How To Find The Target Audience: A Summary of the Expert Roundup

Regardless what industry or niche your business belongs to, you cannot afford to target everyone to buy your products/services. The need to pinpoint on your target audience to run successful marketing campaigns and drive conversions is always going to be there, but how every individual facilitates this varies. Recognising this, it is important to understand your potential customers and also their problems. But, many businesses are unable to do so despite a six-digit marketing budget. The reason? They don’t know to HOW to find their target audience. Many are unaware of the appropriate tools and tactics that will help them increase their customer base and are unsure of what will help them understand their customer needs.


Last week we had an opportunity to do an expert roundup with some of the best wizards in the marketing world and they were able to answer the question:

“What strategy do you use in order to find the most beneficial target audience for your marketing campaigns?”

Chosen from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, it was interesting to discover how each strategy implemented by each person differed from the other.

While there are a lot of ways a person can find their target audience, one of the options is to create a persona; basically, you picture who you’d want to be your potential customer. This is a technique used by experts like Nathan Gotch and Shama Hyder as they claim it helps them to better understand the basics and ask a series of questions to understand and properly identify their audience.

Another interesting strategy that we found influencers employ is the use of analytical tools. We discover a lot of experts use these tools to make the process of finding their audience easier.


Most of the influencers we asked (27%) use Facebook insights which allowed them to connect with their audience. This tool is increasingly being used by marketers thanks to the ease of use and detailed data it provides. The best part about Facebook insights is that it does not require any cost to know analytics; something that is unlike many other tools. Experts like Ryan Stewart, Chris Makara and Tim Bourquin make use of it to enhance their strategies. Other frequently used tools influencers claimed they used are SEMRush, Ahrefs, and SimilarWeb.

While many of our expert influencers use tools that are familiar to the industry, we did come across some new and interesting ones.

Qeryz is a tool used by Sean Si to help him understand who his audience is and what they read on his blog. This helps him to keep the audience engaged and cater the content according to their needs.

Another notable mention was Searchmetrics used by a top online influencer and serial entrepreneur John Rampton. It helps him determine where the traffic to his website comes from and how he can take advantage of it.

There were also some unique strategies which caught our eyes. Matt Diggity suggested, “make good friends with your affiliate manager.” As someone who comes from the affiliate marketing industry, he believes that you must connect with your affiliate manager as they have access to analytical data of all the campaigns being run for the same product/service. This invaluable data will eventually help you skip ahead and focus on getting results rather than having to go through the trouble of doing all the research yourself.

Interestingly, all the experts have different tactics and so do we at PBNButer. Below is the method used by our in-house experts.

The most important thing is to get data. Sometimes you can get data that is freely available on the internet or from someone else in the industry, but a lot of the time you have to collect this data yourself. This is often more up-to-date and accurate.

You can use strategies such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords & other paid advertising networks to get traffic to your website and analyse data using GA and the data that the networks provide you (FB Ads especially has great data for this). Once you have a decent sample size, you can research and see specifics.

Be sure to track as much as you can. Track when a user comes to visit your website. Track how long it takes them to make a purchase. All this data can be combined to give you a really accurate picture of your ideal customer and you can begin to target your website design, blog posts, adverts, new products, and keyword selections.


Did our answer surprise you? We think it is safe to say that we all have a unique way to find our target audience. Our main agenda behind drafting this roundup post was to inspire people to know their audience better and guide them in a simpler way to find their target audiences. We hope that our efforts have proved to be fruitful and enlightening to you and that we have positively added to the online marketing dialogue.

Let us know what you want to see next!


39 Tools that will save your team time

Over the past few years an abundance of tools have hit the market that help individuals and corporations save endless amounts of time.
The difficulty is finding the right tool at the right time, and doing so without wasting the very thing you are trying to save on.
If you are still processing actions manually, or researching information the old fashioned way, you may be loosing tons of resources you could be dedicating towards other things.

We have complied below a set of tools which would help you manage your time better. We have divided these tools into 6 categories: Project Management, Analytics, Outreach tools, Social Media Management, Email Management, Design and Invoicing/Financial.

By clicking any of the links below you will be taken to a comprehensive list with explanations of each tool.

