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Watching your business grow means having to adapt with it. As your website becomes more popular, it may be time to migrate it to another domain. New features can be a great benefit, or perhaps you’re looking to rebrand.

Website Migration

Whatever the situation, SEO website migration services are designed to help smooth the process over. Transferring important information from the old website to the new website has never been easier.

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At SEOButler, we’re an SEO agency of skilled SEO professionals, writers, and digital growth experts. We specialize in link-building, on-page and off-page SEO services, and content optimization. Our priority is to promote organic search traffic for our clients, helping them reach new heights and achieve higher rankings in the most popular search engines.

We can help with successful website migration so that you can continue to appear in the rankings while giving your business a sleek new look. Whether you’re creating new pages or updating existing ones, we’re the experts, and we’re eager to help you!

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Benefits of our Website Migration Service​

Greater Credibility & Authority

Achieving top search engine rankings boosts your businesses’ credibility, signaling to potential customers that you are a reputable and trusted practitioner in the field.

Increased Traffic & Conversions

An effective white label content campaign draws more organic, relevant traffic to your site and converts visitors into customers by showcasing your authority and expertise in the field.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

A strategic SEO strategy gives your business a competitive edge, reflecting your qualifications and adapting to industry trends and shifts to maintain prominence in the digital landscape.

The SEO Butler Advantage

Specialized Knowledge

Our team of dedicated and seasoned SEO professionals are here to help you navigate the complex world of SEO. They are not only proficient in SEO tactics but also understand various industry landscapes and its dynamics.

Excellent Client Relationships

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients. We’re not just your SEO service provider; we’re your partners in growth. Your success is our success.

Long-Term Success

We aim to set your business up for long-term success by implementing SEO strategies that continue to pay dividends long after their inception.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SEO Website Migration Services Increase Search Engine Rankings?
Of course! Having a team of skilled experts work on your website migration means that it will be more SEO-friendly, increasing search engine rankings for chosen keywords. You can provide keywords that you need to rank for, as well as any other information.
Can SEO Migration Services Increase Traffic?
Yes! With our website migration SEO service, you’re bound to see an increase in traffic from users worldwide. Ranking higher with more keywords and phrases will bring more traffic to your website, especially when you’ve implemented tips and tricks to retain previous data and metrics.
Why Choose SEOButler For SEO Website Migration Services

Fully integrating a new base of operations online is a time-consuming and detail-oriented process with lots of technical jargon. Instead of handling it all yourself, you can contact our team of experts and specialists who are more than happy to help.

Contact us today for a quote! We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business flourish.

Website Migration Services

What Are Website Migration Services?

The website migration process is complex and difficult to manage without expert assistance. Essentially, it’s transferring the site architecture from the current domain or URL structure to a new site.

This can impact Google Analytics and search engine visibility if proper steps are not taken first.

Types Of Website Migration

There are two main types of SEO website migrations: domain migration and URL structure. The type of change impacts your SEO migration strategy, but the core elements remain the same. For web developers, knowing the difference is easy, but it’s important to understand how a successful migration works with each type of change.

One is just the name of the website, but the other is the exact address. In the same way, one offers brand recognition and the other offers security, making changes a considerable effort.

These changes should be made with the consultation of a professional to reduce the risk of impacting rankings negatively or a loss of data.

Domain Migration Services

When rebranding, you may find yourself looking at a new domain name for your new website. Website migration may take time as you move all the pages and URLs from one location to another.

Thankfully, the domain name is simply the name of the website, not an exact address. It often reflects the name of the business and is easier to change. You can use the company name (if available) or something close that reflects what you do.

HTTP And HTTPS Migration

The URL structure is trickier. The URLs are the exact address of your website. You’ll notice that every website has either HTTP or HTTPS in front of them, and that’s because this shows the search engines where to go to connect to the webpage. Changing this information can make migration more difficult, but not impossible.

With a professional SEO migration service, your company’s online visibility in other search engines won’t be compromised. There’s no need to worry about missing pages or site content.

How Do I Migrate My Website to SEO Perfection?

It’s best to establish a migration strategy. These are steps you’ll take to prepare for the change, including data collection for your website’s visibility before and after the change.

Doing preparatory work pre-launch will allow you to better understand the results post-launch, especially if you need to use backups or revisit the original plan. It’s much easier to handle post-migration efforts when you’ve taken steps to simplify the complex process.

Backup Your Website

Making a backup of your website is the first step to migrating it to the new site. Technical errors can appear while moving, leading to a broken page or several broken links. To avoid this, a backup can be made to save the information on the current site as is.

Current URLs will be saved, allowing for a thorough analysis later should bugs appear. You can also find any information that may have been glossed over, such as old pages and URLs that need to be updated or redirected.

