Citations – Everything you need to know


Today I am going to write a little about citations and their use in local SEO.
There is a lot of confusion on the subject, so lets clear that up!

Directory da pa 94 87 94 95 90 91 88 68 86 61 85 61

I presume you would love some Citations?from directories and other sources of NAP listings, such as those above pointing straight at your site right?

First, you should make sure that your GMB Listing (Google my Business listing) is created, verified, and filled out 100%. You can do this either manually or by using a service that instantly verifies the listing for you.

Traditionally, we create citations in order to send a signal to Google that notifies them we are working at this address, essentially saying, “Please, please rank us in the maps listings on Google!” Companies, such as PBN Butler, can help you with the tedious process of creating a list of citation sources to submit that are niche and GEO specific. They are also able to then execute the process of submitting your details and individually verifying them to each citation source.

Some customers ask us, “Why aren’t all citations live directly after submission?” and “Why are they submitted as a screen-share of instead of a live link?”

This unfortunately is due to the amount of spammy requests that the directories get on a daily basis, so a lot of directories have decided to no longer allow automatically verified submissions. This means that the submissions can take up to 6 weeks to be reviewed by a site administrator.

Once your citations have gone live, we usually ping them to make sure they index nicely and start working their magic for you!

Another question we get asked almost every day:
“My customer has moved addresses and their citations are all over the place, can you clean this up for me?”

Citation cleanup is a tedious process, but is worth the trouble!
Let’s assume your customer has moved around a bit, and has citations in different directories with all kinds of different NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) details. These inconsistencies are not exactly ideal for your rankings.
Here is how you can fix it;
In the unlikely event that your customer has a full record of every citation they have created, and has taken note of the login details for all, you can then log in to each one and edit them.
Unfortunately, most clients will not have those details. Without record of the citations you can only claim/edit about 10-20% of all live listings immediately. Once you have done that, the best method is to email the admins of each directory and ask them to remove/update your listing. This is the cleanest method of updating the NAP details on the directory, and will get you the best results. Again, this is something PBN Butler can do for you!

Lets say you have done all this and your customer now has a fantastic amount of citations from niche relevant, geo targeted citation sources. Surely, you want to really benefit from those citations for your organic rankings too right?
Don’t worry, there is also a method to this madness;
Build high quality contextual links to your citations, maybe 100 – 200 to each citation! While this is some effort, the benefits you will receive are absolutely shocking!
If you don’t have the time or tools to do this yourself, PBN Butler will boost your citations for you!



(Above) The direction?in which the contextual links are built.

Citation Boosting


(above) Some results from a citation boosting campaign

Here are some other ideas on how to get high quality Citations:

Image Distribution:
Your image gets distributed via a network of high quality sites that allow a comment with the image. Next, GEO?tag the image and add your full NAP in the comment. Index and build links. Voila another HQ citation!

Video Distribution:
You create a short video about your business (30 seconds will do), upload that video to different sites, YT/Vimeo etc. and add your NAP in the description, build links, and off you go!

Press Release (PR) Distribution:
You write a great press release about how your business has come to the area and is ready to receive business at location x (enter you NAP here). Then you send your PR out via the newswire (a service that distributes your PR to relevant news sources), you get great publicity as well as a citation!

These three services will be available with PBN Butler from the beginning of June!

Twitter and Google Continued

Your Tweets Can Now Be GOOGLE?d

(Through Mobile Searches, that is?)


And the love affair just got stronger!

After announcing their partnership earlier this year, Google and Twitter drop another bomb that proves to change the SEO / Social Media landscape once again.

The number one search engine in the universe and everybody?s favourite micro-blogging platform are teaming up to allow tweets to be directly searched and found on Google.

If you can recall, tweets are supposed to be indexed by Google already. But this time, you can directly search on Google whatever it is that you could only search using Twitter before. Remember hashtags? Searching that on Google was somewhat silly before, but now, you?re sure to see Twitter results pop-up when you search specific hashtags!

You can also Google specific accounts, say ?Justin Bieber Twitter?. Aside from seeing his beautiful account (we kid, we kid!), you will also see his most recent tweets at a glance. With just a few strokes of your keyboard on Google, you can already get a glimpse of information that you could only see on Twitter.


Here?s how the mobile search looks like for Justin Bieber:


This is starting to get pretty interesting?

Basically, Google and Twitter, in a way, are married.

Two become one? That?s what it looks like!

Ardan Arac, Google’s Senior Product Manager said ?It?s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening?. ?And here at PBN Butler, we strongly agree.