Project Management – Go To List
Analytics – Go To List
Outreach tools – Go To List
Social Media Management – Go To List
Email Management – Go To List
Design – Go To List
Invoicing/Financial ?- Go To List

Project Management Tools

Project Management is a must in every organization. As and when the company and teams grow, the projects increase as well. And it?s very important to deliver these projects within the given deadline. So this is when project management kicks in. Online?there are numerous project management tools for agencies to adopt and make life simpler. We have chosen 9 tools which we think every business must have to bring out maximum productivity for the company.



  1. Hiver ? Go To Hiver


Hiver is the perfect tool for you to do project management right from Gmail Inbox. Though Gmail has a lot of amazing features, Hiver fills in what it lacks. Using Hiver, you can share contacts and labels with your team members. Along with that there are email templates and email notes which makes things simpler. The pro version of the tool starts at $6/user/month.


  1. Basecamp ? Go To Basecamp


Basecamp is the true champion among the various project management platforms. World renowned and tested, these guys have nothing to prove. The simplicity of this platform leaves very little to ask for, and having used Basecamp for some time now it?s also worth mentioning that they have some excellent access levels that enable the user to invite clients and contractors to analyse the progress of projects from a bird?s eye view.


  1. Wunderlist ? Go To Wunderlist


Wunderlist organizes and distributes your data through creation and sharing of lists among people. Sharing of lists promotes collaboration among team members. Digital agencies can use this tool for capturing ideas, planning web development, content production and other projects. Comments enable conversations over the things to be done. Lists get updated in real time irrespective of the location of team members. Wunderlist can be accessed on various devices such as iPhone, iPad and others. Reminders notify about tasks pending, so they are not missed.


  1. DeskTime ? Go To Desktime


DeskTime is another very useful project management tool. It notes the in and out time of employees in an office. It also tracks all the webpages an employee browses and helps the business owner understand how productive the employees of the company are. It is also a great tool for an employee to record the number of hours spent on a project. Overall, it is a win-win situation for both employer and employee. DeskTime pricing starts at $9/month.


  1. ProofHub ? Go To ProofHub


ProofHub is a very useful project management tool with a very simple interface. You will love this tool not only for its advanced features like file proofing and Casper Mode, but also for its excellent design and various project management features. ProofHub is very affordable and they boast of a remarkable customer support. Project management doesn?t get better than that.


  1. Asana ? Go To Asana


Asana is a very handy project and team management platform. Its simple user interface and ease of use has made it very popular. With its extensive feature list you can start using Asana from day one as a small team and scale it up as needed. It?s also noteworthy that their customer support is incredible.


  1. Slack ? Go To Slack


Slack is one tool worth having in your toolkit. It has a wonderful and an intuitive user interface and you will fall in love with it as soon as you start using it. You can create channels, send attachments, write posts and snippets, send direct messages and of course invite team members. It is so simple and saves so much time as it brings various collaboration features such as chats, emails and attachments under one roof. The best thing about Slack is the search using which you can easily find something you may have lost weeks ago.


  1. Wrike ? Go To Wrike


Wrike is an excellent project management tool for project managers to use. It brings you a unified platform to organize everything you need to complete your project. Tasks like breaking large goals into manageable pieces, attaching the necessary files for projects, and setting due dates can all be done using Wrike. It also helps you easily track overall progress and individual contribution. Wrike also helps you collaborate with your internal team and external collaborators easily through its interface. It costs $49 for 5 users to start with.


  1. MeisterTask ? Go To MeisterTask


MeisterTask is an incredible project management tool that allows managers and employees manage projects with ease. It uses Kanban project boards and powerful features which are flexible to use and also helps team members stay updated about the progress of the project. It also has an import feature to transfer projects from Trello and Asana. MeisterTask also allows you to save project details on online drives such as Google Drive, Sen Desk, Git Hub or Dropbox.

