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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. Our bulk content order discounts are as follows:

  • 5k-49k words — 10% discount
  • 50k-99k words — 15% discount
  • 100k+ words — 20% discount

Please contact us to learn how to best place your bulk content order.

We aim to deliver most content orders to you within six working days. However, depending on the length of your order, it could take longer.

If you need your content within a strict time frame, please email us at [email protected] before placing your order to check if we’ll be able to fulfill it in time for you. We’ll endeavour to fit reasonable requests in!

Yes. Every level of content has an edit or rewrite option. Please contact us should you have an issue with your order, or have a question prior to ordering.
If you can’t decide which content type is best for you, email us with a quick outline of what you need and we’ll point you in the right direction.
If you require edits or a rewrite for your order, you have one month from the date of delivery to make this request. Simply email [email protected] and we’ll take care of the rest.
This depends on what you want to achieve. Generally, we recommend that blogs or articles are a minimum of 500 words. If you’re stuck, send us an email outlining what kind of content you’re after and we’ll do our best to suggest an appropriate length.

Surfer is a tool that analyzes data based on keyword/s a person is attempting to rank for. We write Surfer Optimized content using their Content Editor feature. Check out their video to find out exactly what Surfer’s Content Editor does.

We love their service so much that we’ve added a whole content product using the tool!

Please note that to order Surfer content you will need your own Surfer SEO account and to provide us with a Surfer Content Editor link. Our writers will write content directly into your Content Editor link. Please don’t download your keyword research and attach it to your order as an upload file – manually checking keyword densities is too time-consuming.

Yes. All our writers are either based in the USA or UK. We recruit many writers who have university degrees concentrated in professional writing and rhetoric.

We’re willing to take on most things, but we won’t write about slanderous content, or anything we deem inappropriate.

In the case that your order isn’t accepted, we’ll refund you and let you know why. If you’re not sure whether your order will be accepted due to its niche, send us a message before ordering and we’ll let you know whether we can write it or not.

We can’t promise this because the writer might not be available. If you were really impressed with your content and you want to request the same writer in the future, we can check whether that writer is available at the time – but this can’t be guaranteed.

We hope this won’t happen, but if it does, please send us an email explaining what you don’t like about it in as much detail as possible. This helps us identify exactly what needs to be changed and how we can do better next time. We will then enlist the writer or an editor to make your desired changes.

To reduce the chances of being dissatisfied with your content, please be very specific when placing your order. Tell us of any formatting requirements, topics you’d like covered, or anything else that will help us deliver exactly what you need the first time.

Yes. We run all content through Copyscape before it gets delivered to ensure it passes. The only exception is if there is an address in your order, or your content requires exact product names from websites like Amazon – these often don’t pass.

Our “Other” category is for content that doesn’t fall under any of our existing content types, such as analytical blogs that require heavy research and referencing or a lead generation page. If you’re unsure of what category your content should be ordered under, send us a message detailing what you want and we’ll help!