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How To Automate Keyword Research With APIs & Python Scripts

27 Dec 2018

It’s time for some more SEO tips! The latest ‘Words from the Wise SEO’ blog post is an interesting read from Paul DeMott – about how you can cut your keyword research down to just ten minutes! Impressive. Find out how you can start automating your keyword research to save a bunch of time that…


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A Simple Guide to GDPR

18 Oct 2018

One of the most important influences for business owners is governmental changes in legislation. And a piece of new legislation is about to be put into effect in the European Union, or EU. This legislation is the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, and it comes into effect on 25 May 2018. GDPR…


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A Simple Guide to Citations

We’re often asked, “Can you help us with our directory listings?” And we say, “Of course we can, with pleasure! We can even execute the process of submitting your details and individually verifying them to each citation source. You’re welcome.” [At least that’s how the conversation plays out in our heads] On that note, we’re…


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Keyword Rankings Don’t Matter (and What Does)

15 Oct 2018

As SEOs, we often talk about how the industry changes on a daily basis. Google allegedly updates its algorithms 500-600 times per year. With so many changes, some of which being major, to stay relevant in the industry we would have to always be on our toes. Improving our processes, the types of links we…


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How To Get Anyone To Buy Anything Online: The Sneaky Trick That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

There are very few things that are more fun than seeing money flow in to your bank account on autopilot. I mean, that’s the whole appeal of SEO, right? Set it up the RIGHT way for long-term traction and then just watch the relevant traffic roll in. And even better if you’ve got a high-converting…


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