Bonus: – Go To is a powerful project management platform with comprehensive features that help you deliver your project as efficiently and effectively as possible. The tool allows you to plan out every step of your project in its Gantt chart, which is pretty useful. Not only that it lets the user monitor the project’s progress in real time, that way you know where your projects stands at all times. This makes it easy for users to identify issues and address or improve them before they become too big of a problem to solve. Overall seems pretty great for users that need comprehensive control of a project. starts at $25/user per month

Analytics Tools

Analytics need no introduction as to why they are needed in a company. So there are tools like Google Analytics of course, which are used by almost everyone. But if one wants to go deeper than the analytics provided by Google Analytics, there are few tools available which give much simpler analysis and. Below are 7 amazing tools which we feel one must try and see which fits best for their company.


  1. Kissmetrics ? Go To KissMetrics


Kissmetrics is a powerful tool that can help you understand user behaviour when they visit your website and also provide insights to improve the purchase decision of the user. It has two products, namely, Analyze and Engage which help understand customer analytics better. Kissmetrics starts at $200 per month and goes up to $2000 for the pro features. It is a must-have tool for businesses that are looking to upscale their digital marketing strategy.


  1. Crazy Egg ? Go To CrazyEgg


Crazy Egg is an analytics tool which helps businesses analyse what a user clicks on their website. Features such as Heatmap, Scrollmap, Overlay and Confetti, give it a definite advantage over many of its competitors. It represents data on a visual interface which makes the data so easy to understand. It is a good alternative for the Analytic tools which are available on the Internet today. Crazy Egg starts at $9 per month and goes up to $99 per month.


  1. Kilometer ? Go To Kilometer


Kilometer is a web-based tool which provides deep insights about the users visiting your website. This is still in its beta stage but even at this stage it is very appealing. The website is very minimalistic and It has a dashboard which shows the overview and the details with the users and live feed features. It reminds us of Google Analytics, but a much simplified version of it, with a better way to understand the users.


  1. OpenLinkProfiler ? Go To OpenLinkProfiler


OpenLinkProfiler is a simple tool which does the backlink analysis for your website. It shows the freshest backlinks in the past 90 days and offers many more features compared with other tools such as Majestic SEO and Ahrefs. It is a free tool which displays comprehensive link filters, alerts and the link context of every backlink.


  1. Varvy ? Go To Varvy


Varvy is a simple tool which helps analyse your website. It gives you the information regarding domain strength, links, image SEO, social counts and mentions, page SEO, page speed, etc. Once the website address is entered its seamlessly prepares a comprehensive report and gives insights into the different SEO aspects of the website.


  1. Optimizely ? Go To Optimizely


Optimizely helps you with experimenting, learning, and creating optimized digital experiences across desktop and mobile devices by discovering customer insights and delivering what the customer wants. This helps you deliver targeted content in real time according to customer interests and behaviour and thus increasing conversions. Optimizely’s Stats Engine helps you test as many variations and goals as you want which increases your chance of finding a winning result. It provides a free version that you can use for up to 50,000 visitors per month.


  1. Compete ? Go To Compete


Compete is a tool to track the traffic. It performs various analysis such as search analytics, referral analytics, ranked lists, category profiling, etc., to know where the traffic basically is coming from. It also allows users to keep a check on competitor’s data by revealing their keyword strategy, SEO and link building. The pricing starts from $249 per month per user.

Outreach Tools

You want people out there to talk about your business so that you get more visibility and authority. You want your brand to be mentioned in all social media platforms or wherever your customers or potential customers are, so that the popularity of your brand spreads through word-of-mouth and grows your business. You want influential people who have a huge following online, suggest your brand so that their followers notice it and visit your website and probably become your customers. How do you achieve these? Outreach marketing is the way to go. You have to reach out to people having huge influence online and communicate with them in order to get the visibility you want and grow your business.

The problem is that this might take a lot of your time and effort. So what?s the solution?

Fortunately for you, there are a number of tools that can help you not only find and connect with digital influencers and blogs but also manage your entire outreach campaign so that you can save a lot of time that can be used to focus on other areas of your business. Here are a few of them:


  1. BuzzStream ? Go To BuzzStream


If you are looking for a lost cost, and at the same time, a powerful platform instead of old-fashioned outreach system, BuzzStream is for you. BuzzStream has a chrome extension named BuzzStream marker which helps to make the outreach easier with every website you visit. You don?t have to keep looking for them again and again. There are features like Reporting Module and BuzzStream Discovery which makes this tool worth a try.


