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Core Web Vitals
Top SEO Experts Weigh in On Google’s Core Web Vitals

22 Oct 2020

If you’re an SEO and haven’t heard of Google’s Core Web Vitals yet, you must have been living under a rock – possibly even a boulder. Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern broke the news back in May of this year that the world’s #1 search engine is introducing a new ranking signal known as core…


Estimated Read Time: 5 Min

SEO Copywriting: How to Write Copy That Triples Conversions (+ Case Study)

13 Oct 2020

Hey SEOButler readers, I’m a copywriter that’s worked extensively with agencies and affiliate sites since 2014, and today I want to share with you exactly how I achieved that big blue wave you see at the far right there. That graph represents an increase in clicks to Amazon from 20% to over 60%, and I…


Estimated Read Time: 15 Min

The Social Dilemma
Value Added Ep.21/22 — The Social Dilemma

9 Oct 2020

In a special two-part edition of the Value Added Podcast, grizzled surveillance capitalism veterans Jonathan Kiekbusch and Jarod Spiewak weigh in on The Social Dilemma — the popular Netflix documentary that explores the evils of Facebook and social media in general. As technology’s Big 4 of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple comes under increasing scrutiny…


Estimated Read Time: 10 Min

Internal Linking
How to Do Internal Linking the Right Way

6 Oct 2020

Internal linking is enjoying renewed attention in the SEO world nowadays, and with good reason. As far as on-page ranking factors, linking within your site pages is a relatively easy task.  However, approaching this task strategically is something that hasn’t been widely discussed — until now. In this post, I’ll outline an effective internal linking…


Estimated Read Time: 15 Min

The End of Google?
The End of Google?

29 Sep 2020

Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon… Combined, the “Big 4” tech giants are worth over $5 trillion dollars. Humans have a problem grasping giant numbers, so to put that figure in perspective, it’s equal to the 2019 GDP of Japan — and almost a quarter that of the United States. Despite being the world’s second-most valuable company,…


Estimated Read Time: 22 Min