However, what does this mean to the future of SEO and Social Media? Is Google beefing up Twitter so it can compete with Facebook? A conspiracy theory sure, but you never really know, right?

What we do know is that if you?re a business owner or marketer, there?s no better time to be on Twitter than NOW!

You Can?t Be a Marketer and NOT be on Twitter

Seriously. You just can?t. Not now, at least.

A few years ago, you could?ve gotten by without a Twitter account for your brand. It wasn?t really that important, and some would even argue that it still isn?t important today. But hey, times have changed.

Google is strongly pushing for Twitter. Its search engine now delivers tweets right in front of you. Suddenly tweets can now be SEO?d. You can directly search tweets and Twitter accounts of brands and get information as it happens.

Don?t tell me you read through all that and STILL think that you don?t need a Twitter account?

Buddy, trust us. You do. You need it now, more than ever.

With Facebook dropping its organic reach lower and lower, Twitter suddenly looks like a very attractive platform for Social Media promotion. Not to say that you should leave Facebook, because that would be crazy. But being on Twitter opens the door to a lot of possibilities, now that it has Google, indirectly (debatable) backing it up.

For the 2nd time this year, we highly encourage you to step your Twitter game up! If you don?t have an account yet, drop whatever you?re doing and start making one now.

If you already have a Twitter account? Then kudos to you! Drop whatever you?re doing too and start working on a solid Twitter content plan. Your tweets aren?t just 140 characters of nothingness now. They can be searched directly, and your hashtags can be searched and even trend outside of Twitter. Your tweets now come up in the Google results.

In short ? Twitter should be treated how you would treat your own website. It needs SEO too.

Crazy, huh? But that?s where SEO and Social Media is heading now. The bar has been raised, and soon, we will see more developments not only from Google and Twitter, but also from other platforms.

The best you can do is to adapt.

And you better do that #today.


Quick Look at How Important Citations are for Local Search Rankings


A recent study from Bright Local shed some light into the importance of local search citations in relations to search rankings.

In their study, 22 local experts were asked to provide their insights and opinions regarding the subject matter. Since it?s already 2015, Bright Local keyed in on how effective and relevant local search citations are at this day and age.

The saying that ?The only constant in this world is change? holds true for local search results. Year after year, the dynamics of local search results changes. What works this year, might not work next year. This is what makes the recent study all the more important.

Expert Citation Survey by the Numbers

When it comes to Local Search Ranking Factors, External Location Signals sits at a good spot with 15.5% of the overall rankings. It only trails behind On-Page Signals and Link Signals in the overall pie.

Citation volume will forever be looked at as an integral part of local search rankings, but according to the recent study, 71% of the experts agreed that the quality of citations is more important than quantity. As with anything, quality always trumps quantity. No matter how many citations you have, if they are?low and mediocre quality, then you?re not going anywhere.

Basically ? It?s better to have a few, yet strong and high quality citations rather than hundreds of crappy citations.

55% of the experts say that accurate citations are critical to local search ranking. Keyword there is ?accurate?. Honestly, citations are a waste if it?s not accurately done. It?s best to make sure that everything?s been double checked and polished to make sure that you get the most out of your citations.

45% of the surveyed experts claim that existing citations should be updated before creating new ones. It?s important to clean up existing data issues before anything else. Make sure that everything?s polished before you go about building new citations.

Duplicate citations should be merged or deleted according to 57% of the experts. This is pretty much common sense. There?s really no reason why you should keep duplicate citations. It can cause some negative repercussions if there are a lot of duplicate citations since it?s pretty much useless.

Say you bought an iPhone 6 Plus yesterday? Do you really need to buy another iPhone 6 Plus today? Same thing applies with citations.

And lastly, Local Gov sites are rated to be the highest unstructured citation sites (20%). Local SEOs are still focusing on Local Gov sites because they are projected to be high quality and trustworthy.

Learning to Adapt

As an SEO practitioner or a business owner, it?s important to know the basics in citations. Knowing what works and what doesn?t is crucial for beginners and experts alike.

The real secret in this industry is learning to adapt. What works today, might not work tomorrow so it?s best to always stay alert and quick on your feet.

By knowing, you already won half the battle, so it?s up to you to keep up and take action!
Another option is, to hire the pro’s like PBN Butler and let them manage your citations for you!

Google Twitter Partnership – An SEO Romance

The Real Score Behind the Google-Twitter Partnership

How it will change the way you market online.