  1. Inkybee ? Go To InkyBee


Inkybee is a simple blogger outreach tool which will help you to reach out to influencers within your niche. It searches a set of blogs according to the keyword entered and helps you to create a database of the blogs and the influencers maintaining those blogs. Inkybee returns data which will help you make an informed decision as to which influencer will be the best to reach out to. It also returns Moz metrics like MozRank, PA and DA. The tool starts at $79 per month.


  1. ClearVoice ? Go To ClearVoice


ClearVoice is a very intuitive and a helpful tool for blogger outreach and content management. Its Sandbox mode allows you to test the system by searching for a term, finding influencers related to that term and also content shared on various websites containing that term. The interface is so simple that it is easy for anyone to get familiarized with.


  1. Hey Press ? Go To HeyPress


The name almost gives it away. Hey Press is a tool that finds you relevant journalists in your niche. What this means is that you are able to connect with published writers, bloggers, and journalists who are already in your niche and even better, have built an authority. Once a connection has been built you can seek their collaboration in working for your project. Hey Press cuts out all the complications of finding an influencer and is an invaluable tool for any real news outreach campaign.


  1. CoSchedule ? Go to CoSchedule


CoSchedule is an editorial calendar for WordPress. We found this tool while browsing for “calendar for blog publishing” and it turned out to be very useful to schedule posts. You can create social media messages for each upcoming blog post and schedule social media posts. CoSchedule can also be integrated with other tools like Google Analytics, Bitly and Buffer. It offers a 14-day trial before you buy the tool.


  1. BuzzSumo ? Go To BuzzSumo


Are you looking for a tool for discovering the type of content that resonates your audience? Then BuzzSumo is the answer. BuzzSumo is a content analysis tool which helps you analyse the top-performing content for any topic based on the total number of social media shares on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. BuzzSumo also helps analyse a website to find the best performing content from that website.


Social Media Management Tools

As we all know, most companies have their businesses visible online on various social media channels. As and when they register on different channels, it becomes difficult to manage them as each channel has various strategies to make to the brand visible.? Thus there are tools which enable us to manage these channels and provide various reports and analytics, as to improve the social media strategy and reach. Below are 6 interesting tools which help manage social media accounts and create brand visibility online.


  1. SumAll ? Go To SumAll


SumAll is an analytics tool which integrates multiple social media channels and provides information to improve the engagement of users across those channels. It assists you in deciding when to post, how to post, what to post and whom to target for maximum engagement and reach out. It also sends two reports, Content insights and Audience insights, to help the users with valuable insights to assist in decision making. SumAll has a free version and a pro version that starts at $9 per month.


  1. Followerwonk ? Go To FollowerWonk


Followerwonk is a substitute tool for Twitter analytics. It is a Moz app which gives an in-depth analysis of your followers using interactive and beautiful charts and metrics showing the most active hours, mapped locations, etc. The tool allows you to compare two to three twitter accounts and also returns detailed analysis of influencers. It is a wonderful twitter tool and starts at $29 per month.


  1. Mention ? Go To Mention


If you have liked Google Alerts, you?ll love Mention because it?s one step higher. Mention is a must have tool for digital agencies and businesses if you want to know in real-time who is discussing about you, your brand, or your business, and where. It monitors sources in 42 languages and covers billions of blogs, websites, and news sites to bring you conversations that are important to you. A great feature of this tool is that you receive real time alerts via push notification. You can start using this tool from $29 per month.


  1. Notify ? Go To Notify


Interesting in knowing who is talking about your company or your competitor?s and where? Well Notify is another tool that monitors and notifies you about mentions on selected sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Blogs, News, Medium and Product Hunt. You can also integrate Notify with Slack and HipChat. It is free for the first 50000 mentions every month on selected sources.


  1. Social Mention ? Go To SocialMention


Socialmention is one of the popular tools among social media marketers. It is probably the best among the listening tools as it searches, analyses and aggregates user-generated content from over a hundred social media websites. It is a real time saver in social media research and has a pretty simple interface which provides information based on four aspects: Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach.


