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Agency Partnerships

SEOButler’s Agency Partnership Program 

Do you have leads for your agency, but no one to fulfil the work?
Are you looking for a provider to fulfil your SEO, but haven’t found anyone to do a bespoke service affordably?

Your search is over because our partnership program has got you covered.

We want to do everything for you! We are your Butler after all.

What’s our agency partnership program?

We partner with you to facilitate all your clients’ SEO requirements on a white labelled basis.

Historically, our business is predicated on recognising a need in the marketing community and stepping up to fulfil it. Cue our agency partnership program.

We realised we were already offering all the products of an expert SEO campaign. So, why not provide tailored, hassle-free plans for businesses needing SEO for their clients?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done!

What’s the process?

Every process is slightly different depending on your requirements and business size. Here is a simplified example:

  1. You send us your prospect’s details.
  2. We send you a white labelled proposal.
  3. You close the deal. Woo!
  4. You give us on-boarding details.
  5. We issue a baseline report.
  6. We do great SEO work.
  7. We deliver you a white labelled report.

What do our custom packages include?

Every package is customised, so they may vary slightly. But they’ll include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • On-page analysis
  • On-page optimisations (updating meta’s, site speed, content, interlinking, etc.)
  • Off-page optimisations (creating powerful guest posts, social signals, citations, etc.)
  • Comprehensive white labelled reporting

Yes! I want to sign up. What’s next?

Now that you know everything about agency partner program, it’s time to make a choice; our bespoke SEO plans or our DFY packages?

That’s right, we also offer ‘done-for-you’ SEO packages that work best if you already know what you want for your project.

Don’t know what you want? Not a problem. Schedule a call below with Jonathan to figure it out!

Setup your agency!