Now haven?t we seen this before?

As you can recall, Google and Twitter forged a partnership back in 2009 wherein Google could automatically index tweets. That was short-lived as it only lasted until 2011; this was because Twitter?s CEO wanted to change direction.

But lo and behold, it?s 2015 and the odd couple got back together again!
Twitter and Google has struck a deal that will make tweets appear in the Google search engine in REAL TIME.

Crazy? Well, that?s what we think too. But we mean crazy as in crazy good!

This new partnership proves to be more effective this time around. Again, it?s 2015 and social media has never been stronger. Twitter is still one of the top social networking sites on the planet, and it keeps going up. Back in 2009, Twitter didn?t have Vine at its disposal, so you can only imagine how much better Twitter is right now as a social media marketing platform than it was a few years ago.

But let?s cut to the chase? How does the partnership of two tech giants affect YOUR business? Does it impact you in any way, you might ask?

Read along as PBN Butler shares with you the real score on this partnership and how your business or brand can be affected.


What This Means For Your Business

  1. More Visibility with Real-Time Marketing

With this new update, your tweets will be indexed by Google in real-time. Take note that not all your tweets will appear immediately (if at all) on Google. The Big G still cares about quality content, and tweets that offer great value to the readers will be the ones that make it in the search engine.

Now this means MORE VISIBILITY for your brand or business. Before this update, you simply tweet and your followers get to read your content in their respective timelines.

But now, even non-followers, or people who have never heard about your brand will be able to see and read your content. YES ? even those without a lick of an idea about Twitter!

All you have to do is tweet great content, and your business will be getting new eyeballs from Google in no time.

  1. Tweets become Ads and Landing Pages

Every tweet you send out now becomes a form of an ad for your business.

Try doing a quick Google search on virtually ANY topic you want. The results give out some quick shot info that either draws you in to click the link or turns you off. The same thing now applies with Twitter.

Your tweets are like adverts because they can either make or break your click through rate (via Google). This means that every tweet you send out should be carefully crafted and optimized with new potential customers in mind.

This is great news for businesses because it adds another dimension ? another medium to promote your brand. A tweet can now be your personal landing page. Once a new customer clicks (via Google), he gets directed to your Twitter account and your tweet.

You could even use it to spread the news of your most recent discount coupon. What happens next is up to you. Obviously, you do your best for your new prospect to convert!

This leads us to #3?

  1. Your Twitter Page Becomes a Crucial Customer Touchpoint

Ah? Here we go, the GOOD STUFF.

If you?ve been active on Twitter despite the lacklustre number of followers, retweets, and overall engagement, then KUDOS to you; your hard-work and persistence will finally pay off! Now that Google and Twitter got virtually married, your brand can be one of their babies!

If by some freak chance, you never cared for your brand?s Twitter page because of the lack of engagement and followers, then it?s about time you start playing catch up because there has never been a more important time to strengthen your Twitter profile than now.

Let?s get back to being Google and Twitter?s baby? YES, this can be you! What does this mean anyway?

Well, we are not talking about breastfeeding from either Google or Twitter (whoever you think is the female in that relationship is up to you), what this means is that if you have been very active in promoting your Twitter page and it is perfectly optimized; complete with attractive profile picture, header, background, bio, and all that, then you will be blessed!

What this new partnership really does for your brand is it adds another customer touch-point for you. Your Twitter page immediately becomes the ?face? of your brand. When someone searches something on Google and your tweet pops up ? the customer clicks the link, and voila ? your Twitter page could be the first thing they see about your brand!? Yes, your Twitter page and NOT your website.

So what does this mean? Simple: Make sure your Twitter profile leaves a damn good impression to your potential customers. This means getting good reviews and mentions as well as offering incentives for customers to click from your twitter to your moneysite.

Those are the top 3 things that you should keep in mind with this new development from Google and Twitter.

As a marketer, you should be taking advantage of this ASAP. Now let us leave you with one final nugget about this topic that you should also remember?

Social Media IS KING

Well, content is, but you get the idea.

Social Media keeps trending upwards and you can?t really do anything but ride its coattails. Google proved once again that it values social media when it factors in anything and everything SEO. It?s important to have updated profiles on the top social networking sites because quite frankly, we never know when another update or partnership like this could transpire.

For all we know, Google and Instagram could be talking about some sort of partnership too, right?

So as a marketer / business owner / brand champion, always put social media on top of your priority lists because there is no better time to be visible in the social media space than now.

On that note?


Catch you on the next blog entry!