  1. Buffer ? Go To Buffer


Buffer is a quick and an easy way to manage your social media accounts. It allows you to schedule posts for later for various social media platforms and helps you publish them when the maximum users are online. You can manage up to two social media accounts in the free version of the tool and go up to 10 if you choose the Pro Plan. It also shows the statistics of how the posts perform on different platforms which helps you analyse the user behaviour and tailor your social media strategy accordingly.

Email Management

If we were to?ask; “What is the first activity you do when you start a day?s work”, most of us will probably say, its reading, writing, sending, and managing emails. Can you imagine that a worker spends about 13 hours on average, per work week just emailing. Well, we can?t help it, can we? Effective communications bring in business and revenue, and emails and messaging are the primary mediums to communicate today.

But then, being so dependent on emails for business, we are constantly looking for ways to manage and automate email communications better ? organize our inboxes; keep spam under control; optimize the efficiency, look and feel of our mails; and optimize our productivity. But luckily for us, there are various tools available that will simplify and improve email management. Here we have listed some of them that may help you deal with your emails efficiently.


  1. MailChimp ? Go to MailChimp


If you think your clients are bored of the same old simple email campaigns and they want to see something more exciting, then MailChimp is the right tool for you. MailChimp is one of the most effective email management systems currently available and is a must-have email marketing tool. It is free for up to 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month.


  1. WiseStamp ? Go to WiseStamp


WiseStamp is a simple email signature tool with a browser extension which helps you promote your business in a quick and simple way. If you want an easy-to-use email signature generator which works with all email platforms, then WiseStamp is the right choice. The free version has a few basic templates with the necessary details required to catch the reader’s attention. The pro version is $48 per year.


  1. Unroll Me ? Go to Unroll Me


Unroll Me is an amazing product for users who wants to get rid of the umpteen number of emails flooding their inbox, to which they are not subscribed to or not longer want to stay subscribed to. Unroll Me with just a few clicks will help you unsubscribe from these mails and newsletters. There is also an amazing feature of this tool known as the rollup which allows users to combine their favourite subscriptions into one email so that they can view it in one go rather than opening 10 different emails.


  1. Emma ? Go to Emma


If you are into email marketing you should meet Emma. Emma is an email all-rounder tool that enables you to not only create/design emails but also send them and track them. It also comes packed with tons of other features. The main features that make Emma attractive is that it has real world features that can come in very handy, such as the mobile app to track your campaigns or the iPad plugin that lets you sign up new users at conventions or marketing events. You should meet Emma!


  1. SideKick ? Go to SideKick


Sidekick is an amazing email management tool by Hubspot which helps you know the who, how, when and where when your potential customer opens an email. You can also schedule an email if you want to send it to someone in a different time zone to yours thus increasing the probability of them reading the email.

Design Tools

Visual content is a part of any marketing strategy these days and of course not all marketers are well versed with tools that?graphic designers or web designers would be. There are some tools available already that can be used for creating compelling graphics. These tools are easy to use and have free templates, free effects, cool features which make a dull image colourful and lively. Below you will find 4 tools which we believe are a must have for agencies who do not want to shell out for expensive tools or resources.


  1. Canva ? Go to Canva


Whether you are bootstrapping your online business, or doing a Facebook promotion or a website banner for a client?s website, you?ll sooner or later need to create a quick graphic. But if you are not skilled at Photoshop and you don?t have the required budget to hire a designer, you can find yourself in hot water. Canva can help you with that. This is a completely online graphic design studio that enables users with the minimum skills to create fantastic graphics with a few clicks. While the outcome may not be the same as that of a professional graphic designer, Canva will definitely cost you less and will look better than if you have done it in Paint.


  1. PicMonkey ? Go to PicMonkey


PicMonkey is one of the finest picture editors available on the Internet today. It helps you to upload pictures from anywhere and edit them using features not much found anywhere else online. One can also use Photoshop and Illustrator for that, but for people who are not familiar with these tools, PicMonkey is the perfect solution. While some of the basic features are free, if one needs to use the advanced features, it comes at a mere $2.75 per month.


  1. InVision ? Go to InVision


InVision is a seamless design prototyping tool that is very useful for UX designers. You can easily and quickly create prototypes for your apps both on web and mobile. Not only can the finished prototypes be shared with your team or clients but real-time design collaboration and tours are also possible to make the designing process smooth and simple. The designs are visually pleasing and can add value when sharing compared to those boring screenshots. This tool has enhanced its utilities over the past few years and it?s getting better.


