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50+ Business Tools You Should Be Using in 2019


20 Jun 2019


There are no shortcuts to building a successful business—but there are always ways to run it smarter and more efficiently.

When we first launched SEOButler, we had no way of knowing that we’d grow to become the success we are today. But with a lot of hard work, perseverance, and help from the best people in the industry, we’ve truly blossomed as an agency.

Success may not come with shortcuts, but no digital business can survive and thrive without taking full advantage of the best tools out there to streamline their processes and optimise their business operations.

As digital marketers, we know how essential it is to use the right tools to enable us to perform at the highest level and deliver maximum value for our clients.

Now, with this guide, we want to share with you the benefit of countless hours of trial and error. We’ve auditioned hundreds of different apps and tools over the years and narrowed them down to the very best.

None of these apps alone is the magic bullet you might be seeking to turn you into a successful digital marketer. But we’ve found each of the apps featured here to be the best in its class at what it does.

From research to analytics to customer and project management, this post is an excellent place to start helping you build the digital marketing toolkit you need to succeed in this competitive field.


Research is the bread and butter of digital marketing. In an industry run (almost) entirely on complex math and coding, we’re well aware that we’re playing a numbers game most of the time.

Whether that makes the field of digital marketing an art or a science, is open to debate, but all the same: Here are some of the best tools available for conducting research.


Sitebulb is a website crawler that scans every page of your site and lets you know everything that’s wrong with it from an SEO point of view. Harsh, maybe, but outrageously useful and time-saving.

Once you’ve plugged in your URL, Sitebulb will extract the data you need and suggest solutions. It’ll flag dead links, measure server response, and identify which pages are receiving traffic. The audit reports identify problems clearly and turn what would have been hours of checking links and refreshing pages into a few quick minutes of software reporting.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Sitebulb is mercifully free of the steep learning curve associated with similar software. Plus, the feedback it gives is highly actionable for implementing updates.


KWFinder is any good digital marketer’s first course of action when it comes to research.

There’s no overstating the importance of finding high search volume, low-competition keywords, but with an abundance of free keyword tools out there giving questionable results, KWFinder stands out like a lighthouse in stormy seas. Its smart array of filters, accurate search volume stats, and SERP analysis make it indispensable for figuring out the basics.

WHY WE LIKE IT: With its clean UI and reliable results, KWFinder is great for anyone to use, from beginners fresh to the SEO world to seasoned marketing pros.


Varvy is straightforward, no-nonsense, and refreshingly honest. It’s a blog and free tool aimed at helping digital marketers and website builders to assess how a site stacks up against the basic Google webmaster guidelines.

This site is perfect for SEO-newbies and seasoned professionals who want to take a step back from all the complicated analytics. Varvy takes a minimalist, user-focused approach towards site building in compliance with published Google guidelines. There’s a lot of guesswork to SEO, but Varvy focuses on what we know for sure.

WHY WE LIKE IT: SEO is complicated; Varvy isn’t.


SEMrush is an online digital marketing toolkit like no other. It’s a research juggernaut for companies worldwide, offering everything you could ever dream of—and then some.

Things like backlink analysis, keyword difficulty, and social media management are all pretty basic services offered by any number of online platforms, but none do it quite like SEMrush. By pulling data from 140 countries across the globe and serving up heaps of SEO tools on a silver platter, SEMrush gives you world-class research tools at an affordable price.

SEMrush offers features far beyond other SEO tools. For example, it can help power your content marketing strategy by suggesting topics based on search trends and even has a built-in content calendar function that can be shared by your whole team.

WHY WE LIKE IT: SEMrush literally has everything small and mid-size agencies need (and then some!)

Citation Labs’ Broken Link Builder

Citation Labs’ Broken Link Builder will hunt through your websites and track down non-functioning links wherever they may hide.

After broken links are found, this handy tool from Citation Labs will even recreate pages and help you contact the site owners to inform them of dead links.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Searching for broken links is time-consuming—or impossible, if you’re dealing with many clients and a lot of sites. Citation Lab’s Broken Link Builder is a handy method for keeping things up-to-date and working as they should.

