delivered projects in almost every imaginable niche – and they’re ready to take on your order today.

All work is intensively reviewed by our editing team to ensure it’s up to our standards. Our editors are all seasoned SEO content writing experts drawn from our talented pool of writers. This helps us maintain sky-high standards and a friendly, professional team dynamic.

Affordable Prices and Bulk Offers

How much should you pay for a piece of content? You’ll find a different answer everywhere, but it’s a fact that our prices are incredibly affordable for a professional, native-English content marketing agency.

Blog posts and similar content start at $0.07/word, rising to $0.10/word for affiliate reviews, buyer’s guides, and specialist content.

We also offer an attractive range of discounts for bulk orders. If your order is over 5,000 words, you’ll receive a discount of 10%, scaling upward for larger orders. More details are available here!

You can upgrade any order to include Surfer SEO optimization for an additional $0.65/word. Speaking of which…

Surfer Optimization – and Writers Who Know How to Use It!

Surfer-optimized articles are written exclusively by our most experienced content writers. Relevant target keywords are integrated seamlessly into natural, flowing prose that gives your web pages the best chance of performing well on SERPs.

It’s well worth the investment – clients who use our Surfer SEO content writing services return time and time again. You’ll see its benefits when you place your order!

Want to learn more about Surfer SEO? We’d love to talk.

Clear, Friendly, Prompt Communication

What’s in a name?

We offer our clients a full SEO Butler experience. Whatever your needs, we’ll do everything in our power to meet them – quickly, efficiently, and to the highest possible standards.

Whenever you have questions, we’re here to provide answers. Whether you need an order rushed through, you’d like to request revisions, or you simply have an inquiry about the ordering process, you’ll be treated with respect and courtesy by our friendly team.

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to launch your next content marketing campaign? You’ve found the ideal partner in SEOButler – and we’re ready to go.

Placing an order couldn’t be easier. The simple form on our website lets you order with minimal fuss. And if you have questions, we’d love to talk – drop us an email!

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