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SEOButler 4.0.0 Release Notes

#Patch Notes

27 Jul 2020


SEOButler 4.0.0 is the largest patch we’ve ever released, with over 830 Dev hours devoted to it since the last major patch (not accounting for hotfixes).

Below you will find a breakdown of some of the most critical changes that were made to the website during this release.

During the last year we noticed a lot of small bugs and browser incompatibilities with both the website and our own custom order management system. Which is why we had both completely rebuilt from scratch.



Many customers were receiving blank documents when we’d deliver content.
We determined this was due to an error with the text editor we were using on our order management system.
We’ve painstakingly replaced the text editor we’re using to eliminate this issue.

NOTE: This fix will only apply to orders placed after the 4.0.0 launch.

Enhanced Writer’s Text Editor

Our writer’s previous text editor had poor spelling and grammar checks built-in.

The new text editor now offers language selection (for example, US, British, Canadian, or Australian English), enhanced spelling and grammar checking (for all language selections), and more comprehensive content formatting options to better serve our customers.

About Page

Much of the information on our old ‘About Page’ was out of date. We’ve also updated the timeline on our ‘About Page’ to better reflect our business journey.


Cart Feature

We have launched a traditional cart feature. This means you can now add multiple products and product types to one single checkout, save it in your account, and pay for it later.

‘My Account’

We have adjusted the look and feel of the ‘my-account’ section, offering cleaner order management for customers. Since the new cart system has been released, a single order can hold multiple product types, which are now displayed in a dropdown on each order in “my account”.
Stay tuned as another UX update is due to roll out for this part of the website in patch 4.0.1

FAQ Deployed

We have deployed an FAQ hub for our customers with up-to-date information. The FAQ is accessible via the menu or on any product page.

Removal of Press Releases

We made the difficult decision to remove press releases from our product offering.

We’re strict on the quality of the products we want to offer our customers.

We felt that press releases weren’t benefiting our clients in the same way they used to back when we launched them in 2016.

As we all know, SEO tactics change, and we strive to be at the forefront of offering products that are relevant and beneficial for our customer’s SEO campaigns now.

Removal of CRO Video Audits

We believe that this product needs more refining for SEOButler to offer it to audiences at scale.

While we love this service, it’s time to retire it with a vision of bringing it back to the store in the future.


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