Citation Labs’ Link Prospector

Another brilliant tool from Citation Labs, the Link Prospector is a way to connect you with potential partners and affiliate websites for link building.

From a database built around 14 different categories, the Link Prospector will scan sites according to your desired search parameters and present you with a variety of potential partners for link building. For digital marketers looking to build relationships with relevant sites and backlinks for their clients, the Link Prospector is an easy way to find all you need in a single place.

WHY WE LIKE IT: As vast as the internet may be, it can be pretty lonely—but the Citation Labs’ Link Prospector tool is a great way to bring you and content hosting sites together.

Domain Hunter Plus

Domain Hunter Plus is a straight-to-the-point Google Chrome extension for finding expired domains in the links on any given webpage.

Once expired domains are located, Domain Hunter Plus handily presents you with a direct link to buy up those domains at your leisure. It may be a niche plugin exclusive to Chrome, but if you have a need for it, it’s quick and simple to employ.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Domain Hunter Plus is easy to use and genuinely useful for digital marketers who not only want to refresh an outdated site but build back a network to see that site grow.


Another tool to connect you with link building partners, PitchBox scours the web for influencers, blogs, and other contacts that are relevant to a chosen topic.

But it doesn’t stop there. PitchBox will help you contact those prospective partners and create a follow-up schedule for future contact, as well as provide metrics on how successful your outreach is. PitchBox offers great templates but also allows you to customise each message for maximum impact.

WHY WE LIKE IT: PitchBox is great if you’re gearing up to do a lot of outreach, but want it to be more personal than a cold email blast. Who said you can’t have both quality and quantity?

Panguin Tool

When Google rolls out a major update to its search algorithm, the changes are widespread. With the clever Panguin Tool, you can view how Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have impacted you and your clients’ sites.

The Panguin Tool shows a simple trend line detailing organic visitors to a site, which can clearly show declines in traffic overlaid with when Google updates occur. The next time you get wind of an update, be sure to take a look.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Panguin Tool is one of those sites you’ll always have open in another tab. While not all declines and rises can be attributed to algorithm updates, this tool is an excellent way to keep track of things—just in case.


Ahrefs is most famous for its unbelievably large web crawling capabilities, which trawl both individual sites and the entire internet for data.

But there’s more to research than piles of data. Ahrefs also provides powerful analytical reports on industry trends and insight into your competition, too, so you can approach a campaign confident that you have all the competitive intelligence you need at your fingertips.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Ahrefs is comprehensive, thorough, and saturated with useful data that isn’t overwhelming to sift through.



We can sometimes measure fleeting success by something as simple as a clicked link or an uptick in search rankings. But most of the time, success is a nebulous, hard-to-define beast. We try our best to pin it down but ultimately must play the long game to truly measure and capture it. Analytics can help tell us where we are in the moment, in the past, and where we end up.

For those who search for evidence of success in pie charts and graphs, here are some tools to make it happen.


SimilarWeb is marketing analytics with a business flavour.

The platform covers all your SEO and campaign tracking needs while also scanning for sales and investment opportunities. SimilarWeb shows you how your competition is performing by evaluating the digital signals they send. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your next business moves based on competitive intelligence.

Whether you’re a tiny startup or a huge corporation, SimilarWeb is a valuable tool for you now, and in the future.

WHY WE LIKE IT: SimilarWeb is made for people who love the big picture and have big dreams for growth. If you like seeing how all the pieces of the business puzzle fit together, you’ll love SimilarWeb.


Radius helps businesses speak the language of other businesses. It’s a mind-bogglingly useful B2B software for every size of business in every industry.

Given its scope and audience, Radius is famous for its flexibility and customisation. It’s all about finding what’s best for your company, from identifying unexpected lead opportunities to adjusting the features you can use to pivot when you seek to do so. Radius does this by analysing your pre-existing client data, looking for trends, and finding new places to build connections. A lofty goal, but Radius has the resources to back it up.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A lot of tools focus on B2C audiences, so it’s refreshing to find a platform that’s all about business to business.


