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Value Added Ep.12 – How Can Entrepreneurs Be More Productive?


12 Aug 2020


Most entrepreneurs struggle with staying organized and productive…

Jonathan and Jarod are no exceptions.

In this week’s episode, they share some of their own battles to stay focused and tips that have been productivity game-changers…

“Staying productive and organized in your business life is directly connected to how productive and organized you are in your personal life.”Jonathan Kiekbusch


  • Jarod keeps his tasks on two Trello boards:Board #1: Business
    Board #2: Business Ignore

    Essential tasks are assigned to Business if they meet any of the following criteria by remaining incomplete:

  • Will the business fail?
  • Am I failing my team?
  • Am I doing a disservice to my clients?Anything that doesn’t rise to that level of importance goes in the second category, which he chips it away at during less productive moments.
  • Hire a bookkeeper!
  • Set aside an hour or two of quiet time in the morning to deal with your email inbox.
  • If you use Gmail or G Suite, consider scheduling your email replies to be sent an hour or two after you hit send. That way, you’ve already replied, and you won’t be distracted from going through the rest of your inbox when you receive a response.
  • Don’t rely too heavily on written communication:
    •  Schedule a 15-minute call with a client to go over complex matters rather than going back and forth via email.
    • If you have a complicated process to explain, make a Loom video rather than trying to type it out. This can be a huge time saver.
  • Both Jonathan and Jarod have experimented with the Pomodoro technique and see its benefits. While neither of them follows it rigidly, they do tend to work in sprints followed by short breaks throughout the day.
  • Jonathan and Jarod aren’t nappers, but Jonathan stresses the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

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