  1. GoAnimate ? Go to GoAnimate


If you need an animated video to explain a product/service to the customer, GoAnimate is the answer. It is an excellent web tool which is used to create animation quite effortlessly. You can use the default templates, backdrops, characters and actions available, to make animations without having much training in that field.? It also has a collaboration feature which comes in handy when you are working with a larger team. GoAnimate starts at $39 per month.

Invoice Management

Gone are the days when you needed to sit and break you head thinking about the business proposals you have to make; make invoices, print, and send them; collect your receipts to take them to your bookkeeper, etc. There are a lot of online tools available nowadays that will make these tasks easy for you, thus increasing your productivity and allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business. We have hand-picked two such tools which will help you with proposal writing and invoicing. Here they are:


  1. SlimVoice ? Go to Slimvoice

Slimvoice is a simple invoice tool which allows you to send invoices to your clients. Its UI is minimalistic and user friendly that is so easy for anyone to understand. If you are using Slimvoice you won?t have to use any email services as this tool lets you send emails directly in PDF format. If you are a company which sends your clients invoices regularly then Slimvoice is the tool for you.


  1. Bidsketch ? Go to Bidsketch

Bidsketch is a web-based sales proposal generator where you can create proposals in minutes. The best part of this tool is that it allows reusing content thus lessening time spent on writing your proposal. The pricing starts at $29 per month.

Social Tools

We live in world of social media networks and over the years these channels have become an integral part of our daily lives. With companies becoming 90% online, they are making use of social media wisely according to their business. But since it is very important for a company to maintain its brand status, there are many tools that help a company achieve this. Below are 6 tools which we feel could be useful to your company to improve your brand value on social media channels.


  1. Rignite -?


Social media campaigning and marketing can take a lot of time. Since time is money, it is not advisable to spend too much of it in one area of marketing. Rignite helps you run multiple social media campaigns across multiple networks, monitor the progress to understand what effective, schedule posts, and make campaign reports. This tool saves a lot of time with its collaborative features. They have a free 14-day trial, with pre-fabricated plans being priced $28, $49, and a customized quote for Silver, Gold, and Enterprise versions.


  1. Buffer -?


Buffer is an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. This scheduling tool lets you create scheduled posts to go out across all of your social media channels, making it very easy to build a story across your entire network. But as if that wasn?t enough already, they also included an incredibly easy to use tool that lets you design graphics to share, removing any doubt you may have about “the correct image size for that new Facebook banner”.


  1. Mention -?


Especially if you are doing brand marketing on behalf of clients, or your own brand, knowing when your brand gets mentioned online is absolutely invaluable. Mention does just that, as it tracks all of the main channels and notifies you as soon as it finds a mention. Another benefit this its amazing reporting feature, which gives you a great overview of how your brand is perceived online.


  1. HARO -?


HARO is a fantastic tool if you are working with a brand that has a story to tell. There are literally thousands of hungry journalists and reporters waiting on the platform for the next juicy story. By adding your data/story to the site you can quite easily get your content noticed. As said before though, you must have a story to tell or your content will fail.


  1. Muck Rack -?


Contacting journalists and PR professionals of major websites and publication houses is indispensable for outreach marketing and link building. Muck Rack is a PR tool that connects marketers and PR professionals with relevant journalists and other influential bloggers from your industry through an easy-to-use platform. Muck Rack helps you discover the right journalist by searching relevant keywords, company names, competitors, media types, etc. Muck Rack has a directory of hand-curated list of journalists from over 500 media houses and includes their latest social activities and contact information.


  1. Outreachr -?


Outreachr is an efficient tool that helps you promote your content. It searches the web for websites matching the keyword you enter and also checks the citation flow and domain authority of the websites discovered. Thus, finding quick and relevant contacts within your niche is very easy and can be done within minutes.



If you have used any of the tools listed here, we would love to hear about it! If you think there are more tools that are worthy to be part of this list, leave us a comment and we?ll plan to discuss them next time. Thanks for the read!