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Niche Edits vs Guest Post

Guest posts and niche edits are two common methods in the world of SEO, both directed at improving one’s online exposure and reputation through strategic link building.

Basically, both practices are tools by which a business can promote a backlink to its own website on another page. Backlinks published on especially prominent sites with high domain authority can prove extremely valuable in boosting the linked site’s traffic.

In this guide, we’ll examine these two popular SEO tactics, including several upsides and drawbacks associated with each, plus tips for deciding which would be most beneficial for your brand.

What is Guest Posting?

Sometimes referred to as guest blogging, businesses use guest posts as a link building tactic to produce SEO benefits. It boosts visibility on many levels, but mainly because it’s easier to find sites when they rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

With guest posting, a new article is generated for another site, uniquely crafted to address certain topics relevant to its existing content. It’s an opportunity to build a strong backlink to your own webpage, but it involves pitching – and, once approved, writing – an original and informative piece that the host site would be glad to offer to their readers.

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Guest Post Requirements

Often, blogs that host guest posting have a specific set of outlined requirements that must be followed in order for an article to be accepted, including matching their existing voice and established style.

Guest posting places a backlink to your site into an article for a blog that will essentially be promoting your page to all who visit it. A key element to doing this successfully is identifying the sites or blogs with a high level of traffic that can be used as credible authorities.

Search engines like Google take links as a major factor in determining SERP rankings, especially when they are posted to popular authoritative blogs.

Guest Post Content Must Be Compelling

You want to offer something of value to hosting sites. They usually want new and engaging content in exchange for allowing guest post links to be promoted on their site. After all, they are essentially signing off on endorsing enclosed linked pages by agreeing to present them to their already trusting audience.

In addition to building your presence and reputation from authority sites within your niche linking to your site, gaining these quality backlinks can also help your site rank higher on Google.

Creating a Guest Post

After market research has been conducted to determine which authority sites could have the greatest impact promoting your brand’s visibility, reach out to each and pitch a unique guest post.

Once a topic has been approved, a full new blog post can be created according to the site’s requirements for guest posting. A major advantage here is the freedom to incorporate the target keyword or phrase within the body and title of the post.

Guest Posting Outreach

In order to submit a competitive blog post, you must first contact the website owner. Find webpages you wish to target and establish contact with the site owners to inquire about the possibility of being given a guest posting slot.

If a site openly advertises that they accept guest posts, it’s understood that submissions will contain a guest post link within keyword rich anchor text, along with a couple of high-quality links to relevant websites.

It’s wise to take advantage of every guest post opportunity. A guest posting slot is a great chance to forge new relationships and expand readership by boosting domain authority with search engines.

Guest Post Best Practices

The suggested length for guest posts is between 500 and 2500 words. Guest blog posts should be engaging and informative and must meet the hosting sites’ specific requirements.

It’s a good idea to look up some examples on the sites you’re considering to follow the same basic structure and formatting. Make sure your topic is relevant to the site’s target audience, but be careful not to regurgitate content they’ve already published.

Linkable content within your guest post should be compelling and easy to share on various social media platforms. It’s also standard practice to include a couple of outbound links to trusted authority sites throughout the text for added credibility. Finally, watch out for spam sites, as working with these could lead to your website being penalized.

Guest Posting: A Valuable Marketing Strategy

Typically, a certain amount of time and funds must be invested in order to produce a real, noticeable effect, usually via multiple guest posts being published on numerous authority pages that all receive a high volume of traffic.

Guest blogging, or creating a post as a guest writer, demands producing a relevant contributing article for the blog or site of another that includes a backlink to your site. It’s generally used as a marketing vehicle to reach a wider audience.

Advantages of Guest Posts

Well-written guest posts are a popular way to acquire powerful backlinks, build brand authority, and foster positive relationships with other visible businesses within a specific niche.

Additionally, it offers opportunities for writers to gain exposure. Top-quality content generation is a must in order to maximize the possible benefits of guest posts.

Guest posting works by containing links within the text content and also in the author bio. This is a good way to gain additional attention for your site and improve your own authoritative reputation in your field.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Guest Posts

Although guest posting can positively influence site visibility, the process of getting results from SEO efforts is typically ongoing, marked by gradual improvements over time instead of making an immediate impact all at once.

For this reason, a common strategy is to write many high-quality articles that feature valuable keywords with backlinks to your site.

Placing embedded backlinks to your site within several informative posts on other respected sites gives you greater exposure to a much larger audience.

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What are Niche Edits?

Niche edits, also called link insertions, curated links, or contextual links, describe when a link is added to an existing page on a target site within relevant, topical web content that’s already been published.

It essentially involves link insertion into keyword-inclusive, relevant articles rather than writing a whole new piece containing your desired anchor text.

Niche Edits in a Nutshell

Niche edits involve adding a contextual backlink to a relevant, niche-specific page. A good existing article for link building using a niche edit should be aged. Older articles have been indexed by Google and are more likely to already possess existing backlink profiles.

Much like with guest posting, the goal of niche edits is to improve a site’s SERP ranking, boosting overall online visibility by linking pages from established authority sites. Both have the power to produce real results, especially over time.

Niche Edit Example

Say your business specializes in house plants.

Instead of coming up with an entirely new article to submit to a website within your niche, you could pay a webmaster to add your backlink to relevant text in existing content on authoritative sites within your niche.

