Twitter releases powerful update

Twitterati Going CRAZY Over the New ?Retweet With Comment? Feature

And So Should You!


After nearly a year of testing, Twitter finally pulled the trigger on one of the most awaited features of the social networking giant to date.

Users can now ?retweet with comment?. This allows users to embed a tweet within their own tweets. This basically means that you can go over the 140 character limit thanks to this feature. (not really, it just means that the initial retweet doesn?t take up characters, giving you a full 140 characters to tweet)


Retweet with Comments ? Easy Breezy

Before this nifty feature arrived, Twitter users had to settle with embedding tweets through copy-pasting a URL and THEN adding in a comment. Doing this eats up to the 140-character limit real fast which frustrates basically everyone in the Twittersphere.

Thanks to this new feature, which started rolling out on iOS and Twitter desktop (coming soon on Android), there?s no longer a need to get worked up trying to fit your retweet and commentary in 140 characters. All you have to do now is click a button, and the magic is done!

Basically, it replaces ?quote tweet? 3rd party apps that exists in the market. The feature is very simple and has and serves this primary purpose: it allows people to comment on tweets without cutting out parts of the original tweet.


Cutting No More!

Now why is that so important?

If you?ve ever tried out Twitter (of course you have!), you?ve definitely had your fair share of frustrations in cutting out tweets just to make it to the sacred 140 character count. Oftentimes when you do this, the context of the tweet gets CUT OUT as well. It?s pretty hard to decipher or make sense of the tweet because parts of it has been chopped off.

Thanks to this new feature, you won?t ever have to worry about compromising the thought of your tweet. You can freely tweet what you really feel about a certain topic with no regard for the 140 character limit. This greatly improves conversation between brands and customers ? which is a WIN-WIN for marketers and business owners alike.


Leverage This For Your Business

You?re surely not on Twitter just to socialize with your friends all day. You?re a marketer, and Twitter is one of your major tools for driving traffic, pushing sales, brand communications, among others.

It?s perfectly fine to get excited over this new feature because you?re the main beneficiary.

Here?s just a few points on how you can leverage this new feature for your business or brand:

  • Better Communication with Prospects and Customers
  • Create a Better Environment
  • Establish Yourself as an Expert/Authority in Your Niche
  • Increase Engagement from your Customers
  • Google Now Indexes Tweets, So The More You Tell, The More You Sell!

There are more that you can do thanks to this new feature, but we?ll leave that up to you to discover! For now though, we?d like you to focus on those key points above because all of that is now possible AND easily doable. Your business will improve a ton if you utilize this new feature right.

Of course, a PBN Butler Blog post wouldn?t be complete if we don?t hold your hand and guide you, right? Okay, maybe we don?t always need to hold your hand (we know you wouldn?t want that too, lol), but for now, check out this step-by-step guide on how to use the ?Retweet with Comment? feature.

Steps to Retweet with Comment

  • Go over a Tweet and Click RETWEET
  • A pop-up will show you the ?Tweet? and the Comment Box
  • Type your comments in the ?Add a Comment? box.
  • Click TWEET, and voila ? you?ve just sent out your FIRST RETWEET WITH COMMENT!

**For mobile users, simply tap ?Retweet?, then tap ?Quote Tweet?, then type in your comment and tap ?Tweet?.


That?s all folks! Happy Tweeting and see you again in our next blog post!