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All the Feels – The Ultimate Guide to Sentiment Analysis

21 May 2020

Today’s business owner has a massive bag of tricks at their disposal to help optimize their sales and brand profile. Most marketers know how to attract new leads, retain existing ones, and how to make them all buy more. But one thing many marketers don’t know is possibly the most crucial — what do customers…


Estimated Read Time: 18 Min

A/B Testing for Copywriters: Setting up Google Optimize

7 May 2020

 In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to set up Google Optimize — Google’s free A/B testing tool — to split-test website copy, content, and elements like CTAs — basically, anything on-page. (Not sure what on-page elements to test? Check out our CRO Video Audit.) Why A/B testing copy is vital to the…


Estimated Read Time: 8 Min

How to get Creative with On-Page SEO

5 May 2020

So, you’ve worked hard to build your website’s authority — how do you create the valuable content your users will see once they land on your site? A while ago, many SEOs may have considered on-page SEO to be firmly secondary to off-page SEO. The truth is that on-page SEO features a variety of crucial…


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Guest Blogging on Steroids — What Even the Best Guides Forget to Mention

29 Apr 2020

For years now, horse riding has been one of my greatest passions, especially the dressage discipline. In this sport, my horse is my partner. It’s a team game in which all my failures and successes are heavily dependent on my horse. Guest blogging is similar in a way. It’s just that there are three players…


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10 Actionable Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

17 Apr 2020

One of the biggest challenges facing most bloggers today is getting consistent traffic. Even if you’ve created content that resonates with your audience and targeted the right keywords, your post may not be ultimately rewarded with traffic if you don’t have the right content promotion strategy in place. In their brilliant book Traction, Gabriel Weinberg…


Estimated Read Time: 10 Min