Facebook Likes: Changing As We Know It

Your Facebook Likes ?might probably? Drop



If you?re running a business page (which you probably are if you?re reading this), you will probably lose quite a few of your precious Facebook Likes.

According to this blog post from Facebook, they will no longer be counting ?Likes? from users who either deactivated their accounts, or users who have passed away.

Now before you crown Facebook as a big bad wolf trying to reduce your likes, you should understand that technically, this is best for your business. Facebook stresses that they are doing this to make audience data more meaningful for businesses. And rightfully so ? because at the end of the day, it?s not in the number of ?likes?, it?s how many of those ?likes? are genuine customers who are interested in your business.

Deactivated accounts or accounts from users who have passed away, don?t bring any value to your business. As much as possible, you?d want data that?s accurate when you?re doing your reports and estimations.

Here at PBN Butler, we?re looking at 3 Key Things from this Facebook update.

  • Up-to-date Analytics

With this new Facebook update, you can be sure that all your numbers (likes) are legitimate and current. With up-to-date analytics, you are given more leeway when it comes to your marketing efforts. Imagine if you?re setting up ads on Facebook, and you?re wasting money on deactivated accounts? This is a minor clean-up from Facebook which will prove to be valuable in the long run.

  • Facebook is SERIOUS

Those talks about Facebook slowing down can be put to rest. Facebook is all about improving their service and making sure that they are still the #1 platform in Social Media Networking. This update is Facebook?s way of reassuring their advertisers that they are serious about doing what?s best for their business.

  • Real Social Signals Get More Value

With the loss of deactivated and memorialized accounts from the total likes of a Facebook fanpage, social signals have become all the more important. Real social signals have the ability to boost a business? social presence the right way. No amount of bought ?fake? likes can equal a legit social signals service. With this update, it?s become more of a need for businesses to dip their feet into social signals.

What?s Your Take?

What?s your opinion with this new change from Facebook? Does this affect your business? Are you happy or are you pissed with this latest development? Feel free to chime in on our comments section!