So, if an older home decor article on a popular interior design site has a section discussing how to brighten a space using indoor plants, for example, then adding a backlink to your page here could potentially benefit your business’s web presence, especially if the posting site has high authority.

The first step would be to contact the site owner of a given page that has already published relevant, niche-specific content that would be ideal for creating niche links for your business.

Advantages of Niche Edit Links

The biggest upside to placing contextual niche edit links into existing relevant anchor text is that it doesn’t require creating any original content. They’re quicker, easier, and often cheaper with a higher ROI, especially since producing new, interesting articles typically requires a paid, experienced content writer.

Additionally, sites are often more likely to be receptive to niche edit requests, which can help their previously published content stay current.

Niche edits can present fewer challenges to incorporate certain links that may not naturally fit very well in a guest post. Building links for difficult pages can, therefore, be easier to achieve with niche edits.

Best of all, niche edit links use indexed, aged posts that Google already trusts to bolster a site’s relevance, so their positive results can be much more immediate, sometimes improving sites’ search ranking in just days or weeks.

Creating Niche Edits

Searching for optimal sites and identifying the best anchor text within a pre-existing article to insert your niche edit can be daunting.

The goal is to identify blogs within the same niche that already insert links to similar, relevant content, so that you can establish contact and propose a deal, like a purchase or trade.

This step is similar to guest post outreach in a way, and similarly involves networking to build business relationships by reaching out to various website owners.

How to Get Niche Edits

Acquiring a niche edit is fairly simple. Business owners may contact a website owner to inquire directly about adding their backlink to relevant existing posts, or they can reach out to link building experts to purchase niche edits.

The easiest way to go about getting niche edits is by buying them. SEO agencies and link building specialists commonly rely on an established network of trusted websites for niche edit outreach.

Niche edits work best when they use real, vetted sites that can be depended on to produce results. The targeted page should have link juice that isn’t already spread too thin. Established services can handle this part for you if needed.

Niche Edit Precautions

Niche edits are a proven method of acquiring competitive backlinks from high-authority websites. They use articles already ranked and indexed by Google search results, and they’ve been growing in popularity.

It’s important to only use authorized, legitimate avenues for niche edit backlinks, or risk being penalized. Abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines at all times and avoid working with any type of shady bulk service or link scheme that uses broken link building to manipulate PageRank.

These types of shortcuts are never worth the risk, as any damage to your site’s reputation with search engines through unauthorized link building strategies can ultimately be extremely difficult or impossible to repair.

Comparing Guest Posts vs Niche Edits

When evaluating link building through guest posts vs niche edits, it’s important to acknowledge what they have in common and what sets them apart.

Both practices are link building SEO strategies targeted at bolstering the web presence of a given site by gaining strong backlinks.

However, niche edits edit existing posts, and guest posts are new.

Link Building Strategy

Both guest posts and niche edits involve links inserted into anchor text to improve a page’s online visibility in search rankings. A page’s strength and number of backlinks are among the most important ranking factors that impact domain authority.

Domain authority speaks to searchability. Basically, websites can rank higher and become more successful when they have high-quality backlinks from many authority sites. Guest posts and niche edits can both be good sources of strong backlinks to produce increased traffic.

It should be noted that guest posts take a while to be indexed, so their presence may not get noticed very quickly. A niche edit link can also take time to gain attention, as Google must recrawl the indexed URL to the existing article before any real impact can be seen. This can sometimes take up to several months.

Guest Posts vs Niche Edits: Which is Better?

Depending on your goals and available resources, each link building strategy presents its own advantages and disadvantages.

Both methods can require investing significant amounts of time and money, and measurable results may not be immediate for either. That being said, placing contextual links with niche edits tends to improve a site’s ranking more quickly than guest posts.

Niche edits may be preferable for low risk means of acquiring instant backlinks, while guest posts could offer a more reliable long-term backlink strategy.

Again, the choice of which method is better will come down to specific marketing goals, along with the timelines and resources available to achieve them.

Niche Edits vs Guest Post: Final Thoughts

Whether using already published articles for niche edits or creating new guest blog posts, a brand’s online visibility can benefit from these strategic authority links. Since each has its own pros and cons, many find that a diversified approach including both techniques can benefit their companies in multiple ways.

Ultimately, gaining traction, relevance, and authority can be done in many ways, and these two proven approaches continue to be successfully applied across the web today.

If you’re curious about which specific SEO methods could most benefit your business, contact us today for more information.

SEOButler’s accomplished team of established professionals is waiting to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between niche edits and guest posting?

Basically, the former uses an already published article, and the latter requires creating an entirely new post.

What do guest posts and niche edits have in common?

Guest posting and niche edits are both targeted at gaining authority and relevance.

They are link building methods designed to benefit from the link juice of other sites by including links intended to direct those readers back to their own page.

What are the major benefits of guest posting?

Guest posts can help your brand to build its reputation and widen its audience. It can also help an author gain exposure.

They can be extremely specific and successfully drive increased site traffic, boosting relationships and authority.

What are the major benefits of niche edits?

Niche edits also allow specific content to be targeted and a huge advantage is that they require less work to execute.

Plus, it can be easier to find sites and get niche edit accepted by them.

Which is better, niche edits or guest posting?

Since both methods have proven benefits, it’s not uncommon to employ both as part of a varied overall approach to search engine optimization.

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