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The Butler's Rant Jonathan Kiekbusch
The Butler’s Focus Rant

7 Jun 2019

Wake up… Coffee… Gym?? Office! Emails… Projects… Calls… Accounts?? Stress! AHHH! I am sure most of you are familiar with the feeling that creeps up every now and then, that gutting feeling of being overwhelmed. You have all of these things that you want to achieve, innovations, deals to close, product or service improvements. Send…


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ROI Image
The ROI of Great Customer Service

4 Jun 2019

In the world of online business, where everything is ruthlessly measured, one of the slipperiest metrics to quantify is the ROI of delivering great customer service. Certainly, there’s no shortage of eye-popping statistics trumpeting the importance of customer service and overall customer experience. Here are just a handful: 96% of consumers worldwide say customer service…


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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...
Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

31 May 2019

My name is Sean Shuter and I recently joined the SEOButler team as Editor-in-Chief.   I have been writing about business and culture for over 20 years. Highlights include writing a weekly column for Entrepreneur and a three-year stint as a contributor for Vogue/ I also have a long history as an entrepreneur. I founded…


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Automate Screaming Frog
Badass SEO: Automate Screaming Frog

22 May 2019

When Jonathan asked me to write a second guest post for SEOButler (my first one was on why keyword rankings don’t matter), I knew I had to write something unique. Over the past year or so, I’ve become obsessed with automation. Do more work in less time with less effort and make more money? Sign….


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Guest Post Outreach Failing? Here's 4 Reasons Why.
Guest Post Outreach Failing? Here’s 4 Reasons Why.

28 Jan 2019

Guest posts are the easiest “White Hat” links one can acquire. There are two ways to get them. One is by doing the outreach yourself. You go out and pitch site owners for guest posts. A second way is to order through a vendor, like guest posts on SEOButler. They’ve done the hard work already…


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