There are plenty of free keyword tools out there, but it’s hard to find tools that do more than spit out a list. Searchmetrics gives you the keywords and the data to back them up.

Searchmetrics uses all sorts of sophisticated web crawlers, semantic analyses, and a massive database of research to show you exactly how a page is ranking and how much better it could be doing. The platform is great for agencies and individual enterprises looking for concrete ways to get ahead.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Digital marketing is nothing without data at its core, which is something that Searchmetrics fully understands and embraces. There’s power in numbers, after all.


For turning leads into conversions, your website landing page is everything. Unbounce is all about landing pages: helping you create them, test them, and use them to provide a better experience for each and every visitor.

Unbounce features intuitive drag-and-drop editors and templates. These are easily used by anyone with a design sensibility. They even offer tools for A/B testing and special automated reporting features, so you can continuously work towards creating the best landing pages you could dream of.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Unbounce deserves their popularity. Everyone knows about their landing page builder, and they’re consistently ranked one of the most valuable platforms in the digital marketing world. Plus, their customer service is pretty darn lovely.


Often, marketing software offers reporting tools that fall well short when it comes to usability. Thankfully, BrightLocal comes to the rescue.

BrightLocal does nothing but reporting. You can view your search rankings, monitor online reviews, get SEO audits—see where you’re soaring and where you’re struggling.

BrightLocal’s reporting tools were born out of a need to automate auditing and tracking processes and have since gained the trust of thousands of customers.

WHY WE LIKE IT: When you ask, “How am I doing?,” you want the most accurate answer you can get and BrightLocal gives it to you. If you love poring over deadly accurate charts and data, you’ll love this platform.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer

Unfortunately, there’s more to spam than just junk emails and robocalls.

Spam can also be unwanted bots crawling your site and affecting your Google Analytics data, which is why a good referrer spam killer is so vital. Spam on a massive website may be little more than a drop in the bucket, but for smaller sites—where every visit counts—spam can be hugely detrimental.

You can set filters from your Google Analytics account or find a third party resource to tackle the problem. Either way, don’t let spam go unchecked!

WHY WE LIKE IT: You could go URL-by-URL blocking each spam site as you see it, but it may be more useful to find a list of common offenders compiled online or using a tool to block them all in one fell swoop. It saves you time and keeps your Google Analytics results clean.

Here’s a helpful third-party tool to help eliminate referrer spam:

Here’s an informative article on how to configure your Google Analytics to attack this problem:


GTmetrix takes a deep dive into how quickly a website loads (or doesn’t load).

GTmetrix gives you oodles of detailed feedback and reporting to helpprecisely determine what’s holding a site back from performing at its best.

Test from different regions and browsers, identify and diagnose problems, and even see how things like AdBlock affect load speeds. GTmetrix will even send you notifications if an update or change to your site causes a new issue.

Site speed has been shown in countless studies to have a significant impact on how long visitors remain on your website. Google has also acknowledged that page load times have a direct effect on your sites SERP rankings and SEO.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Snappy copy or dazzling images aren’t enough to entice visitors if none of it loads in the first place. That’s why the GTmetrix is so invaluable for anyone running a website.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

It’s a well-documented phenomenon that internet users value fast loading speeds. We’ll click away from a page in the blink of an eye if we think we’re going to have to wait for it to load. The Pingdom Website Speed Test is an excellent resource for eliminating that problem.

Simply feed your URL into the site and select a location to test from. It’ll tell you what’s making your site so slow (like an overly large image or data that isn’t being transmitted properly) as well as what locations are having problems. Simple!

WHY WE LIKE IT: Sometimes you just need a simple answer as to whether or not your site loads and why. The Pingdom Website Speed Test is here to provide that info without any hassle.


There are many more moving parts to a digital marketing campaign than just watching site traffic rise and fall. There are deadlines, social media schedules, client meetings, and mountains upon mountains of emails. Much of the work can come just from juggling schedules and communications. This why we’ve compiled these tools to help you and your team stay on track.

