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Ultimate Canonical SEO Resource Guide 2
The Ultimate Canonical SEO Resource Guide

24 Jul 2019

Ever wondered what canonical SEO is and how it pertains to your properties? Well, let me assure you, you aren’t the first! As a technical SEO for a larger company, I see junior specialists and developers struggling to understand what canonical rels are, how/when to use them, and why they have a place in optimization…


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Spencer Haws Internal Linking Feature Image
3 Internal Linking Strategies That Will Make You Rank!

12 Jul 2019

If you have been in the SEO “game” for a while, then you know that building internal links is something you should be doing on a regular basis. Internal links provide SEO power to pages and can also help your regular visitors visit more pages on your site (lower bounce rate). However, building internal links…


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The Definitive Guide to Life as a Travelpreneur
The Definitive Guide to Life As a Travelpreneur

13 Jun 2019

Do you want to enjoy travelling the world while simultaneously running your business? We’ve done it, and we’ve created the ultimate guide for how you can too. You may think this type of life is a faraway dream, something you could never actually accomplish. But you’re wrong. We’ve been on our travelpreneur journey for years…


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Automate Screaming Frog
Badass SEO: Automate Screaming Frog

22 May 2019

When Jonathan asked me to write a second guest post for SEOButler (my first one was on why keyword rankings don’t matter), I knew I had to write something unique. Over the past year or so, I’ve become obsessed with automation. Do more work in less time with less effort and make more money? Sign….


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Guest Post Outreach Failing? Here's 4 Reasons Why.
Guest Post Outreach Failing? Here’s 4 Reasons Why.

28 Jan 2019

Guest posts are the easiest “White Hat” links one can acquire. There are two ways to get them. One is by doing the outreach yourself. You go out and pitch site owners for guest posts. A second way is to order through a vendor, like guest posts on SEOButler. They’ve done the hard work already…


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