The Butlers rant - Everythings my fault

Everything’s my Fault!


Clients suck…

Work sucks…

Man I just can’t find the right staff…


Heard that before right?

Over the last few months, I’ve caught myself again and again slipping into that mentality. The mentality of blame.
And don’t hear me wrong, its easy! SO easy.
When you suddenly find yourself in a position where everyone one is hailing your work as amazing, but you also have a handful of clients owing you more money than you used to make in a year.
It’s easy to slip into the blame mentality when someone doesn’t perform the way you “wanted them to”, when “you thought they could do xyz”

And once again I have had to remind myself that “everything’s my fault”.
Understanding that fundamental, simple, easy to understand and hard to stomach line, changes everything.

Here is the reality. And boy, buckle in because this one sucks to admit.

As number 1 in your business (no matter if you are a 1 man band or 100 staff) you are not the fancy entrepreneur, you aren’t the illustrious leader… You are… a firefighter.
Every single day.

“This hasn’t worked out..”
“This client is complaining…”
“These guys aren’t paying…”
“This guy isn’t performing the way he should…”

There is no “passing it on” for you, there is no “blame the boss”. Because its all on you.

Now, if you have read my rant up until this point, you might think I’m a depressed onion cutting myself.
But that’s not the case. I am merely painting the picture for you of what the world of leadership DOESN’T talk about.
Yeah sure, its all fancy and shiny when you pull up in your shiny Mercedes (I love mine), or when you are out dining clients or partners.

But there is a whole layer to entrepreneurship that people don’t speak about, and that is the fact that the better you are doing, the larger your organisation gets, the more problems you will face. The more “bugs” you have to fix.
And a lot of people are “afraid” to speak of the sleepless nights, or the fact that they put in 12 – 14 hour days to get things on track while their staff does a chilled 9-5 and goes home without worries.

BUT, the sooner that you can detach yourself from a victim mentality, the sooner you truly believe and understand that “everything is your fault”, the sooner you can make changes.

Because guess what!

When everything is your fault, it also means you have ultimate control.

What I am getting to, is that when you have the control, when you understand that you have the levers in your hands, you can slowly but steadily make changes to avoid the shortcomings of the past.
You are the captain, the captain that has the power to steer the vessel that is your business into calmer seas.
And often as the captain that means having to look after your crew, not just on a professional level, but a personal level also.
Because when the home life is broken, so is the professional one.

When you embody this personality wholeheartedly, its quite likely that you take failures as personal ones.
For me for example, I recently tried to host a bootcamp in Kentucky in the US, and after starting to sell tickets for 2 weeks, I realised I had done everything wrong.
I had to make a decision, run the bootcamp and loose $30k or eat my pride and cancel the event.

Man that hit home, I had invited my friends, my peers to speak at the event. And of course there were excuses going through my mind, some of them very valid, but in reality, it was set up for failure from the start.

Everything’s my fault.

And so, I decided to refund the few tickets we had sold, cancel the venue and postpone the event until early next year. Giving me more time to plan, and come out guns blazing!

I truly believe that if you are able to detach yourself from the situation, and look at it laterally, you will find it much easier to make logical decisions rather than purely emotional ones.
(This is why its always so “easy” to give other people advice)

Now whats also important is this, and I cannot say this enough;

YOU are not alone!
It is imperative that you have a support system in place. Find a group of entrepreneurs that are doing better than you, invite them out for dinner and catch up. You will suddenly realise that you are not the only one going through this.
Speak to your wife/husband or business partner.

I believe in you!

1. Share this post on your social media and tag the people that you think could use it the most.
2. Write down the top 3 things you are struggling with right now.
3. Take a step back, and look at how it is your fault that they have happened.
4. Make an action plan on what you can do to remedy the problem.
5. Book a call/meeting/dinner/drink with one of your peers to just talk about life the universe and everything.
6. Come back to this post and leave a comment.

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