Twitter and Google Continued

Your Tweets Can Now Be GOOGLE?d

(Through Mobile Searches, that is?)


And the love affair just got stronger!

After announcing their partnership earlier this year, Google and Twitter drop another bomb that proves to change the SEO / Social Media landscape once again.

The number one search engine in the universe and everybody?s favourite micro-blogging platform are teaming up to allow tweets to be directly searched and found on Google.

If you can recall, tweets are supposed to be indexed by Google already. But this time, you can directly search on Google whatever it is that you could only search using Twitter before. Remember hashtags? Searching that on Google was somewhat silly before, but now, you?re sure to see Twitter results pop-up when you search specific hashtags!

You can also Google specific accounts, say ?Justin Bieber Twitter?. Aside from seeing his beautiful account (we kid, we kid!), you will also see his most recent tweets at a glance. With just a few strokes of your keyboard on Google, you can already get a glimpse of information that you could only see on Twitter.


Here?s how the mobile search looks like for Justin Bieber:


This is starting to get pretty interesting?

Basically, Google and Twitter, in a way, are married.

Two become one? That?s what it looks like!

Ardan Arac, Google’s Senior Product Manager said ?It?s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening?. ?And here at PBN Butler, we strongly agree.

However, what does this mean to the future of SEO and Social Media? Is Google beefing up Twitter so it can compete with Facebook? A conspiracy theory sure, but you never really know, right?

What we do know is that if you?re a business owner or marketer, there?s no better time to be on Twitter than NOW!

You Can?t Be a Marketer and NOT be on Twitter

Seriously. You just can?t. Not now, at least.

A few years ago, you could?ve gotten by without a Twitter account for your brand. It wasn?t really that important, and some would even argue that it still isn?t important today. But hey, times have changed.

Google is strongly pushing for Twitter. Its search engine now delivers tweets right in front of you. Suddenly tweets can now be SEO?d. You can directly search tweets and Twitter accounts of brands and get information as it happens.

Don?t tell me you read through all that and STILL think that you don?t need a Twitter account?

Buddy, trust us. You do. You need it now, more than ever.

With Facebook dropping its organic reach lower and lower, Twitter suddenly looks like a very attractive platform for Social Media promotion. Not to say that you should leave Facebook, because that would be crazy. But being on Twitter opens the door to a lot of possibilities, now that it has Google, indirectly (debatable) backing it up.

For the 2nd time this year, we highly encourage you to step your Twitter game up! If you don?t have an account yet, drop whatever you?re doing and start making one now.

If you already have a Twitter account? Then kudos to you! Drop whatever you?re doing too and start working on a solid Twitter content plan. Your tweets aren?t just 140 characters of nothingness now. They can be searched directly, and your hashtags can be searched and even trend outside of Twitter. Your tweets now come up in the Google results.

In short ? Twitter should be treated how you would treat your own website. It needs SEO too.

Crazy, huh? But that?s where SEO and Social Media is heading now. The bar has been raised, and soon, we will see more developments not only from Google and Twitter, but also from other platforms.

The best you can do is to adapt.

And you better do that #today.