SEOButler Campaign Manager

The upcoming SEOButler Campaign Manager tool lets you arrange and customise your entire campaign schedule, month by month.

With our customisable, drag-and-drop calendar and delightfully useful templates made by industry pros, we’re excited to soon launch a new tool that will help keep your campaign organised and running smoothly. It looks pretty snazzy, too, if we do say so ourselves.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Because we made it! Really! We built the SEOButler Campaign Manager from the perspective of a company that spends so much time on project and customer management every single day that we understand what makes a campaign management platform truly useful.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is an email scheduler for Gmail that’s as smart as it is simple.

Write your email, pick a sending time and date, and never worry about forgetting to send out a follow-up again. Boomerang lets you schedule when emails arrive, too, in case you want that client question to return when you’re ready to answer it.

WHY WE LIKE IT: At SEOButler, we’re no strangers to having team members and clients in different time zones. Boomerang allows your messages to arrive precisely when you need them to (and you can finally clear out your drafts!)

I Done This

Honestly, it’s a drag to compile progress reports when there’s so much other work to be done. I Done This is perfect for keeping you and your team on the same page without any hassle. Your people email the software’s AI with what they’ve accomplished, and the software spits out easy-to-read progress reports when you need them.

WHY WE LIKE IT: No one likes phone tag and overlooked deadlines. I Done This is quick, painless, and genuinely useful.


Nimble is a CRM system that frankly does more than we can fit in this article. It manages all your communications in one place, including group messaging, lead chasing, social prospecting, etc. Nimble is like email, but infinitely more organised and useful.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Nimble is a truly efficient way to talk to your people and your clients, both current and prospective. The social media integration is pretty sweet, too.


Cyfe takes the idea of an ‘all-in-one’ business dashboard very seriously. Growth metrics? Social media management? Widgets for Salesforce and MailChimp? A polished, modern design? You name it, Cyfe has it. If you’re sceptical that one platform can do so much, Cyfe’s 250,000 users may beg to differ.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Having a rapidly growing business means managing more and more moving parts. Having a tool like Cyfe means less is likely to fall through the cracks.


Trello is a highly-customisable program that’s great for hands-on team collaboration. Assign and colour-code tasks, drag and drop projects as they move into new stages, and bring everyone (and everything) together in one place without losing track of anything.

WHY WE LIKE IT: SEOButler wouldn’t be what it is today without Trello. Initially, we used it to manage orders and assign work to content writers. Today, we track any tasks that require collaboration and scheduling in Trello. Our team is distributed worldwide. With Trello, it’s like having everyone together in the same room, but even more efficient.


Grammarly checks spelling and grammar like few but an English professor could. It compares your text against hundreds of grammar, spelling and usage rules while also checking for plagiarism.

The free version is a lifesaver on its own, but the premium plan can even help with higher level diction and stylistic choices (such as identifying the use of active and passive voice) to make sure tweets and emails are actually saying what you want them to say.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We ran this article through Grammarly before posting it. If that’s not a ringing endorsement, we don’t know what is.

Quick URL Opener

Sometimes you’ve got a lot of URLs to open—and you want to open them fast. That’s where the nifty little tool called Quick URL Opener comes into play.

Just copy and paste your URLs into one box, and the site opens them all for you – no need to individually open each one in a new tab. It’s a small creature comfort, but using the site quickly turns into a habit you’ll never want to break.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Nothin’ fancy to it. Quick URL Opener does precisely what it says on the box. We value that kind of straightforwardness.

SEOTools for Excel

SEOTools for Excel is a packet of widgets, tools, and integrations for Microsoft Excel to suit all your nerdy digital marketing needs. It’s got a backlink checker, an on-page optimisation analyser, and tons of tiny little tools, like a function that lets you see how old a domain is.

Who said Excel was only for spreadsheets?

