CRO Video Audits

Conversion Rate Optimization Audits, Assisted by AI Technology.

15+ Minute Video by CRO Expert

Receive a video breakdown of findings & how you can implement them on the page.

Affordable Audits for Desktop & Mobile

Option to improve CRO in both views, all at a reasonable cost.

92% Accuracy, MIT-Proven AI

Get a scientific & actionable strategy to optimize conversion for a single page.

Improve My Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate Optimization Audit - What Is It?

The CRO audit uses MIT tested AI technology to duplicate and record eyetracking. These findings are generated into heatmaps that our CRO expert interprets.

Hot & Cold Heatmap

Discover the parts of the page that are the most and least attractive to the user.

Gaze Tracking Map

Learn the path the eyes take and where the eyes stop or skip on the page.

Aesthetics Report

A test on the emotional features of the page to determine how the color, design, and symmetry impact conversion.

Transparency Report

View what information on the page is unattractive and being ignored by a user within the first few seconds.

How Does The CRO Audit Process Work?

Step 1

Place Order

Enter the page URL you want audited. You have the choice to do desktop, mobile, or both.

Step 2


Your desired page will be scanned using MIT certified AI technology.

Step 3

CRO Review

Our CRO expert will organize the reports, interpret the data, and create a battle plan for the page.

Step 4

Video Recording

A 15+ minute video will be made covering exactly what recommendations the expert has.

Step 5

Order Delivered

The video and four heat maps will be delivered so you can begin making the necessary CRO changes to the page.

Order Your CRO Audit Now

Due to demand, these are offered on a limited basis.


I purchased a CRO audit from SEOButler and was highly impressed with the review of our landing page. Great actionable insights that I'm confident will improve our conversions.

- Dino Gomez

I was fortunate enough to be part of the trial for the service. TBH, I wasn't expecting much, as you can easily run heatmaps yourself (if you have enough traffic to not have to wait months)... BUT, I did not expect the CRO guy to go so in-depth in the video, slowly going through the page, talking about the things we did right, and the things that we could improve based on actual tests. I specifically loved the dark map visual that shows where on the page people are less likely to look, so you know where to insert pretty images/graphs/quote blocks to keep them engaged. A big thumbs up from me!

- Tom De Spiegelare

I’ve been considering conversion rate optimization a lot lately, so I was naturally inclined to get a CRO audit. The heat map was useful, but I thought the most mind-blowing part of it was the eye path map. It made me think differently about what I want site visitors to see, in which order. Just because you as a marketer think people will react to a given page in a certain way doesn’t mean the data will back it up. The video walkthrough was authoritative and did a great job of explaining the software and giving actionable recommendations. I recommend this for anyone who wants a quick snapshot of what’s happening on a page level and what you can do to improve it.

- Dan Christensen

I received a number of great insights using the AI CRO tool from SEOButler. The video analysis provides a real in-depth analysis of the page and what should be looked at to improve conversion rate. When you're working on a project it's really difficult to step back and make unbiased decisions. This tool can help identify the likely friction points and gives you ideas for what to test and ultimately improve your conversion rate.

- Adam Wright

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