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Value Added Podcast ep 20
Value Added Ep.20 – Investing and Flipping Digital Assets for Profit

22 Sep 2020

Buy low, sell high.  If you’re a seasoned SEO, many opportunities exist in the affiliate marketing space for you to: Buy an underperforming website Optimize it so that you increase traffic and profitability Turn around and sell (flip) it — in a relatively short period of time. Often a year or less. Jonathan and Jarod…


Estimated Read Time: 8 Min

Value Added Ep 19
Value Added Ep.19 – How to Increase Your Profits by 432% in 90 Days or Less

14 Sep 2020

Despite the intentionally clickbaity title, this week’s episode is about a subject very near and dear to Jarod’s heart — maximizing the ROI of your business’s marketing campaigns. Most digital business owners and marketers focus primarily on two things when attempting to increase their profitability — traffic and conversions.  But to truly maximize your profitability,…


Estimated Read Time: 4 Min

Value Added Ep.18 – How Business is Changing in 2021

11 Sep 2020

To say that 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year is putting it mildly. From the Covid-19 pandemic, to the global economic fallout it’s wrought —  not to mention the end of international travel as we know it — 2020 has been the most challenging year in most people’s living memory. Given all that…


Estimated Read Time: 5 Min

8 Tools for Generating Content
Inspiration Information: The 8 Best Tools for Generating Content Ideas

10 Sep 2020

If you’re in the business of content marketing and content creation, you’re bound to hit a brick wall eventually. Call it writer’s block or a lack of inspiration, even the best of us run out of ideas on occasion… Sitting around, praying for a bolt from the blue isn’t an option. So, whenever I get…


Estimated Read Time: 22 Min

Value Added Ep.17
Value Added Ep.17 – The Fragility of Business

28 Aug 2020

What happens to a business when its founder gets hit by a bus?* Apparently, big transportation has it in for entrepreneurs, because this question is posed with shocking regularity.  While the body count of bus-struck founders is currently unavailable to us, this oft-repeated cliche seems to be a metaphor for reminding entrepreneurs of the importance…


Estimated Read Time: 5 Min