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Viola Clarity FI
Keep a Clear Head: Structure Your Website and Content with Clarity in Mind

1 Apr 2020

Website structure, WordPress categories and tags, silo architecture, hub pages, and pillar content… Did you ever wonder which is which — and what exactly it is that you’re supposed to do? In this blog post, I’ll talk about website structure not only as a powerful ally for ranking on Google but also as a technique…


Estimated Read Time: 8 Min

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Guest Posting
White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Guest Posting

27 Mar 2020

Years ago, the SEO community borrowed the now familiar White Hat/Black Hat terminology from the world of hackers. Back then, there was much debate about the value of so-called Black Hat tactics. Black Hat SEOs argued that their services, however unethical, were valuable to clients. And, to be honest, they had the results to back…


Estimated Read Time: 12 Min

SEO Myths Truth is Out There
5 of the Biggest SEO Myths Busted for 2020

19 Mar 2020

    Ever come across a piece of content predicting the imminent demise of SEO? Or had a client who expects to rocket to the top of the SERPs the day after you cash their first check? Given the sheer volume of content published about SEO, it’s little wonder that misinformation abounds. There are hundreds…


Estimated Read Time: 20 Min

Surfer Meets Butler
New Product! Surfer SEO Optimized Content

13 Mar 2020

Surfer SEO is a gamechanger. We were buzzing after meeting their awesome team at Chiang Mai SEO 2019.  All that hype has followed the market into 2020 — and we’re here for it. We’re now selling Surfer SEO Optimized Content. How does it work? Go to and select ‘Surfer Optimized Content’ We’ve set a fixed price…


Estimated Read Time: 2 Min

10 Must-Attend Digital Marketing Conferences in 2020
10 Must-Attend Digital Marketing Conferences in 2020

19 Feb 2020

It’s easy to think of digital marketing conferences as a luxury — not a necessity. We prefer to look at them as an investment. Yes, conferences cost time and money. But, just as with any investment worth making, the payoff — in new business, relationships, education, and inspiration — often far outweighs the cost. The…


Estimated Read Time: 6 Min