WHY WE LIKE IT: We’re more than a little familiar with SEO here, so we understand the importance of digital tools to do some of the heavy-lifting. SEOTools for Excel is particularly ideal for any brainiac out there who actually knows how to use Excel to its full potential.

Microdata Generator

Microdata is often left out of standard digital marketing endeavours, but it shouldn’t be!

Microdata is crucial to the structure of a site, and search engines value pages that take full advantage of sorting information into a relevant schema. Microdata Generator generates copy-and-pasteable HTML that can be directly inserted into a site’s code to make search algorithms everywhere smile.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Microdata Generator helps make this piece of the SEO pie more accessible to digital marketers who may not have the corresponding web dev skills to do it alone.


Hiver is a powerful little Gmail add-on that was explicitly built to augment the email experience. Add shared tags and labels, use email notes instead of succumbing to overly long email chains, create templates, and use a handful of other neat little features that make your day just a little easier.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Hiver seamlessly integrates with your daily Gmail use. There’s no learning curve or complicated interfaces to navigate. Just install it and go!


Wunderlist is a task list app that may inspire you to abandon using pen and paper for making lists ever again.

Wunderlist is the champion of the scatter-brained and detail-obsessed alike. It gives you all the notifications, reminders, and notes you could ever want. You can use it for your own benefit or share lists with co-workers.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Sticky notes are fine until they get buried under a pile of other sticky notes. Wunderlist, however, is straightforward, uncluttered, and just plain useful.


ProofHub is like having an entire office space on your screen.

It’s a work management software for your whole team to post discussions, upload and share files, manage tasks, and generate progress reports. Proofhub isn’t bogged down with a thousand little features; instead, it covers the basics expertly.

WHY WE LIKE IT: ProofHub is the Goldilocks of project management software – not too complicated, not overly simple, but just right. And the Gantt charts are super cool, if that’s your thing.


When you think of a “task management program,” you probably picture a simple list-making app, but MeisterTask is so much more than that. It’s meant for teams to track projects so they can see at a glance what’s been done and what hasn’t. MeisterTask is a place for each project and its corresponding files to call home.

WHY WE LIKE IT: MeisterTask claims to be the most intuitive task management software out there, and we believe them. It’s easy to learn and painless to figure out your preferred dashboard configuration for maximum efficiency.


In this day and age, having an effective social media presence means much more than just setting up a Facebook page and hoping the likes and follows will roll in on their own. Managing a presence on social media, especially across different platforms, is both a science and an art. Here are a few tools to make the vast world of social media just a little easier to handle.


Rignite is a real workhorse. It’s a social media marketing management software that’ll help you juggle the basics (like scheduling posts and analytics) while also giving you more than a few nifty perks (like influencer tracking, a gallery feature, and team workflow tools).

Do a little asking around, and you’ll find out that most users love Rignite because the campaign tools not only work but work really well. The platform lets you adjust and track the nitty gritty and minutiae of your campaigns—everything from engagement monitoring on individual posts to tracking the clicks on your short links.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Rignite hits that sweet spot between giving you too much info and not enough. It’s perfect for individual users and agencies alike, as well as businesses of all sizes.


Buffer is a social media management app geared towards agencies and business owners who desire the essentials above all else.

The beauty of Buffer lies in its simplicity—and its sleek, user-friendly interface. It’s a breeze to use, especially for those new to the digital marketing game. Buffer covers all the basics without bogging you down with information overload. Organise campaigns across platforms, view neatly presented analytics, and craft and schedule your posts.

Buffer is a testament to the idea that sometimes simple is better.

The app offers a variety of subscription plans, but there’s also a free version available for those who only need help with a few profiles.

WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s clear, concise, and easy to use. Buffer is perfect if you’re doing smaller social media work (or just adore excellent minimalist web design).


Mention is an app for dedicated digital marketers to call home. It’s a world-class tool for social media management, available for both single enterprises and full agencies. More than a few household brand names use Mention, including Spotify, Microsoft, and Airbnb.

