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Your Content, Made Simple

For three years now, we’ve offered content based on tiers.

Back in the PBNButler days, it was Professional and Expert content.

When we rebranded as SEOButler, we changed to a tiered 3, 4, and 5-star system.

This has served us well. Many of our competitors—whether they’re charging for content, guest posts, SEO packages, or virtually anything else—use a similar system.

But it’s boring. And overdone. And to be frank, losing its relevance for how you buy any of our products.

Cue centerstage!

A complete redo of how we sell content.

What’s Changed?


Content is now available for purchase based on the type of content you need, not the level of quality you want to buy.

How Will This Affect My Pricing?

Quality is of utmost importance to SEOButler’s clients. The vast majority of our clients order 4 or 5-star quality content.

Here’s some good news…

Now, no matter what type you order, you’ll receive consistent, high-quality content that’s ready to be published.

Ready for more good news?

For most of you, your content will cost you the same or even less than what you paid under the old system.

A Peek Under the Hood

In case you’re wondering what changes we’ve made behind the scenes to enable these improvements in quality and price, here’s a quick look at the nuts and bolts.

Bespoke Writer Management System (WMS)

We’ve developed a proprietary Writer Management System(WMS) to streamline all of our content creation, editing, and quality control processes.

Implementing the WMS means that our writers and editors can spend more time making your content the best it can be and less time on admin.


We’ve integrated the Copyscape API into our WMS. Writers and proofers can now check their work for duplicate content seamlessly—whenever and however many times they want.

Duplicate or plagiarized content is poison—for you and for us. By baking Copyscape into our content creation process, you’ll never have to worry about duplicate content again.


The Readable API is now hardwired into our WMS.

What is Readable?

Readable is a snazzy tool that “grades” content based on readability metrics. It measures, among other things, the average level of education a reader needs in order to read and understand your piece.

The lower the grade level—ideally an 8th-grade reading level—the higher the mark your piece earns.

The better the Readable score we provide, the better your page will perform, and the more likely you are to hire us again to write your content.

Why Better Content Works for Both You and Us

Updated Training

Training writers to adhere to your SOPs is a challenge.

SEO trends change. Every writer has their own voice. Client’s expectations vary.

With the launch of this new page, we knew we had to elevate our standards. And to do that, we needed to enhance our training for the writers.

So how did we do it?

We revamped our proprietary writer training website so that it includes the following for each type of content we sell:

  • Pre-Written Samples
    These give our writers examples of how the content should be written and formatted. It also demonstrates the level of quality we expect.
  • Video Tutorial
    This offers a step-by-step breakdown of how to approach and write each type of content.
  • Detailed Explainers
    Writers can read and refer back to a written guide for how to create each content type

Better Recruitment

We’ve always prided ourselves on the quality of our writers—all of whom are American or British and college-educated.

But just because a writer has a degree doesn’t necessarily mean they can write for an online audience.

So, we’ve adopted a hard rule – we’re not in the business of teaching people how to write (that’s what college is for).

We are here to teach gifted writers how to create content for an online audience (not an academic one).

All our writers must tick every box of the following list before we even consider working with them:

  • Native English speaker
  • College-educated (ideally in an English/Arts/Marketing concentration)
  • Minimum of 3000-word availability per week
  • 30-Question quiz of writer training site and SOPs
  • Written samples of published work
  • Produce an original piece of content—on a topic selected by SEOButler—which lives up to our exacting specifications

Why Did We Change Everything?

If you’ve gotten this far, I feel like you’re in a love/hate moment with us.

Most people don’t like change.

Here’s why it’s a good idea.

It’s simpler for you

The number of emails we’ve answered over the past three years trying to help clients figure out what tier of content they should order is astounding.

There’s nothing to figure out anymore. Just order the type of content you need. And rest assured, the quality will be top-notch.

It’s simpler for us

When it comes to recruiting and training, we can focus less on tiered training and more on creating a superior product based on the type of content our customers’ order.

It’s also easier for us to offer support and bespoke quotes for your projects.

We wanted to improve

We knew we could do better by you, and this shift shows our commitment to doing just that.

We want to make your life easier

You know what you need when you come to us. So, why should you then have to start from scratch figuring out what tier is best for what you need? Now you don’t have to.

We want you to make more money

We’ve always had the philosophy that the more money we help you earn, the more money you will spend with us. It’s a win-win.

Sold? Head on over to the new content page now!

By changing everything and improving our product, we aim to put both money and time back in your pocket.

Have any questions about our new content page or pricing?

Please reach out to us at [email protected]

And feel free to let us know how you feel about it in the comments!
[author_bio image=”×150.jpg” name=”LYNDSAY KIEKBUSCH”]Lyndsay manages the content team for SEOButler. Starting with just a couple of writers, she’s managed to grow the writing team to over 40 writers and has helped deliver millions of words since 2016. She also provides brand development consultancy, for an assortment of brands including Ambassador Watches and has created copy for brands such as[/author_bio]

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