The Top 25 Social Media Marketing Tools


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Find out which tools are best recommended by social media pro, ContentStudio’s Umair Mansha. Is your favourite not listed? Leave us a comment below if you have any further suggestions!


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The Top 25 Social Media Marketing Tools

As we advance new forms of technology, we are able to improve connectivity, form strong networks, promote our businesses, and utilise many other brand-enhancing benefits. It’s at this point that we should think about moving forward even further and establish platforms where interconnectivity is continually improved.

Social media sites are undoubtedly amazing platforms where we can connect to millions of like-minded people and promote our networks. As a wise man once said:

“Your network is your net worth.”

In this guide, we are going to discuss the best free social media marketing tools that are highly praised among the social media community and online influencers.

The use of these tools can put you ahead of the game in terms of content management and marketing. We’ll discuss the benefits of each LinkedIn social marketing tool throughout the post so that you’ll be able to find the best platform for your requirements. Let’s begin!

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Contentstudio takes care of all your content management at once. You will get to know trending content even before it is trending to boost your own promotions and increase audience engagement. This is content from the entire web, not just social media. You’ll get the most relevant content to shoot.

In social media management, this tool will help you to discover the top performing content relevant to the industry, and will let you compose a custom post to attract more users to your social media. Not only that, it will also help you to create SEO-friendly posts for the top attractions, as well as enable you to schedule posts for peak times in order to target the active audience.

So, whether you’re a marketing agency, a business, or an enterprise – this tool is for you. You can opt for a free trial before becoming a paying member to see if it’s the solution for you.


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Buffer is known to be the best tool to make things easier for you in terms of social media management. It lets you schedule the posts and simplifies your routine to generate more audience engagement. As we all know, social media is the best way to drive traffic: therefore it is important to keep in touch with all your social networks at once, saving you time in the long run.

There are multiple features to choose from depending on your own social media platforms, so it can be designed to suit your needs. It will help you grow your relationship with your audience on social media, improving customer satisfaction.

Buffer has a 7-day trial version, after which monthly payments begin, ranging from $10 to $400.


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In terms of social media management, Hootsuite is a great contender. This programme lets you schedule your posts from one place, saving you a lot of time. It provides you with ready-made content and images, analytics on your social media progress, and offers brand security on all of your social platforms. On top of this, if you’re thinking about team management, they offer this as a core feature; as well as encouraging you to participate in contests to keep your accounts up to date. 

You can sign up for the free version – but be aware that it has limited tools. To make the most of this programme, I would recommend signing up for a paid plan that allows you to have full use of the features.


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Whether you’re a small business owner or a highly experienced marketing professional, Followed will halve the time it takes you to update your business’s social media accounts. I would especially recommend this programme to beginners who may be more concerned about their social marketing and management performance.

If you want to enhance your daily audience interaction, Followed predicts the best time of day that people are most active online, and allows you to post unique content to multiple platforms at once.

It offers all the best features that will turn the bumpy road of social media into a marketing highway!


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Brand24 is a social media monitoring system for all types of businesses. What people say about your brand or business online can have many detrimental effects, so it is important to monitor these conversations.

It is both good for you and your business if you are aware of the issues people are facing when using your service. By using Brand24 you will be able to resolve the problem sooner and protect your brand from further complications and user backlash. This programme will help you keep an eye on discussions throughout your social media platforms so that you can engage directly with the people who bring up issues. Monitoring customer feedback will improve customer satisfaction, ensuring that they continue to use your service.

Try a free 14-day trial before upgrading to the premium plans. 

Sprout Social

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If you want to strengthen your social media strategy, Sprout Social might just be the thing for you. It works for everyone: small business owners, marketing agencies, and enterprises. 

As a business owner, you need to be marketing your brand on social media in order to increase audience engagement and generate more sales. If you are a marketing agency, a priority should be team management. And if you are an enterprise, communication and customer interaction is your biggest concern.

Sprout Social helps with everything. It will assist you with content creation and management; which will improve your social media professionalism and enhance the business-consumer relationship. By using Sprout Social, you’ll be able to make better decisions for your business, and save yourself a lot of time in the process.

You can try their free trial before signing up for their premium version.

Okto Post

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If you want to boost your B2B marketing, Okto Post is a great social management tool you could use. It manages multiple social platforms and allows you to promote your content to establish better leads for your business. By tracking every single lead that you generate, it provides you with perfect analytics: so you can keep tabs of what posts, on which social profile, on which social network, is performing the best.

It makes social publishing much easier, from scheduling to automatic posting at specific times on multiple networks. It lets you discover trendy content and notifies you when people are talking about your content online. With Okto Post, monitoring your social media engagement is simplified and consumer satisfaction can be easily maintained.

Go to their website and request a demo for free.

Zoho Social

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Zoho Social is a software for businesses that allows you to manage everything from a single platform. From management to marketing and analytics, Zoho Social does its job well. You can even manage all of your social media accounts on your mobile phone using their app. It allows the scheduling of multiple posts at peak times of the day to ensure that your content is being seen online by as many people as possible.

You can also track keywords and stay in touch with your team using this programme, guaranteeing a smooth and flawlessly-run business.  Zoho Social provides all the facilities and features on a single dashboard from which you can manage your market on social media. For a business purpose, their plans are different and inexpensive, and they have categorised Agency Plans and Business Plans individually, making navigation around the site very easy.

You can sign up to Zoho Social for free.

Agora Pulse

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Even if you’re a beginner and aren’t sure how to manage your social media strategy yet, Agora Pulse is a very easy social marketing and management model. This programme helps you manage your social media activity from one place, which is great if you have multiple accounts on different social platforms.