Mention is the gold standard for social media software and with good reason: it gives you everything you could possibly need for managing an online presence. The breadth of tools offered by Mention is only matched by their depth. You can do it all—even track your competition.

Mention tracks, well—mentions—of your brand across a broad swath of social media channels, offering you the opportunity to stay on top of online feedback about your brand in real-time. In an environment where the speed of a response to either negative or positive comments about your brand is arguably almost as important as the substance of the response itself, this can be an invaluable tool.

Mention has recently begun offering Boolean queries for hyper-specific alert monitoring. If that sounds outside of your league, don’t worry—Mention has dedicated team members available to help with any app or campaign questions.

WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s hard to argue with worldwide success. For big projects and growing agencies, Mention gives you everything you could ever need to join the social media management big leagues.


Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a well-known goldmine for journalists and reporters – but a savvy business can use the HARO service to bolster social media presence, no matter the industry.

HARO is a public relations platform, where reporters connect with businesses to produce news coverage and stories that get the name of your business out there without the go-between of a PR agency. Reporters and journalists looking for sources and interviews send out requests specific to their stories. Brands can reply directly and contribute their industry knowledge.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Your business name may be featured in a news story as a credible source of information, driving potential customers back to your website or social media profile. A journalist gets their source; you get online exposure. It’s really a win-win.

Muck Rack

Muck Rack is another public relations platform that connects journalists with industry sources (AKA – you and your business).

While HARO works via a simple request-and-answer formula, Muck Rack is more of a database that keeps your company name on file and even lets you pitch your own stories. You can even set up alerts to find out when you’ve been mentioned and organise outreach campaigns through the Muck Rack platform. Plus, it’s all based on Twitter, making it a breeze to use.

With the platform’s extended campaign features, it’s not just a one-and-done deal, either—Muck Rack is a valuable tool for meeting your marketing goals while building relationships with trusted voices.

WHY WE LIKE IT: The ability to sort by beat or field on Muck Rack makes for more personalised and long-lasting connections with the reporters and bloggers who are looking for you.


Sometimes the best way to be seen is just to put yourself out there. Outreachr helps you do just that.

Outreachr helps you identify and sort through thousands of influencers, bloggers, and social media stars in over 40 countries, as well as determine which ones are in your target audience.

Once you know who you’re talking to, you can send press releases, videos, and other content directly to the right people.

These high-volume capabilities save you the trouble of crawling the web yourself. Just let Outreachr do the hard work for you.

WHY WE LIKE IT: There’s a lot more that goes into outreach campaigns than you’d think. Outreachr lets you do it all. This tool isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s for ambitious businesses executing ambitious campaigns.


There are always ways to make an agency run smoother—whether that’s implementing a company-wide organisational system, doing a full revamp of the website, or just encouraging everyone to be more accountable. In celebration of the people and minds we work with on a daily basis, here are some housekeeping tools for life around the office.

Help Scout

Help Scout is all about making it easier for your business to interact with customers online. That means chatbots, interactive help docs, personalised email replies, and building better relationships with the people that love your brand.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Help Scout lets you drill down on the details your customers care about. It’s great for businesses of any size, whether you’re a freelancer or big enterprise.


Hotjar is the closest you can get to reading your customers minds.

Hotjar is a set of software tools that show you just precisely how a visitor interacts with a website. You can see where cursors go, where potential customers lose interest, how long they spend on a page or paragraph—which in turn lets you know how best to adjust your web design for maximum effectiveness.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Features like heatmaps and mouse recordings were once only available to huge corporations with cash to burn on research. Hotjar makes practical, easy-to-understand, and highly actionable data accessible to everyone.


Chances are your workplace uses many different apps to get things done. Chances are you spend a lot of time shuffling files around between tools and reentering data. Chances are this is all a big waste of time. Thankfully, there’s Zapier.

Zapier can be the digital glue that binds your workplace together. Zapier is a software that lets you automate certain parts of your workflow by setting up specific triggers and related actions. Spreadsheets will update automatically when new forms are submitted! Files will automatically be sorted upon uploading! Previously siloed apps will communicate seamlessly! The possibilities with Zapier are endless.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Zapier is like a digital butler that knows just how you like your data and apps organised.

