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Core Web Vitals
Top SEO Experts Weigh in On Google’s Core Web Vitals

22 Oct 2020

If you’re an SEO and haven’t heard of Google’s Core Web Vitals yet, you must have been living under a rock – possibly even a boulder. Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern broke the news back in May of this year that the world’s #1 search engine is introducing a new ranking signal known as core…


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The Social Dilemma
Value Added Ep.21/22 — The Social Dilemma

9 Oct 2020

In a special two-part edition of the Value Added Podcast, grizzled surveillance capitalism veterans Jonathan Kiekbusch and Jarod Spiewak weigh in on The Social Dilemma — the popular Netflix documentary that explores the evils of Facebook and social media in general. As technology’s Big 4 of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple comes under increasing scrutiny…


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The End of Google?
The End of Google?

29 Sep 2020

Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon… Combined, the “Big 4” tech giants are worth over $5 trillion dollars. Humans have a problem grasping giant numbers, so to put that figure in perspective, it’s equal to the 2019 GDP of Japan — and almost a quarter that of the United States. Despite being the world’s second-most valuable company,…


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Value Added Podcast ep 20
Value Added Ep.20 – Investing and Flipping Digital Assets for Profit

22 Sep 2020

Buy low, sell high.  If you’re a seasoned SEO, many opportunities exist in the affiliate marketing space for you to: Buy an underperforming website Optimize it so that you increase traffic and profitability Turn around and sell (flip) it — in a relatively short period of time. Often a year or less. Jonathan and Jarod…


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Value Added Ep 19
Value Added Ep.19 – How to Increase Your Profits by 432% in 90 Days or Less

14 Sep 2020

Despite the intentionally clickbaity title, this week’s episode is about a subject very near and dear to Jarod’s heart — maximizing the ROI of your business’s marketing campaigns. Most digital business owners and marketers focus primarily on two things when attempting to increase their profitability — traffic and conversions.  But to truly maximize your profitability,…


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