From publishing to team collaboration, Agora Pulse offers many features that will ensure the effective management of your business’s social media accounts. From small businesses to large enterprises and agencies, Agora Pulse provides a simple, easy, and affordable service.

They offer a great discount if you sign up to their annual plan.

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Falcon is a well-known social media marketing platform suitable to any type of business, allowing you to create both paid and organic posts for all your social networks entirely from one place. You can manage all channels and monitor audience engagement from a single dashboard, ensuring that you are constantly updated with user response and customer satisfaction.

This is great for staying in-the-know with your audience, so you can maintain your business-consumer relationships. Besides being a strategy maker, it will also help you with your team management.


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Curata is a brilliant tool for content marketing and content curation. As a curator, it will help you to discover the top trends and upcoming hot topics to shoot, organise, and contextualise your content on the go.

In terms of content marketing, it has a feature that analyses your posts and allows you to streamline production processes depending on the feedback. Curata leads in terms of content curation but is a great contender for a curation and marketing management combination programme.

Book a demo now and try it out!


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As a marketer or an SEO expert, analysing a keyword before embedding it into your content is a sensible thing to do. Buzzsumo allows you to analyse the best performing content for any industry or competitor right now. Finding a key influencer isn’t a problem anymore with this tool.

BuzzSumo allows a demo, but in order to take full benefit I would recommend going for one of its premium plans according to your requirements.


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Spredfast takes the number one spot for social media marketing and management for enterprises. It helps you to upgrade your social media marketing strategy by targeting audiences in peak periods, improving your relationships with users and therefore ensuring their continued custom.

As a programme that assists with the most complicated of enterprise social media strategies, it will undoubtedly be able to enhance the strategies of much smaller businesses and agencies, too.


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Sprinklr isn’t just a social media management tool, but it is also a device that enables you to find out what your customers are saying about you and your business. You can monitor all of your social media accounts, gaining an insight into customer reviews and user satisfaction from a single dashboard in real-time.

It will also help you to adjust your social media strategy accordingly to get the most out of the specific platform in order to boost sales and business reputation.


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For general marketing, a powerful tool is Talkwalker. It offers vast data coverage, top-quality image recognition, and is the best programme for customer satisfaction analysis with its AI-Powered Sentiment feature.

Try out the free demo to see if it’s right for you.


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If time is your biggest problem, Edgar efficiently manages your social media platforms at your own convenience. Sharing your content on social media is something that requires a lot of time, which instead could be invested into other important tasks.

This programme will help you schedule your posts on multiple social networks at once, while also homing in on sharing and re-sharing to boost your online presence and audience engagement.

Simply Measured

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Simply Measured works best as a social media analytics tool to keep you updated with the conversations that your customers are having on your social media accounts. Like some other big social media marketing tools, it works by analysing your social performance, tracking which of your posts are being shared the most, and processing the conversions to create a report on your performance to see how you could improve.

It is important to track your social media platforms to stay aware of online movements and audience satisfaction in order to sustain growth marketing.


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Developing a strong social media strategy makes for a successful business. Sendible helps you manage several social networks from one place at one time. You can schedule your posts and engage with your audience whenever you like with this programme. Sendible also helps you measure your ROIs easily from one place.

Navigating around this site is very easy, with everything on a single dashboard. Social media management has never been easier with their mobile app, allowing you to monitor your accounts on the go.


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Cision is one of the leading online marketing tools for any business type. It will help you manage your social media marketing strategy and simultaneously keep track of your progress.

You will also be able to identify relevant social influencers to hit the right audience; plan and share the interesting content; and keep track of all the impact happening around. It helps you to engage and communicate with your audience with simple and easy methodology.

Facebook Pages Manager

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Facebook is currently the biggest social media network being used by almost every individual, whether for personal or business use. So, using Facebook as a marketing platform for your business is a no-brainer.

You can create meaningful posts on your pages for your own targeted audience, schedule multiple posts to save time, and engage with your audience constantly. In Facebook Pages Manager, you can manage multiple pages at once; even if you have different businesses. It’s especially useful for agencies dealing with multiple clients.

Facebook is the way to go for your growing marketing strategy.


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Whether you’re a marketer, a businessman, or an agency runner, it is your mission to continuously increase sales. LeadFuze takes away your worries with regards to targeting the right audience and managing your marketing strategy to boost sales. This programme will reach out to the rightful audience through personal emails or other contacting perspective in order to pique interest in your product or service.

You don’t have to even create an email list manually: LeadFuze bots will do it for you automatically.


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You won’t stop loving the visuals of this social media marketing tool: its unique dashboard provides you with easy monitoring of your traffic and social media audience. Plus, it keeps you constantly up-to-date with mobile alerts.

Its monitoring, analysis, reporting, and publishing features will help you to stay one step ahead with your marketing strategy. Go for this tool to push your social media marketing to success, and to take your mind off the intricacies of managing every small task.


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eClincher is known to be a powerful social media marketing tool, supporting all the top social networks for you. It’s best for small businesses, marketing professionals, and brands. It helps with scheduling posts and publishing them automatically at the time you set it, which could save you a lot of time.

It contains a Google Chrome extension and also a link shortener, which makes things a lot easier for you on the go.


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Tracx is a powerful social marketing and monitoring tool that will track all insights, social engagements, measurements of the ROIs and team performance, and will help you to analyse all initiatives in order to take your strategy to the next level. What are you waiting for?


Whatever tool you are going to use for your social media marketing and management strategy, each one of the above offers the best features you need, one way or another. So, choose your tool wisely, depending on what you’re currently focused on. Try out multiple trial versions to find your perfect solution.

Let us know in the comments what you use – do you have any more to add to this list? 

Hey – thanks for reading! We hope you learned a lot about social marketing tools today.


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