YAY Images

There are tons of stock image sites out there, but YAY Images is a diamond in the rough.

YAY Images has virtually every photograph you could ever need—plain and simple. It also includes more than a few cool tools, like a colour palette search option and a simple photo editor. YAY Images is ridiculously affordable, too, so you can stop relying on free sites with terrible galleries.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Everyone on the team is going to need a good stock photo from time to time. And, thankfully, YAY Images is pretty much always going to have just what you have in mind.


Yes, we liked KWFinder so much it’s on here twice! KWFinder is essential to any agency’s arsenal as the first step toward developing any campaign.

The site offers premium and agency plans, so that the entire crew can jump onboard. Small agencies may not need the heft (and cost) of larger keyword websites, meaning KWFinder is just the right size for many smaller companies.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We can’t understate how useful (and affordable!) KWFinder is, especially for smaller agencies and freelancers.


ScrapeBox is a digital marketer’s toolbox.

With capabilities including URL harvesting and keyword scraping, ScrapeBox is best suited for brands looking to make their first foray into the digital marketing realm.

It can be hard to learn, especially if you’re new to the industry, but mastering it means you’re one step closer to mastering SEO.

WHY WE LIKE IT: ScrapeBox looks complicated when you first boot it up, but it’s a tool that every good SEO pro should know because it’s so wonderfully robust.


Phone-based marketing may be somewhat of a mystery to some digital marketing gurus, but CallRail is here to make it easy by using your computer as a home base. The software helps you track call data and the visitor journey, including how web marketing influences phone trends. If you’re integrating phone calls into your campaigns, give CallRail a try.

WHY WE LIKE IT: CallRail helps merge the worlds of online and offline marketing! It’ll also integrate your data with Google Analytics, so you can see how calls fit into your overall marketing efforts.


Created by the geniuses behind HootSuite, AdEspresso is a digital campaign management platform that’s there for you from ad creation and media planning to late-stage analytics and reporting. It works with all the major social media sites and Google Ads to keep everything in one convenient place.

WHY WE LIKE IT: For small campaigns run by enterprising business owners to mid-size agencies, we like that AdEspresso helps you hit the ground running even if you’re an advertising newbie.

Perfect Audience

Retargeting is tough to get right, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to Perfect Audience.

Perfect Audience is a management platform that helps you juggle all your web retargeting, including on mobile and social media. The dashboard’s full of juicy metrics and revenue tracking, so you can directly see the benefits to your ROI right away.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Perfect Audience is, well, perfect. The platform is great for bringing retargeting to its full potential.

Dropbox Pro

Dropbox is the industry standard for cloud storage service and file sharing.

The Dropbox Pro option gives you two terabytes of space (that’s about 1,000 hours worth of video) and a neat feature called Smart Sync, which lets you access everything from your desktop without making so much as a dent in your hard drive space.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Keep everything (that means everything) in one place. Say goodbye to email file limits. Dropbox Pro is a headache cure if we ever saw one.


Copyscape is a must-have if you publish original online content. It’s a plagiarism checker that scans the web for anything that matches your text. That means you avoid plagiarism by disreputable freelancers—and find any accidental instances of duplication, too!

WHY WE LIKE IT: Copyscape is another tool we use at SEOButler! The free version is suitable for occasional use, but the premium version offers tons of extra goodies that are more than worth it.


Another app so nice, we’re mentioning it twice. Where would the online world be without SEMrush?

With several million (yes, million!) users worldwide, SEMrush has proven to be a trustworthy option for any agency. It can help with all parts of a campaign, from initial research to content analysis and display advertising planning. It’s probably one of the most versatile tools for any agency out there.

WHY WE LIKE IT: With data for over 140 countries and a huge selection of tools, this platform can help manage every aspect of a digital marketing campaign. Its affordability makes it ideal for small and medium agencies, too!