Perform An Organic Traffic Audit

Search engine crawlers collect data from your site, so why not do the same before making a big change? Organic traffic can be monitored and recorded to establish a foundation for SEO performance.

Your new website will see an impact from the SEO migration, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Not every landing page needs to be prioritized when moving to a new site. The organic performance monitored by Google Analytics can provide valuable insight as to what pages perform best and which ones can be revised.

How To Plan Website Migration

Before beginning SEO website migration to a new domain or establishing new URLs, there are a few things that must be understood. While site migration services are a boon for business, the changes don’t happen overnight. The larger the website, the longer the process takes.

Through proven processes, organic rankings and search visibility improve when proactive measures are taken before SEO migration services get to work. Changes aren’t immediate, as it will take time for the algorithm to ramp back up, but our SEO team is dedicated to achieving the results you deserve.

How Long Does SEO For Site Migration Take?

SEO website migration can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It all depends on how many URLs are included. If you’re rebranding or trying to start fresh without spammy backlinks or broken backlinks, it can take additional time to get the new pages up and running.

Website Migration Checklist

Going over a checklist for the migration process will make the transition seamless. Utilizing a professional website migration SEO service will fast-track the process and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Completing items on the checklist will help understand where organic traffic comes from and how you fare in the search rankings.

Prioritize The Importance Of SEO Site URLs

Using superior data collection sources, like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we identify what pages are most successful and well-received from an SEO perspective. Key pages will be marked for their value to increase organic visibility.

Your redirect map will be compiled for the new website from the most effective URLs discovered through the Google search console. This gathers data from the current rankings to help improve future ones.

Knowing what pages thrive and which ones need to be revised is vital before undertaking website migration. Any new URLs will need to be accounted for in the XML sitemap.

Maintain Meta Tags And Meta Descriptions

While navigating the migration services and processes, it’s the perfect time to review and update meta tags and descriptions. Meta tag data gives search engines the outline for what keywords to rank for, so you’ll want them to be rich with SEO content.

Each one should be unique without being oversaturated with keywords. They should be short and direct to provide the most important information quickly. Updating this information to be more SEO-friendly will improve rankings and traffic.

Old URLs In The Sitemap

If there are old pages that are going to be removed, consider using 301 Redirects instead. This retains the rankings for keywords while redirecting the user to the new page. SEO migration services can help create a thorough map for which sites lead where so that you don’t have to sacrifice the organic visibility you’ve accumulated.

Update Internal Links

Now is the time to update any existing internal links for the new website, rather than post-launch. Websites linking to outdated pages can lead to problems, especially if those pages contain sensitive information or company policies that customers need to be aware of.

It’s best to have internal links that guide the users from one page to the next seamlessly. This helps them find the information they need without having to return to search engines. Internal linking can be tricky, but a professional website migration SEO service will handle it for you.

You can worry about running your business while our team takes care of the details involved with site migration.

Does Website Migration Affect SEO?

Site migration does affect SEO and search engine rankings. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With industry tricks like 301 redirects and meta-tag usage, you won’t have to worry about a drastic drop in organic traffic.

Which Is Better: SEO Migration or A New Website?

Rather than starting from the beginning, you can take the success of your previous site and transfer it to be the base for your new operation. You can improve your rankings with the right strategy.

Retaining previous data and implementing it into the new site will give your business a solid foundation to stand on. That’s the main benefit of choosing SEO migration for your brand-new website!

How To Implement An SEO Audit After Site Migrations

It’s important to run a post-migration check. This crawls through your new website to see what’s changed between the old and the new, presenting you with data that can reveal any issues before traffic gets heavy. A post-migration check is vital to data collection and understanding what can be improved on the new site.

Our team can help go over the details and make changes where needed after SEO migration has begun. There is a lot of information to cover, and keeping a detailed worksheet can make finding the necessary data easier.

How To Retain All SEO Links When Doing A Site Migration

If your business has a successful website, you’re likely to have decent SEO links and rankings. SEO Migration helps to retain those statistics so that you don’t need to start all over.

Creating new pages and connecting them to the old ones via 301 redirects will ensure that the old data for rankings remains while the new page is present for users to engage with.

Is It Possible To Migrate To A New Platform Without Losing Rankings And Traffic?

Absolutely! The main way to retain rankings and traffic in SEO migration is to use the same metadata to attract organic visibility and implement 301 redirects when applicable. This will ensure that the old website’s traffic is seamlessly guided to the new website.

This means that the process of migrating to a new website needs to be done while all teams are available to troubleshoot in real time. Weekend work is not ideal for this, so make sure to schedule time in the week to work on the new page.

Benefits Of SEO Website Migration Services

There’s a lot of ground to cover when moving from one website to another. It’s too much for one person to handle, especially if you run a business or company where your time is better spent elsewhere.

That’s why we’re here to help. With a team of dedicated experts on your side, you’re bound to find great success in your SEO website migration.

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