The internet is a wonderful invention. It’s all about making life easier in the tiniest ways—and Evernote does just that for note-taking.

Sure, we all take notes, but can you organise them, create templates, use tags, and keep them synced across different devices. With basic, premium, and business plans, you can use Evernote solo or bring in the whole team.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Evernote lets you toss old notebooks and forget about rifling through pages of scribbles to find what you need. It’s note-taking with all the necessary bells and whistles.

Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro Technique is a famous time management method that involves setting a timer, working until it rings, and taking a short break before repeating. It’s a simple method, but it helps you focus and makes big tasks manageable.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We’ve explored how great Pomodoro timers are before. There are tons of free tools online to track your time and productivity based on the Pomodoro technique—or you can do it yourself with a kitchen timer.


Transferwise is an international money transfer site that’s quickly gained a reputation for dependability, transparency, and unusually fair exchange rates.

The platform supports 49 currencies and operates in dozens of countries worldwide, offering a true mid-market exchange rate and low, transparent fees.

Transferwise even offers borderless accounts, which set you up with unique accounts in the countries of your choosing and allows fee-free transfers from anywhere in the US, Australia, the UK, and the Eurozone. For anyone with clients and partners scattered across the globe, you’ll understand how handy that is.

WHY WE LIKE IT: In a digital world where personal data is increasingly susceptible to security hacks, security is a big deal. Because of that, Transferwise puts security, transparency, and fairness at the forefront.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an official Google service that notifies you when something new is published online that matches the topics or keywords you specify. You can set up alerts that arrive whenever a customer blogs about your product, or create a digest that gives you a summary of what people are saying about a topic during each week.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Google Alerts lets you see what people are saying about your company or industry in general. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with trends and mentions without doing the Googling yourself.


ManyChat lets you easily build chatbots for use in Facebook Messenger. You can use it to target specific customers or schedule it to send regular texts to users who have opted-in. ManyChat even has specialised AI to allow for interaction. Pretty neat, huh?

WHY WE LIKE IT: Mercifully, there is no coding knowledge needed to use ManyChat. The beautifully designed drag-n-drop builder means you can make chatbots in your sleep.

Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker does one thing: it tracks how your websites rank on search engines. (Which actually isn’t as simple as it sounds!)

The world of SEO keeps getting more and more complicated as the online world grows, but Pro Rank Tracker makes keeping an eye on the big picture easier. It looks at sites from different angles, covers tons of search engines, and gives you daily updates—among other fun features.

WHY WE LIKE IT: With all the cool capabilities, Pro Rank Tracker is like the Bugatti of SEO rank trackers. And it works whether you’re managing one website or a hundred.


You’re not having deja-vu – we just love Ahrefs enough to list it again.

The scope of Ahrefs ultimately makes it a tool for full agencies, as it has a little something for everyone on the team. From keyword basics to obsessive backlink indexing, this software is great for companies and campaigns of any size.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Small agencies use Ahrefs. Giant mega-corporations use Ahrefs. If there’s one online tool that can help you achieve the success you desire, it’s Ahrefs.

Envato Market/ThemeForest

Envato Market is a marketplace to find WordPress themes, stock graphics, audio files, and more. Creators upload their work to Envato Market and chances are, you’ll find what you need, no matter how niche or specialised. It’s a fantastic resource for artists and designers looking for affordable resources.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Where else are you gonna find 3D printing models, website plugins, and cinematic stock music all in one place? Envato is like a candy store for creative teams.

Final Thoughts

This brings to a close our roundup of the top business tools for digital marketers. At SEOButler, we use many of these tools on a daily business and, frankly, it’s hard to imagine life without them. They’ve helped set us on the right path and fueled our growth from day one.

Having said that, we’re always on the lookout for more tools to make our lives—and the lives of our clients—that much easier!

If you’ve come across some new tools that aren’t on the list—or simply feel that we’ve left some gems out of this roundup, please feel free to let us know in the comments!

We’ll be sure to include any useful suggestions in updated versions of this post.



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